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  2. Note: this is the last post on here, copied directly from the new thing. Figured I'd use this to let those people know that still care. You may have noticed some intermittent downtime on over the last couple of days. This was due to rebuilding and upgrading the server. However, as a byproduct of this these forums became a major pain point. This has mostly to do with the decline in activity coupled with it no longer being worthwhile to keep paying for the privilege of having a secure installation because of this. So, to address this issue we now have a slim replacement on a more modern and free platform. Where's the old content? The old forums will remain on the server as read only for archival purposes for the time being. How long it will stick around remains to be seen as it was already necessary to manually patch certain bits to keep it working even in its current diminished capacity. This isn't something that can be done long term on a proprietary and complex code base that I already know more about than I'd care to admit. Selection of topics from the old forums has also been manually imported over and brought up to date so that they may be more easily found and as to not have an unknown expiration date on them (mostly topics that are referenced directly by the main website in some fashion). What about content being organized? By default the new platform will display a view of all recent discussions, but the more traditional categories still exist, one can be picked when starting a new discussion. For a more traditional way of viewing the content you can also go over to the categories tab. Going Forward This is mostly here so that if people want or need to reach people they still can and that there still is a place for people to bring up issues or requests if they feel so inclined. As far as future plans for the project are concerned, currently there really aren't any beyond keeping the client somewhat current and potentially fixing a few bugs along the way where possible.
  3. Thats what i ment, properties shows another raw set as screen, when action raw changed, saved screen jumps to the wrong one, seems the old bug is back or never fixed.
  4. I am not sure I follow... do you mean the ADLSearch window shows wrong value in a column? If so I can look into it but this seems like a really old bug
  5. What are the benefits to registering?

    To be a registered member, i need to pass a security check, but nothing shows up? How to create a new account?
  6. Another minor bug.. setting properties on a line in ADL results in wrong Action showing up in that line, properties of the line stays as set, but screen seems to make a miscount.
  7. The first one is definitely a bug and I will look into it... as for the second one I am certain the tray icon behavior has not changed, but I can still check it out at some point (I seem to recall that in the olden days a tray icon was a requirement for "balloon" popups on older versions of Windows, which is why I am pretty sure it couldn't have changed).
  8. Thanks, that was really unexpected I believe i found 2 minor bugs. - I had a hublist configured, that the new version alerted me is fraudulent ( After I removed it using the Configure button, then closed hublist tab and reopened it again, it warned me about the removed hublist address again. But it was no longer configured. This was only solved after restart of Apex. - Tray icon is always present, even if Apex is not minimized. I believe that in old version, it was only present if Apex was minimized to tray-
  9. I wonder if anyone expected to see this, ApexDC++ 1.6.5, that is? Notably this version focuses on keeping the client in its current state, well current by updating various dependencies including OpenSSL, the compiler used has also been updated to the latest version. Otherwise some time has been taken to incorporate some changes from DC++, including a high priority fix and a change long overdue to default settings. Update: an obsolete build was accidentally uploaded to SourceForge very briefly, in case you experience any issues with your installation then downloading the 1.6.5 version again should fix it. To find out if you are on the correct release version you may check Help > About > Git commit, it should be the following: 47d5052582fd424d3a54edc33307607d1e87eb2b (if it is listed as something else you are running the outdated 1.6.5 binary) A full list of changes are available on here. As usual we strongly recommend upgrading to 1.6.5 as soon as possible. Download: ApexDC++ 1.6.5 Happy Holidays and have a good New Year
  10. DISREGARD PLEASE. Turned out to be a problem with the file list file itself. I'm on version 1.6.4. Subtract list doesn't seem to be working properly for me. When another user does it, they get an accurate result. When I do it, there are thousands more files that don't subtract. Any idea what may be going on? Thanks!
  11. I think you could use the "IP" field of favorite hub, fill your external IP there, it overrides global setting (that one in Settings - Connection settings).
  12. Hello, the DC hub tells me: "Your reported IP: does not match your real IP: mypubliciphere" The is the "local" IP of the "tun"(?) - OpenVPN interface on my Windows 10 PC How can i make ApexDC to not report this IP or how to simply overcome this (and connect that hub) while continue using VPN?
  13. Pruning obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml

    I'm bummed out to read this as well. ApexDC is a great program. Hopefully, the community can keep it going for a while longer.
  14. Pruning obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml

    Too bad to see that confirmed. So clearly there'll be no bug fix, nor will the long-awaited version 2.0 ever be released. Since I've also been experiencing another bug of late that is making Apex near unusable, do you or anyone else have any suggestions regarding actively supported DC++ clients?
  15. Pruning obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml

    Well, I would think that /rebuild would fix that and if not than it is a bug. And yes, development is dead
  16. Pruning obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml

    Huh, so it seems development, support etc. for this client are all dead...
  17. As the subject states, I want to prune all the obsolete entries from HashIndex.xml. It seems old paths, old file names (renamed or deleted files) etc. are all retained for some strange reason in the XML. I have refreshed the file list several times, and also tried issuing /rebuild in chat and restarting the client, but nothing seems to help and the XML keeps getting bloated over time with useless entries. Surely there's an easy way via the client itself to clear the Hash Index of non-existent entries? (Would be unbelievable if not.) Note that I do NOT under any circumstances wish to resort to the crude method of deleting the XML and HashData.dat and then subjecting my HDD to hours worth of unnecessary grinding to re-index my entire share.
  18. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    Can I have an invite too... Please
  19. Did Team Elite win?

    Hello Old Friends, It seems Team Elite won as they own now the biggest hublist and are developing three hubsofts and have more alive DC++ related projects than the DC++ devs themselves. Why are you allowing these hackers to stay on-line? I am so glad I left DC++ a long time ago. An Old Friend Of DC++
  20. blog 2.0 Development: Mac OS X

    Every since we first introduced PeerWeb DC++ in 2005 one of our main goals has been to provide cross platform support and distribute our program to Linux and Mac OS X users. This article focuses on Mac OS X development and offers users a chance to test the future of ApexDC++ 2.0. We will publish a progress update on Linux development separately.    Back in 2010 we announced an integration with OpenCandy to monetise installations and provide a stable base for our cross platform development. Due to this we were able to advertise a job for porting our program to wxWidgets (a cross platform GUI tool kit) and eventually hired Gevorg, who has years of wxWidgets experience and regularly submits patches back to their development team. His experience has been a valuable asset to the project and we are now in a position to show off our progress for the first time:   ApexDC++ 2.0 running on Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Click to enlarge The DC++ base library has always been Linux friendly due to the contributions made by the LinuxDC++ project. This meant our main focus has been getting the interface up to scratch and working on all major operating systems. During this phase we have decided not to include a few features/options present in 1.5 that we feel are not used as frequently, which has helped with the overall resource consumption compared to 1.5. Some other features that aren't present haven't been forgotten about and are in our development tracker for us to tackle in the future.   Comparison between wxWidgets (2.x) / WTL (1.x) branch activity - Click to enlarge  Impressed? Good. We are asking for dedicated Mac OS X users to come forward and reply to this post to receive exclusive access to our development channel. These lucky few will be responsible for testing the recent changes our developers have committed to the wxWidgets branch on a regular basis (see above, we commit changes often!) and report it in our tracker or directly to the development team. We supply you with login details to our private testing hub where you can provide feedback and discuss future features. Furthermore, these testers will help us make the decision on what left over features from 1.5 should be ported over before the general public get hold of it.   Think you're up to the task? Reply to this post with something interesting and we may get you in. Otherwise wait for that public beta release.
  21. Welcome to all our guests who browse our forums. You are currently viewing the forums in reduced service mode and can receive the full benefits below by registering or logging in. Features available to members No adverts displayedCreate and respond to topicsCreate new support requestsRequest new featuresReport any bugs or crashes in ApexDC++More forum images and member signatures are displayed Register today for free
  22. re hash files ? file not shared ?

    hi can anyone help, I am being banned from certain hubs because i am told that my file list is not visible for sharing, but when i view my shared files folder in my settings I have checked the box to share. Do i need to rehash my files ? if so how do i do this ? If anyone can shed some light on my problem I would be gratful.
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