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i believe i filtered out all duplicate hubs from "Recent hubs" list in ApexDC. I also did that by manually editing file %appdata%/ApexDC++/Recents.xml

but the "Recent hubs" list always end up having duplicate entries like on this screenshot:


Can this be prevented?

I am using "Recent hubs" list to connect to all my favorite hubs after ApexDC++ launch and this makes a mess because i think some hubs are there more times so i see tabs which are red/unable to connect because of duplicity. And it is boring to deduplicate the list every time i launch ApexDC++.

PS: i was curious which hub URL format is favored in Recent hubs list
a) one with example adc:// OR dchub:// prefix or one without it  - so i use the one so it do not create duplicate entry
b ) one with port number or without it

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Unfortunately, there is no way for Apex to know that hubs with different address are in fact the same hub. Of course, any edits to your Recents xml should be preserved.

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