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  1. Problems with large file list downloads!!!

    This is an old thread, but the issue still persists. I can send you several FLs that wont open, if you are still interested. EDIT: this is a serious issue, the only way to browse large files lists is to use the "Brows file list" option on a user, but then most of the directories can not be downloaded for some reason. When selected for download, they dont appear on the download queue and dont download.
  2. Apex themes

    These themes should be deleted, as the only thing they do is mess up your client. Changes to user list colors and download bars are irreversible and a pain in the ass to fix. I hade to delete my client config file to fix the mess.
  3. Plugins for ApexDC++

    foobar2000 media plugin ?
  4. What does the error "the system cannot find the file specified" i get when i try do generate a new certificate,even the paths are correctly set ?
  5. release 1.5.3 - OpenSSL vulnerability plugged

    Nice,you dev guys really look into every small aspect of this great software :)
  6. HUB software

    I still miss YnHUB,but as far as I can see...FlexHub is the next best thing.
  7. Translators needed

    Feel free to contact me if you need another hand in translating in Bulgarian ;)
  8. ApexDC++ OP

    still with RSX++ out there,that would be a double...
  9. Plugins for ApexDC++

    I gotz shocked there too :unsure:
  10. DHT Cloud is Growing

    found it,thanks :)
  11. DHT Cloud is Growing

    so...how can you run it on/off ?
  12. Intro

    most of us are like that...dont have the time and/or effort as it used to be...and further more,the DC community isnt what is used to be.
  13. Translators needed

    One more hand for Bulgarian,if you need it thou :)
  14. Forums upgraded to IPB 3.0

    darn....the interface is reallt messed up...i cant say i like it :/
  15. Hub links thread ?

    we remember that..
  16. Hub links thread ?

    Were did the thread with the good hubs go to ?
  17. slowing down the CPU

    I have the same problem with all DC client based on StrongDC++ . My situations is as follows - i have 4TB of info shared,10 upload slots, 15 sim.files and 50 sim.downloads. It tried to lower the upload slots to 3,the max sim. files to 2 and the max sim downloads to 15,but to no avail....it still kills my CPU to 90-100% nearly all the time p.s. my CPU is a P4 s.478 800FSB/1MB EE 3,76GHz...the most powerful for the s.478 platform.
  18. Separate Hub Usage Statistics

    agree on that one,would be a very nice and intuitive feture too.
  19. Request a Guide

    were did the thread about good DC HUBs go ? i lost my config files,and also there addresses...
  20. Additional hublists

    thanks for this....i keep loosing my config files,and this list is very handy.
  21. How good is your PC

    well i have XP,so i cant get that score atm but here are the importants specs: 3,6GHz P4,4GB DDR1 RAM,Asus P4C800-E Deluxe,Saphire HD3650-512MB AGP,11,7TB HDD space.
  22. AML is gone

    the site is online again,for several weeks too.... so no AML again ?
  23. 3,000,000 downloads milestone

    nice nice GREAT ! :)
  24. nick field width problem

    im wondering witch is the setting in the config file about the width of the nick field in the hub displey: i want to set it do be less wide always
  25. 10,000 members

    yep,another hand for that :P