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  2. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    Can I have an invite too... Please
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  4. Hi Mek, I've started getting this error after a windows update the other day. Those two things might not be connected, but that's when I started to get the error. Tried running Apex as admin, it didn't fix it. Any other suggestions?
  5. I used once unicode character swimmer in main chat and since that apex stopped to show me main chat history. Other friend with linux dc klient hasn't problem to see all chat history.
  6. Owner internal ip

    I think you are posting to incorrect forum. This forum is about ApexDC++, a client, not Lua DCH. Generally, you, as an owner, connect to the hub server's LAN address if it is on the same LAN as your client PC, or localhost if it is on the same PC. And in your client, you should set Active or Passive connection as usual. If you use one of the "firewall" (manual port forwarding etc.), fill your external IP, not the internal one.
  7. Owner internal ip

    Hello! I have setup: luadch-2.19-win-x86_64 And the hub works, but me as owner, only connect to internal ip, but i have external on adress! Tried to copy server folder to friend, same thing happens to him. And thene owner cant get filelist, and people cant get from owner. If i use vpn, it works. Whats wrong?
  8. This looks like an error while saving the hash database (not error sharing files) so possibly the files will be hashed again and again after you restart Apex. I would say, try to run Apex as administrator, and second, you can try checking your fillesystem (use the chkdsk utility).
  9. I have had a look around the faq's. There are a couple of threads about this but I can't seem to find an answer. "error saving hash data- system could not find the path specified" As in the other threads, all the files are there and being able to be shared. HELP!!! Please
  10. Help Please

    Just copy the whole ApexDC++ folder from AppData over to the new PC to same path and Apex should pick up the settings when it starts.
  11. Help Please

    Well I downloaded the latest version from the Sourceforge website. I assume that it was the installer since I do not know what the "slim package" is :-) What do I do when I find the folder? Which file do I need for settings and what do I do with it?
  12. Help Please

    Sure, it depends on whether you used the installer or slim package. For installer, all settings can be found in the folder C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\ApexDC++ and for the slim package, you can copy the whole folder of ApexDC++ and it will preserve its settings.
  13. Help Please

    I just bought a new computer and re-downloaded DC++ I was wondering if it would be possible to migrate all my hub and user favorites and queu, etc. or if I need to start all over again? Can someone advise please?
  14. Problems in windows 10

    Hi apexdc crashes in windows10 this is the error messages i get Code: e06d7363 (Unknown) Version: 1.6.4 (Feb 6 2017) Major: 6 Minor: 2 Build: 9200 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2017-11-01 22:09:15 TTH: J76UH47HWJDIVR6E45MZEZBYCAQR7B72BWEZIDI KERNELBASE!0xD2413FB8: RaiseException f:\dd\vctools\crt\vcruntime\src\eh\throw.cpp(136): _CxxThrowException d:\development\dcdev\apexdc\trunk\client\adccommand.cpp(65): dcpp::AdcCommand::parse d:\development\dcdev\apexdc\trunk\client\adccommand.cpp(39): dcpp::AdcCommand::AdcCommand d:\development\dcdev\apexdc\trunk\client\searchmanager.cpp(330): dcpp::SearchManager::UdpQueue::run d:\development\dcdev\apexdc\trunk\client\thread.h(109): dcpp::Thread::starter KERNEL32!0xD4CA1FE4: BaseThreadInitThunk ntdll!0xD606EF91: RtlUserThreadStart exceptioninfo.txt
  15. Hello, on Windows 10 i have ApexDC 1.6.4++ 64bit in my firewall (Comodo Internet Security) i have ApexDC set to allow all incoming and outgoing requests. Strange is that the firewall is loging many thousands of outgoing connections to following IPs: IP port protocol 16000 UDP 16000 UDP 16000 UDP These log entries are made by the firewall rule called "Windows Operating System", this rule sets blocking all outgoing traffic to any IP. In SystemExplorer app i see these IP connections to be made by ApexDC and sometimes also by Shareaza Example this is what i see at a time ESTABLISHED:, TCP/IP, destination port 7001, app Shareaza, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 7001, app Shareaza, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx., TCP/IP, destination port 16000, app ApexDC, source port 49000-52000approx. ApexDC is working but these connections makes me wonder what are these and why these are not allowed because are from ApexDC, but are blocked CIS assuming them from Windows Operating System.
  16. I always have Windows set to put the system to sleep in half an hour if there's no user activity. Every other downloader I use, including uTorrent, JDownloader and so on, has the ability to prevent the system going to sleep while downloading is underway. Once all (or running) downloads are completed, the app can be set to shutdown the system (where shutdown can be substituted with sleep, hibernate etc.) Now Apex has no problem with the shutting down part, but in all these years it lacks the very basic ability to prevent Windows from going to sleep till the job's done. This means my system goes to sleep half an hour after I stop using it, no matter if Apex still has GBs of data in the download queue. I request people here to kindly refrain from posting unhelpful 'advice', including lecturing me about why I'm turning off my PC in the first place, why don't I just turn off the sleep setting completely, why don't I use external script/EXE/<insert solution here> and so on. The fact of the matter is that all decent downloaders and heck even my media player apps have had the "prevent standby while doing X" option for ages now, and I'd highly appreciate it if Apex added the same. Thank you.
  17. Getting TTH for directory

    Where is it implemented? Looked into sources of FlyLink and StrongDC for several hours already. Everything is so asynchronous, and folders indeed eventually get TTH somehow, but I have no clue how does it happen with them. Wiki with "Hash set extension" description is dead, and my attempts to recalculate hash completely independently in Ada (using XMLAda, AdaCF and Adagio's Tiger Tree implementation). TTH for files works fine. Can't make it work for folders. I always thought that it's just TTH of sorted concatenated hashes, and I can reimplement it at any time, but time has come, and I just can't get through. I tried to sort or not sort hashes. I tried to reverse endianness or not reverse endianness. I tried to reverse endianness before or after sorting. I tried raw TIGER or TTH. I just can't make it match. I'm totally destroyed.
  18. SOCKS5 SSH tunnel proxy does not work?

    OK, I figured it out, since you put passwords and logins in your MyEnTunnel, you leave empty fields on ApexDC++. But there's still problems. You can connect to hubs and chat, but nothing works download/upload related, search finds nothing, get file list does not work on any user. Best case scenario is setting Passive Mode, but this is literally useless, 1 out of 20 users Get file list works, but search doesn't, you can't find anything and users can't find you. I don't understand what's the point of proxy feature if you are limited to no sharing, literally.
  19. I have a server that I'm using as a SSH SOCKS5 proxy tunnel to browser internet or for torrenting. I tried using same with DC, but it does not work, it simply doesn't connect to any hub. You set up your proxy with MyEnTunnel and then on your browser or torrent client connection settings under SOCKS5 you enter and port. And it works, but on ApexDC++ it gives you error "The socks server doesn't support login / password authentication". If you try to enter your direct proxy server IP you get " A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond." What I'm missing?
  20. problem with apexdc++ and qbittorrent

    Dc ++ programs also use magnetic links, so you have to disable the association option in apexdc ++ for qbittorrent to do the service.
  21. for somereason apex is allways trying to mage torrent files... every time i open qbittorrent it prompts me to make it the default app.. when i click a torrent magnet link online it tries to open up in apex
  22. Does not download small files?

    I'm bringing this back up. I'm still having issues with downloading these files. As a test, I had a person that I know who runs a private hub, selected the same type of movie files, and he also could not download those files. He also looked at all the settings and could not fix the issue.
  23. User defined font in search results

    Is there any way to change the font in search results? In Settings / Colors & Fonts I could change the fonts for chat window / tab names. But despite all my tinkering, could not change the font for search results. Can anyone help please? Do forgive me if the subject was already answered here.
  24. Duplicate hubs in "Recent hubs" list

    i tested this and when you run apexdc for some time, close it and reopen, you find duplicates like this in the Recent hub list: Recent Hubs list offers useful overview, but is hard to use it when deciding which hubs to connect thanks to this duplicity. I guess i will have to use Favorite hubs list to decide which hubs to connect after start. Thx
  25. How can i block personal message SPAMmer?

    Same here and it's annoying!
  26. multiple hdd to speed up download

    This is what im talking about ,, to save incomplete files on multiple hdd then save finished file on sellected location ,,, also ,,, apex get fragments from any files , and also that can by set on apex settings to download fragments ,so apex will do my ideea in the end its justa time utill apex masters will add this finction on settings ,,,
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