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being part of multiple international hubs i see example turkish person downloading from me large video files in my language which i am quite sure they do not understand (his/her IP and his/her shared files language) and i assume these people will delete file after they see they do not understand the language or do not share it, so it is big waste of my precious data transfer.

Renaming files to show language of the video does not seem to help.

I would like to be able to share certain folders and their sub-folders only to

1) people from my country (maybe a GEO ip database matching people IPs)

2) to people who ask me for a permission via personal message and i grant it

3) people who answer my kind of antispam question.


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All solutions you suggest, would be considered as making "roadblocks" for other users to get your files, and may be considered cheating in many hubs. IP database also might be inaccurate, as sometimes ranges of IPs change their assigned country. And perhaps the user only connects from Turkey, but is actually of a different nation. Let him choose what he downloads and if he has use for it. If you think the file would be of no use to him, you can still contact him via PM with explanation.

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