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  2. FlylinkDC ++ and torrent FlylinkDC ++ since build 19970 has learned to download torrents How to add files to upload: * Menu-File-Open .torrent file. * Click on the magnet link in the BTIH format (BitTorrent Info Hash) To get the new version, click "Menu-help-check for updates" Portable versions for testing are available here FlylinkDC-r504-x64-beta-build-19970-2016.10.01- FlylinkDC-r504-x86-beta-build-19970-2016.10.01- Key changes: Added support for uploading torrent files. Fixed the exchange of files when working on an encrypted channel (updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2j) SetupFlylinkDC-x64-r504-release.exe SetupFlylinkDC-x86-r504-release.exe SetupFlylinkDC-x86-x64-r504-release.exe Full log There is a need to introduce a torrent client as it is done in FlylinkDC
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  5. Does anyone have any experience getting ApexDC++ to work with ExpressVPN? I'd been using ApexDC++ with another more basic OpenVPN based VPN with no problem. I upgraded to ExpressVPN and I *thought* ApexDC++ kept working, or worked after I tweaked the connection settings, but now it refuses to behave. The best I can get is I can upload perfectly but can't download files or get file lists. When I disconnect ExpressVPN entirely, or switch to the simpler (and less secure) one, ApexDC++ works perfectly. I realize I may have to just use the simpler solution but I'm hoping someone here knows the apparently magical combination of settings to make everything work. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any information.
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  7. Don't stop downloading at missed file

    I don't speak german (I think that is german anyway), but those kind of errors are propagated from the file system... my guess is that says the syntax for the file name or path is incorrect or invalid. Which means it is not that the file can not be found but that ApexDC can not save the file on your system. There can be number of reasons for this, however, it should not stop other files from being downloaded. Unless, said errors are so common that they take up all the spaces for active downloads (see Settings > Downloads, under the limits section). If the errors are so common that it is making it difficult for you to use ApexDC, I would suggest looking at the files that this error keeps happening with and seeing what they have in common (such as if they are all from the same hub or same users, or if their names seem strange in some way). Off the top of my head I would also recommend checking that your incoming downloads directory is set in a location that is always reachable. With very long path names the archaic limitations on Windows file path length might also be what is causing this... if you need to have your files in such folders or if you routinely work with files that have long names I would recommend reading up on the matter because ApexDC will not be the only software with issues on those kind of paths (the linked StackOverflow question has some proposed solutions).
  8. Don't stop downloading at missed file

    I sometimes get the information If that error happens, Apex steady tries to download only that file and don't switch to another file. So the System stops downloading at that point.
  9. Don't stop downloading at missed file

    Please clarify what you mean by file cannot be found? As far as I know, if the error encountered is "File not available" it will proceed to download files just fine (same should be the case if file has no sources). If there is an issue with these two transfer states it might be due to other features setting the priority of the file or preventig removal of invalid sources. However, initially I am thinking that what you mean with file not being found is not what I am talking about above but rather something else, because I don't ever recall hearing of this issue before (and as far as download queue management is concerned, that hasn't been touched in years).
  10. Hello, if I download folders with APEX, it stops dowloading the total queue, if it cannot find a file which it should download. If I come back to my PC several hours later, I see that I lost much time, as Apex has stopped downloading. It would be very helpful, to have a togglebox: 'Automaticly set a not found file to priority paused. Kind regards stormlight
  11. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Thank you, It is quite great of you to solve the problem. Thanks for all your efforts. in keeping dc++ up and running and upgrading it from time to time.
  12. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    The upgrade notice says it fixes connectivity issues with older versions (of apexdc) ie. the problem with 1.6.3 discussed here. Hubs should discourage the use of 1.6.3. However, if they are doing the same for .4 then they are in the wrong in the sense that 1.6.4 exist to address the problem with 1.6.3. As far as we are aware, there is no connectivity issues with 1.6.4, with any version of ApexDC or any client that we are aware of. You should be able to use version 1.6.4 or 1.6.2 without problems. However, you should not use 1.6.3. That is exactly what it means, as it says in the 1.6.4 announcement.
  13. windows 10 and apex upgrade etc

    What didn't work with your upgrade to version 1.6.4? I have the same one and it works under my windows 10. If you are kicked from the hub - if it's really a kick (not a disconnection), you should at least get a message with a reason for the kick. We don't know why you get kicked unless you post the message. Anyway, if the OP told you to downgrade your client, he should be able to explain exactly why you should do that. Newer versions of Apex are better for your security and security of others.
  14. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    ok so I have 1.6.3. I was told to downgrade my client. cool. now eveytime i open apex it keeps telling me I have to upgrade to 1.6.4 . nope. the release notes say it fixes connectivity with older operating systems, I have win 10. I keep getting kicked & banned for an hour everytime. I posted for help in the support section, no answer yet
  15. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    ApexDC++ 1.6.4 is launched. Does it means has this error decompression problem is solved. Please guide. Regards,
  16. windows 10 and apex upgrade etc

    Hello, I have windows 10 and having connection issues. I have forwarded my ports correctly but I still can't get some file lists. I am also being kicked banned for an hour randomly from 1 hub onl/ I checked with an OP they ar not kickiing me. I asked for assitance there, no luck. I had contacted an OP here & was tod to downgrade my client. Now I can't upgrade, downloaded new upgrade, pointed the download to my apex foleder in my program files. No luck. any suggestion will be helpful
  17. We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of another maintenance update 1.6.4. This version fixes connectivity issues with compressed transfers caused by recent updates to the zlib library that we use. These connectivity issues randomly affect both downloads and uploads with clients that are running an affected version of zlib without the appropriate fix included. Additionally OpenSSL and zlib dependencies have also been updated once again, in order to keep things current. For the people who still need the XP compatible binaries, we would like to take this chance to once more remind you about recent changes in release packaging for your operating system. A full list of changes are available on here. As usual we strongly recommend upgrading to 1.6.4 as soon as possible. Download: ApexDC++ 1.6.4
  18. Uploading Files Disappears

  19. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Now, is that a nice way to ask someone to do something. As for people upgrading to this version, as far as I am concerned there is no reason not to, provided they know how to read [the release announcement]. The update check doesn't direct them directly to the download page and, even if it did, the release announcement is linked on both the page they land on as well as the download and the changelog pages. So they have ample oppertunity to read it. We did our due diligence on the issue after it became known and in the end provided a not one but two working alternative solutions. Whether people make use of those solutions is not something I can enforce in the slightest. Likewise taking 1.6.3 out of circulation, is effectively not possible. Even if I did remove it from the site, the binaries are still out there. Also, having said that there is currently no easy way to roll the website back and then redo the changes when the version with the fix is ready, which is why I will rely on users ability to read and be people who can think for themselves instead. Now, as far as hub admins go, they have two options, either instruct people not to upgrade to 1.6.3 or point them to the workaround provided. Alternatively they of course could enforce a bans on the use of the client, either version specific or for the client as a whole. However, this again is not something we can influence and as such how they deal with the issue is entirely up to them. As far as I am concerned, by providing a fixed version at our earliest convenience (which will likely be this weekend, because people have a lives), is all we have to do.
  20. Nothing in my box))

  21. You can insert xml client ApexDc++

    ehm, I am not sure what was your question, can you please reformulate it?
  22. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Plz remove this piece of crap from your site, users are still upgrading to this ****.
  23. Uploading Files Disappears

    Hi, I have a question is this normal with latest version 1.6.3? On old version I see which files users downloading from me time left etc. but on latest version it show only for sec or two and then disappears I really like to see informations like time left etc. do I need to change something? I test it on version 1.6.1 and is same as on version 1.6.2 I see informations all the time. I like ApexDC++ is my favorite for years (From version 1.3.0)
  24. You can insert xml client address apexdc? Thank you
  25. hello staff Apexdc , can insert address   client ApexDc ? ,   Thank you

  26. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    I have updated the first post with instructions for a workaround for the time being. New version will be made available as soon as there is a verified fix for the problem. Relevant link:
  27. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    1.6.2 has restored connectivity with some of those who have also rolled back. However some 'Connection Closed now says 'connection timeout'? I am XP 32 bit and the one I really want to connect to is WIN 10 64 bit, should that even matter? Thanks
  28. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Hello, I was having the Connection Closed issue with 1.6.1 but now I see that was probably because the other parties had moved up to 1.6.3. I'll try it. EDIT: 1.6.2 has restored connectivity with those who have also rolled back.
  29. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Ok thanks. Downloaded 1.6.2 and now it works great again with uploads and downloads.
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