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  3. I am pretty sure there is no DC client out there (with a graphical user interface) that can handle high volume of hubs very well, of course it depends on hub activity and size as well as any ongoing transfers etc., but the UI's at the very least are not generally built to handle high loads. The only advice, short of looking at a command line client, I can give is make sure all logging is disabled, although this will only primarily reduce disk I/O.
  4. Duplicate hubs in "Recent hubs" list

    Unfortunately, there is no way for Apex to know that hubs with different address are in fact the same hub. Of course, any edits to your Recents xml should be preserved.
  5. Hello, on WIndows 10 Home 64 bit, ApexDC++ 1.6.4 (x86-64) i am connecting to more than 85 hubs, it happening that when i start the app and on the Recent hubs tab, i select all hubs and Connect, it waits long time. I restart the ApexDC process as it do not responding. And connect only to like 30 hubs, it works, takes couple of minutes to connect. Then another batch of hubs. Then i come to a stage when ApexDC no longer responds to any actions in the interface and the ApexDC window is not updated. In the process list i see it is eating around 20-50% CPU, I/O delta is changing (in Process Explorer app, but in Task manager, no disk usage), memory too. So it is doing something. I let it running more than 2 hours, but still not started responding to any clicks in the ApexDC interface. The list of active uploads/downloads is frozen, not updating., list of hub tabs disappeared. This issue appearing repeatedly, seems to be related to some Windows/ApexDC++ limit, because there is like 50% of the CPU left, disk IO free, no bottleneck apparently according to System explorer or Task manager. Yet ApexDC stops responding, it stops responding not just when i try to connect, but suddenly even when i am already connected to all the hubs. I am letting the computer sleep daily. When i accidentaly clicked Shutdown menu item, Windows terminated process taking care about internet connectivity and some other processes, but the Shutdown not completed as i had many apps opened. But ApexDC started responding as a result, was thinking if some connectivity glitch is not involved in this issue. I am running 3 more file sharing software at same time (Shareaza, qBittorrent, Soulseek).
  6. Hello, i believe i filtered out all duplicate hubs from "Recent hubs" list in ApexDC. I also did that by manually editing file %appdata%/ApexDC++/Recents.xml but the "Recent hubs" list always end up having duplicate entries like on this screenshot: Can this be prevented? I am using "Recent hubs" list to connect to all my favorite hubs after ApexDC++ launch and this makes a mess because i think some hubs are there more times so i see tabs which are red/unable to connect because of duplicity. And it is boring to deduplicate the list every time i launch ApexDC++. PS: i was curious which hub URL format is favored in Recent hubs list a) one with example adc:// OR dchub:// prefix or one without it - so i use the one so it do not create duplicate entry b ) one with port number or without it
  7. Problems with large file list downloads!!!

    This is an old thread, but the issue still persists. I can send you several FLs that wont open, if you are still interested. EDIT: this is a serious issue, the only way to browse large files lists is to use the "Brows file list" option on a user, but then most of the directories can not be downloaded for some reason. When selected for download, they dont appear on the download queue and dont download.
  8. Built in Anti-SPAM

    Just as an general comment... running ApexDC, or any DC client, with 80 hubs open is not really a typical use case. Or rather it wasn't one when these applications where created. So they really can't deal with volume efficiently, regardless of whether PM's are spam or legitimate messages. The UI is (or rather was originally) designed in such a way that the user is expected to only open a number of hub connections they can manage manually, which is why there is no real degree of automation in many places when it comes to managing any aspect of the UI. To put it in another way, DC really is not a general purpose file sharing application, as it was never designed to reach a large volume of content at once. Rather it was designed to reach a type of content aggregated by getting like-minded users together, you could say quality over quantity I guess (hence why it has chat featured at least equally if not more prominently than file sharing capabilities). As a bit of a history lesson, the original incarnation of DC was intended as an IRC replacement with a more user friendly interface for sharing files, as using IRC for sending files or using file servers is a bit of a mystic art in itself (and certainly mostly a lost one at that these days). Apart from that the original DC client, out of which DC++ and its many variants were initially reverse engineered from, could only connect to one (1) hub at a time. For more on the history of this thing, look here. Not that it is really good for anything but an interesting retrospective in today's context as the DC of today is completely different from that, but some parts of it still show today, in particular in the way the applications remain structured to this day.
  9. Windows Defender found threat

    There is no difference, except that the slim package only contains the required binary (ie. the .exe file). Mainly I suggested it so that we can see if the issue is specific to the version bundled in the installer. Having said that the binaries in each case should be identical.
  10. Windows Defender found threat

    I downloaded from this site. If I get further problems I will try the slim Package instread. What is difference between the slim package compared to the installer package?
  11. Built in Anti-SPAM

    Thx Crise & Mek. It might be cat and mouse game, but at least there would be a way to reduce spam. Often spammer is using hyperlinks and that is not that easy for them to change domains they promote. PS: for those that are bothered by SPAM, here is what im doing now to get rid of this issue: set ApexDC not to popup private messages in new tabs and leave them in hub tab so this way i ignore all private messages so no one can get in touch with me unfortunately (i do not monitor all 80 hubs terminals). (Settings/Appearance/Windows/Window options), at least my work is not distracted by spam and my time not wasted by closing excessive amount of spammer private messages tabs.
  12. i cant connect any hubs why

    Problems connecting to the update check should not be related to connecting to hubs at all, unless ApexDC is being blocked by either a router or a firewall, in which case it can not access the network at all. What is the connection error message you get in the hub windows (ie. after the line "*** Connecting <address>..."
  13. Built in Anti-SPAM

    I have actually recently though about this type of feature. However, pattern and IP matching will only result in a never ending game of cat and mouse. As such the only reasonable compromise I can think of (which can not be circumvented by script and bot authors) is to provide an option to ignore all PM's from particular type of hubs that are not from privileged users (ie. operators) or potentially users you have chosen to exclude by adding them as a favorite user. The problem with above though, is that it is quite a binary choice and can not be configured very well (at the same time, I am not interested in adding a feature that matches Nicks and IP's because of things already mentioned here). At the end of the day preventing bots from getting into a hub in the first place is obviously a hubs responsibility and whatever a client can do is only ever a band aid.
  14. Windows Defender found threat

    Where did you download the version of ApexDC in question, if you are using the installer make sure it is one from this web site. Also try with the binary only slim package instead.
  15. Windows Defender found threat

    Thanks for the answer. Windows defender still get me nowhere in installing Apex 1.6.4. I needed to excelude the folder where ApexDC++ is installed to get everything up and running. There should be no infection on my machine . Hopefully. Checked also with Malwarebytes. ApexDC++ is the only one causing problems.
  16. Windows Defender found threat

    ApexDC++ is safe (virustotal analysis). The file may have been infected somewhere else, maybe on your own PC...?
  17. Today in "Windows Defender Antivirus" it finds a threat in Apex 1.6.4. The reported Trojan is " Win32/Clavior.G!cl" Windows Defender wants to delete it. Please advice what to do! have attached a picture from Windows Defender. It says that the program (ApexDc++ 16.4) is dangerous.
  18. i cant connect any hubs why

    1st error - could not download digital signature 2nd error - could not connect to the update server
  19. Did Team Elite win?

    I probably shouldn't say anything here to be honest, but I am going to anyways. Who won, is irrelevant... the whole concept of winning in this context is somewhat absurd it is not a war or a competition with a beginning and an end after all. I find it amusing that the word enemy even came up here at all. Whether I personally agree with or condone some actions of groups or individuals in the past, one way or another, is a different matter entirely, but also irrelevant. However, actions should have consequences and it should work both ways. I never was keyed into all of the drama, nor did I particularly want to be, however, I believe there is rarely if ever a good reason to hack (or whatever that word actually exactly means/meant here) something or someone. Unless, you have been explicitly asked or commissioned to do so to test for vulnerabilities for example. There is seldom a need to act on something, say a vulnerability, just to make it known. The situations where throwing your weight around is your only course of action should be few and far between (and if it is done, it should be with the knowledge that doing so will likely in turn invite some kind of response from others involved). This applies to all sides not just one or the other. When it comes to DC related projects, each project is free to manage themselves how they see fit, if that management causes ire with others then handling those situations is each projects individual responsibility as is handling any consequences of any decisions made. However, this also means that everyone involved should be able to respect these projects' right to make these decisions and at the very least agree to disagree on amicable terms. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you necessarily should, sometimes that means pushing aside your personal feelings so that you can look at a situation objectively and make the necessary decisions. Either way looking for trouble or making choices that you know are going to perpetuate a cycle can hardly be called productive use of time and resources. To address the matter of hublists, the whole concept while necessary at this time is, from infrastructure point of view, the weakest point in the DC network a linchpin if you will and obviously not in the positive sense. DC has a network structure that doesn't strictly require a centralized entity (above hubs) that has a lot of control in the first place so in the long run there should be an alternative for hublists that can ideally work autonomously. This is the direction that DC should have headed in the first place and it is purely based on the simple fact that a system that is self-managing is legally the most sound option (If you have little to no control over a system you can not be held responsible for exercising control, over said system, which you do not have).
  20. Did Team Elite win?

    You remind me of American and European politicians who blame Russia for everything, trying to make the rest of the world to hate them. But you seem to be forgetting about the reason why this happens. In that case I can suggest you investigating about expression "rivalry" if you haven't been in such situation in your life before. Remember two things: You can't take down someone who is right about something. You can't take down the strong one who defend himself. If something or someone was hacked, there probably was a good reason to do so. Most likely to stop our enemy from pointing their small "guns" at us, alternatively to proof that there is a weak link in the chain. Team Elite is also a hacking team, that is correct. It seems that you are still using some of that vulnerable software. Maybe it is time to start moving to another, better, more protected software. Or you intend to use broken and abandoned YnBug forever? :-)
  21. Did Team Elite win?

    The list of your projects is impressive, I admit. However, the list of projects you either hacked or killed is even bigger: - YnHub - hacked, exploited and killed by Team Elite - - killed by Team Elite - & - killed by Team Elite - Global OPHUB - killed by Team Elite - Many hubs and network - hacked, users were stolen by Team Elite - Different teams that didn't like your way (including mine) - killed by Team Elite - Some high profile websites (according to Wikipedia) were also hacked by Team Elite - Many other projects/groups were harmed by Team Elite You might be great at programming but you simply cannot deny that you take what you want and judging by how things are on DC right now, you took it over and now you own it. DC-related forums have registered TE members and nobody even cares now (or is maybe too afraid to speak up?). This shows how quickly people can forget that you were terrorizing this community for the past 15 years. Regards, AcidVirus a.k.a. AnOldFriend
  22. Did Team Elite win?

    @AnOldFriend You are damn right about Team Elite being the most active team on DC these and previous days. Hublist and 3 hub softwares you are talking about are not the only projects we are currently developing, there are also many scripts, plugins and bots for DC, aswell as the best anonymization software on market, a low level programming language and antivirus database specifically for DC. Don't forget about the most crucial exploits in history of DC that we discovered. Fixes for these exploits are present in all hub softwares and clients today thanks to our team. I will even tell you more, next project will be a DC client, that is to cover the whole range of DC related products. ;-) What I don't understand though, is what you have against my team. Did anyone piss on your car last night? To me is seems obvious that you are just afraid to admit that we are the best team and developers you have met in your life. And please note, it's not me who is calling you pussy, it was you who started this thread and called yourself a weak man who is afraid of moving forward. ;-) Have a nice day.
  23. Did Team Elite win?

    Hi, what should we do and why should we be against them? At least somebody keeps the DC network alive.
  24. Did Team Elite win?

    Hello Old Friends, It seems Team Elite won as they own now the biggest hublist and are developing three hubsofts and have more alive DC++ related projects than the DC++ devs themselves. Why are you allowing these hackers to stay on-line? I am so glad I left DC++ a long time ago. An Old Friend Of DC++
  25. i cant connect any hubs why

    This is only error from update check (perhaps issues with connection to update server). What error do you get while trying to connect to a hub?
  26. i cant connect any hubs why

    i cant connect any hubs why - this problem started today and apexdc was working fine from 2 years . i also updated to latest version. i am running win 8.1 Update Check: could not download digital signature (A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. Update Check: could not connect to the update server (A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
  27. Built in Anti-SPAM

    IP is empty because hub does not send it. The vast majority of hubs does that to conserve bandwidth. You can find out the IP only if you connect to the user (e.g. by downloading filelist), but most probably you won't be able to connect to that user either because those are often bots programmed solely for spamming and not supporting P2P connections. You cannot block PMs, but you can have them open in a non-focused window by default so a PM does not popup while you are in the middle of doing other stuff. You can also put a user to ignored users, but that is useless if his nick is changing. Sadly, that are all your options.
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