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  1. Hello, the DC hub tells me: "Your reported IP: does not match your real IP: mypubliciphere" The is the "local" IP of the "tun"(?) - OpenVPN interface on my Windows 10 PC How can i make ApexDC to not report this IP or how to simply overcome this (and connect that hub) while continue using VPN?
  2. Hello, on Windows 10 i have ApexDC 1.6.4++ 64bit in my firewall (Comodo Internet Security) i have ApexDC set to allow all incoming and outgoing requests. Strange is that the firewall is loging many thousands of outgoing connections to following IPs: IP port protocol 16000 UDP 16000 UDP 16000 UDP These log entries are made by the firewall rule called "Windows Operating System", this rule sets blocking all outgoing traffic to any IP. In SystemExplorer app i see these IP connections to be made by ApexDC and sometimes also by Shareaza Example this is what i see at a time ESTABLISHED:, TCP/IP, destination port 7001, app Shareaza, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 7001, app Shareaza, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx. ApexDC is working but these connections makes me wonder what are these and why these are not allowed because are from ApexDC, but are blocked CIS assuming them from Windows Operating System.
  3. Duplicate hubs in "Recent hubs" list

    i tested this and when you run apexdc for some time, close it and reopen, you find duplicates like this in the Recent hub list: Recent Hubs list offers useful overview, but is hard to use it when deciding which hubs to connect thanks to this duplicity. I guess i will have to use Favorite hubs list to decide which hubs to connect after start. Thx
  4. Hello, on WIndows 10 Home 64 bit, ApexDC++ 1.6.4 (x86-64) i am connecting to more than 85 hubs, it happening that when i start the app and on the Recent hubs tab, i select all hubs and Connect, it waits long time. I restart the ApexDC process as it do not responding. And connect only to like 30 hubs, it works, takes couple of minutes to connect. Then another batch of hubs. Then i come to a stage when ApexDC no longer responds to any actions in the interface and the ApexDC window is not updated. In the process list i see it is eating around 20-50% CPU, I/O delta is changing (in Process Explorer app, but in Task manager, no disk usage), memory too. So it is doing something. I let it running more than 2 hours, but still not started responding to any clicks in the ApexDC interface. The list of active uploads/downloads is frozen, not updating., list of hub tabs disappeared. This issue appearing repeatedly, seems to be related to some Windows/ApexDC++ limit, because there is like 50% of the CPU left, disk IO free, no bottleneck apparently according to System explorer or Task manager. Yet ApexDC stops responding, it stops responding not just when i try to connect, but suddenly even when i am already connected to all the hubs. I am letting the computer sleep daily. When i accidentaly clicked Shutdown menu item, Windows terminated process taking care about internet connectivity and some other processes, but the Shutdown not completed as i had many apps opened. But ApexDC started responding as a result, was thinking if some connectivity glitch is not involved in this issue. I am running 3 more file sharing software at same time (Shareaza, qBittorrent, Soulseek).
  5. Hello, i believe i filtered out all duplicate hubs from "Recent hubs" list in ApexDC. I also did that by manually editing file %appdata%/ApexDC++/Recents.xml but the "Recent hubs" list always end up having duplicate entries like on this screenshot: Can this be prevented? I am using "Recent hubs" list to connect to all my favorite hubs after ApexDC++ launch and this makes a mess because i think some hubs are there more times so i see tabs which are red/unable to connect because of duplicity. And it is boring to deduplicate the list every time i launch ApexDC++. PS: i was curious which hub URL format is favored in Recent hubs list a) one with example adc:// OR dchub:// prefix or one without it - so i use the one so it do not create duplicate entry b ) one with port number or without it
  6. Built in Anti-SPAM

    Thx Crise & Mek. It might be cat and mouse game, but at least there would be a way to reduce spam. Often spammer is using hyperlinks and that is not that easy for them to change domains they promote. PS: for those that are bothered by SPAM, here is what im doing now to get rid of this issue: set ApexDC not to popup private messages in new tabs and leave them in hub tab so this way i ignore all private messages so no one can get in touch with me unfortunately (i do not monitor all 80 hubs terminals). (Settings/Appearance/Windows/Window options), at least my work is not distracted by spam and my time not wasted by closing excessive amount of spammer private messages tabs.
  7. Built in Anti-SPAM

    atm i am connected to the 81 hubs and spammer to 9 hubs. IP is known to change, i could contribute alot of time trying to discover who is the hub operator and trying to repeatedly ask them, i already did, and never got response, this is not good advice. I can not understand how *DC++ SW can be left without some solid antispam/ban solution. I do not want to disable personal messages (i assume i can not!) as i think they are important tool to communicate with users. Also it would be helpful if i at least see the IP of that spammer but his IP is empty.
  8. Hello, being part of multiple international hubs i see example turkish person downloading from me large video files in my language which i am quite sure they do not understand (his/her IP and his/her shared files language) and i assume these people will delete file after they see they do not understand the language or do not share it, so it is big waste of my precious data transfer. Renaming files to show language of the video does not seem to help. I would like to be able to share certain folders and their sub-folders only to 1) people from my country (maybe a GEO ip database matching people IPs) 2) to people who ask me for a permission via personal message and i grant it 3) people who answer my kind of antispam question.
  9. Built in Anti-SPAM

    Please allow user to add bad words and or bad IPs and if contained in the private messages, such messages will not appear or be closed by the ApexDC. I am spammed from various users and this can help, i have not found any tutorial on how to get rid of the SPAM based on message content or IP.
  10. shared file filtering

    To developers: Hello, when i search for certain sensitive files (example files containing user passwords) on the DC hubs, i am able to find people acidentaly sharing sensitive files, and when i send them message, it seems it will not reach them. So i would propose developers thinking on adding more exclude/skip phrases to the Sharing skiplist BY DEFAULT: - web browser folders containing passwords files/keys - AppData folders - *:\Users|*\Documents
  11. Hello, i am receiving quite frequently private messages like: "<fbdgalgldf> Visit new Hublist http://adchublist.c*m/?do=hubs NFFHD" "<ibfaaiibib> Visit new Hublist http://adchublist.c*m/?do=hubs CKIPU" Ii is always from different user from different hub. I can find the user on hub and see his CID, tag. How to solve this so i do not receive these ads please?
  12. Hello, i have ApexDC++ 1.6.4 x86-64 in Settings/Connection settings is option: Bind address When i select from drop-down menu (local OpenVPN address), click OK button, i see connectivity with hubs works, uploads works. Then i close ApexDC++ by X button in the right corner of the window. Wait until .exe process disappear in process manager and run again, i see the Bind address is back to :-/ This is from the log: Please how to fix it exactly? I am a newbie. The OpenVPN proxy server is Linux (and i have root access), my computer is Windows 10. Thank You
  13. same issue there, if we (me and downloader) are in lets say 5 same hubs, then it will eat 5 download slots just for this one person. I think this is just a must basic feature to give ApexDC user ability to limit upload slots/connections per one user / IP:port.
  14. Yes and it is useful. But as mentioned by @megacolon, it would be good if the option to open local file would be more wide spread across interface. Example someone is downloading interesting file of mine that i was not aware i have, so i want to open it quickly right from transfer window (by mouse right click -> Open file / Open destination folder). Also "File -> Open own list" would be greatly improved if allows opening files / folders or at least showing paths to the folders/files.
  15. Filter File List

    It would be good if there is such search field that would instantly (as you type) filter out results shown currently in ApexDC (i mean Finished uploads, Downloads queue, My own shared files list, Other users list of shared files). The DC network Search function already has such instant filtering named "Search in results". But other parts of the ApexDC interface seems not to have any such filtering. + - OR AND PS: here is the similar topic