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  1. Just like in PeerWeb the History List at "Quick Connect" with the last 10 adresses accesed through the Quick Connect :ermm: What Do You Guys Think About it? :crying:
  2. Need some help making Raw commands

    i saw the variables for raw's were changed in ApexDC and maybe in Strong. For example: %[mynick] has changed with %[myNI], so if someone could give us the new variables we will apreciate it. :crying: Thx
  3. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    hey that's not fair, you said to give a date, they said "when it's ready" or "when it's dam ready" that's not a date, date should be the day of a month. :)
  4. ApexDC++ revealed!

    All that i can say is, Good Job, The Blues Looks Great, I Love That Blue Color, a lot of people likes blue so i think it's gonna be great but if there are guys who don't like it, maybe you can set a option to chose between the blue one and the silver one ...
  5. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    Can I Tell Another Date ? I feel Lucky Now )
  6. Can we try the ApexDC++ Beta?

    Oh i see i didn't read it very carefully i see that is Alpha, i thought it was beta and i am just curious to see how ApexDC will be :)
  7. Can we try the ApexDC++ Beta? If, from where can we download it if yet possible :)
  8. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    any news about the release of RC11? i don't need to know the day i need to know the month ;)
  9. PM Messages

    Add this thing: When an user send a pm message to me and if he closes the hub where he sent me the message i receive this message, user wwnt offline bla bla and it doesn't writes anywhere on what hub did he was ... this will be good for users who adevartise on pm, i get a lot of these messages but when i see them i don't know on what he was ... add somewhere the name of the hub where he was on...
  10. ApexDC++ OP

    Well i tried DCDM too but for the reason that it has the ip of a user showned in MC and PM near the nick, as i requested long time ago this feature and the hide share optin in /fav. it is stable ... but i didn't liked the design ... etc so i switched to peerweb until you guys will make the Apex DC++ Op Client... i didn't tried it too much, so take a look maybe you will find something that i didn't see ...
  11. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    Damn ! I wish i would be a beta tester :()
  12. Here you will find a new Windows DC HUB Software. It's called HeX Hub. It's a beta for now but it has an anti-flood protection more advanced then VerliHub, YnHub, Prokax etc ... It can block DDoS flood, all kind of flood. I think it will break Verli' User Record ... it's stable, it may have any bugs (don't know exactky) but i'm sure when the complete version will be released it's gonna be good Try it! Test it, Promote it, if you want to . Write your opinion here ... Bye ! P.S.: The creator of this Soft is: Lord_Zero & Moshu (creator of Security Bot). Some of you guys might know them.
  13. I think there is a problem, when i have a hub added to favorites ... if i disable Emulation on some hubs i get this message: "Turn ON Your Tags !". Can you guys fix this for ApexDC? Thanks!
  14. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    i'm sure that i lost because you guys said about 1 month or two after the Strong DC RC11 release, and Strong isn't released so i lost :)
  15. Read this topic from this forum sorry that i posted this link if i'm not allowed but it's about DC++, some guys says this could be the end ... i don't think so ... let's see your opinions ... Thanks !