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  1. Away Button

    Oh, okay, I didn't test this client, so I didn't know.. :whistling: But this also sounds like a good idea. So, more ideas/comments from others?
  2. Away Button

    I think, if this would be added, it should be an option. I definitely do not want to click another popup window away everytime I click the AWAY button. ;-) Or maybe another shortcut or button to modify the away message directly without having to click through the settings? And independent from the AWAY button? How about that?
  3. ApexDC++ OP

    This can be done using user commands that - sent to your client by the hub at login - add certain extra entries to your mainchat window's, userlist window's, search window's and transfer window's context menu. You may have a look at Bast's guide on that. Of course, this means you have to have access to hub soft or at least to hub's textcommands. About the ignoring "in hubs not op in": I would rather be careful with that. For example, I am normally not logged into my hub as an OP, but still my account has far more rights that all my OPs and VIPs. So I guess also other hub owners might do it like that. Protects my nerves and saves me from a lot of frequently asked dumb questions. Anyway, in an hub where you're not OP in normally all the good old OP's commands don't work, so no matter if your client has a fancy kick button or a context menu entry or whatsoever, it won't work since the hub doesn't give you the right to use e.g. '§kick [user]spammer'. In the end, any such button or click on such context menu entry just sends a command to MC or hub bot. This should be possible in most hub softs that have more features than just being a hub. It work's for example with the command '§mute [user]dontsayaword' in YnHub and I think I've seen it in Ptokax as well. In YnHub, if a user is muted, he will remain muted next time he logs in - based on his exact nickname and until the hub is being restarted.
  4. some people like old dc

    For me Greg said it all.. If I could, I would have put all the features of my good old client into an up-to-date client long ago and would finally use a new one. And I would even hash voluntarily. And also I would finally ban all the old clients from my hub and spread the word to my users. But up to now I couldn't find a client that really satisfies me and many users of my hub that use the same old client as I do. Sure, not being able to download from the new clients really sucks. But missing the one or the other feature (real direct downloading and a useful tab completion are the most important ones, I think) sucks even more - not only as a hub owner... So, 'till now I'm hoping and waiting for Apex' next release... :blink:
  5. Yap, but as far as I understood Kirill_S, he wanted a link to open filelist with the folder that contains the announced new files...
  6. According to this link this should already be possible using a magnet link. I just tested it by sending myself such a magnet link via PM. Have a look there for the syntax of the link. You can also create it by right-clicking on a search result and selecting "Copy" > "Copy magnet link to clipboard". Those links should also work on websites, as well as in mainchat or PM. Of course the popping-up DC client should already have some hubs it's connected to or at least some favhubs with autoconnect at startup to work. No hubs, no search results EDIT: Uhm, well, this works for at least getting search results on the phrase in the link. But not for opening a special user's filelist and path instantly...
  7. Skype ideas and experience -> Apex DC

    According to my experience, most users are in DC for downloading, not for sharing. Sharing for them is something that is necessary to be able to enter the hubs. (But well, as I already said at another place today, in our campus LAN DC island we cannot really know about the situation of DC in the internet.) Well, at least people then would in fact use DC for chatting, not as in case of my hub where more or less 70% of users use it just for leeching the stuff they want and go offline as soon as possible. And more than half of them doesn't even see a need to share the stuff they downloaded next time they're online. BTW, standard reply to such complaints in my hub is something like 'enter +help and read before complaining' or 'enter +mode and come back if problem still exists'. (+mode contains quite a short text with the 3 or 4 most common reasons for active mode issues and their solutions.) So, welcome to DC community, where in my opinion the chat indeed is an important part of. Word! How many new users can be found sharing their 'Windows', 'Program files' and/or 'Documents and Settings' folders in order to share at least a bit? Or because they don't know better? As conclusion, I still think that it is important for not a bigger but a better DC community, if people have to use their brains a bit and get in touch with DC's spirit first. Though, I know that fewest users are nerdy computer cracks, anyway. As Fox Mulder used to say: "The help is out there." :)
  8. Extra slot for source

    What do you mean by "for a long time"? Like when downloading one file or folder what takes very long due to the connection? Or like frequently downloading different things from one and the same user? For the second option I think favusers should do it. As for the first option.. Well, I can't tell, but for DC in the internet it might be useful. (I can only use it in LAN)
  9. Skype ideas and experience -> Apex DC

    The USERS want the files, THEY are the ones that are demanding. So IMO THEY have to work a little on that, reading the how-tos, having a look at the loads of info and help sites the community, the mainchat and many hub owners and their OPs offer them. Not everything should be "pre-chewed" for everyone. So I think, the client should not be totally plug and play. DC isn't Skype. And I'm glad that it isn't, actually. Using one's brain and actually attending to DC and understanding a bit of DC's spirit prior to using it just for downloading might be the better way for the community. But maybe that's just me...
  10. highlight/marks

    Maybe a new column in userlist like 'Nick', 'Share', 'Description' a.s.o. where comments by the user of the client can be put and that has nothing to do with the $MyInfo string, only local information in the client? Or at least a column with a checkbox for each user in list? And probably it would need an option that stored data will be automatically deleted after a certain time period or when the client is closed. Would something like that be hard to code? I think as an OP it would be useful. Or as for the comments field probably also for normal users. And who doesn't need it could still uncheck and hide this column...
  11. Online alert feature

    Hey, I just asked for 3 tiny little commands accessible by / in MC and a prompt of the client that the actions have been executed... But well, one could sure make much more out of this feature... Does the source of the client where it was implemented actually help? I sure took a look at this source, but I couldn't get a clue what to do with all those files in the .rar... :D
  12. Online alert feature

    Another feature I miss in the current clients is something like an online alert for users. I know that there is an option to show joins of favorite users and all users, but that does not really do what I'd like it to do. What I'm requesting is something like this: ...entered in MC will result in a PM popup like this from prfx.testuser as soon as he logs in: This can be really useful especially - but not only - for OPs when you are waiting for a user to come online and don't want to miss him, like the ones that come online for 5 mins to download what they need and go offline again. With such popup one could at least notice it via the tray icon or the balloon popup. It was a feature in .PhantomDC, a client I still use to date, but that by now is too old (NMDC-style filelist issue). Again the link to the source of .PDC: link1, link2 So, if it's not too hard to implement, and if also other users might find it useful... Would be great to have it back in ApexDC. ( I hope implementing this wouldn't stop Crise from implementing my other requests regarding features from .PDC... ) For me it's really hard to believe that all those good, useful and handy features have vanished from DC community with Phantom and finally Twink closing down their .PDC project almost two years back..
  13. Favorite Users List

    Uff.... This sounds like a lot of work to me. Though I don't know about coding. But IMHO it would sure add a lot of usability to the Favourite Users list which by now I rarely ever use - no real functions there. And since I basically use DC for chatting and the chat feature is what it makes different to other filesharing apps, I think it could be a great enrichment to ApexDC.
  14. Private share and other methods of using minilists

    This should be possible with any older DC client: Open a client, share the folders you want, after hashing and everything it's in somewhere in files.xml.bz2 or MyFiles.DcLst or something like that. Those files can be moved and renamed properly and then be shared and it should be possible to open them with other clients. At least that's the way I did it in my old client from time to time. Though I couldn't find out right now how to do this easily in ApexDC. Maybe I will try again later... Also, you could connect with to clients to a hub, one client sharing the files you wish to catalogue. When you get this clients filelist with the other client, you should have the same. Again, I did not test this on Apex or any other current DC client. Maybe also this does not work anymore. But yes, way more complicated than it would be with your suggestion. ;)
  15. Private share and other methods of using minilists

    I think there are plenty of possibilities outside DC. DC is basically there for chatting and file sharing, so actually it's not in the spirit of DC to share files privately. That's why I think it will rather be hard to find someone implementing this to a DC client. What else you can do is sending it per eMail, for starters. Of course only when it's just few pics or so. Another thing you can do is upload it to some free file host like fileXoom or HostMyFile and supply your friends with the link. This way you only need to upload it once. And for privacy, you could either compress it to an password protected archive or with some hosters you can also password protect the hosted directories. Well, of course this will mean more work for you, but it's not much more than setting up a private hub. And since you can delete the files from the host server after everyone downloaded it, I think also the privacy should be given. Another way would be to open an HTTP file server or FTP server on your machine and supply your pals with the links as well - as long as it's not blocked through a NAT - and even block everyone else via firewall. Or letting them connect via SSH to your machine to download files via SCP (assuming that an sshd server is installed), though setting up access rights for windows users is a little tricky I think and/or you should really trust your friends. (Think about what might happen if someone sends 'shutdown -f -s now' to your machine in an SSH shell or 'format /x c:'? - Yes, it's an urban legend, but it could work...) So, as you see, you have many ways to do that.
  16. Online alert feature

    Oh, well, that's way more than I actually intended to ask for.. It would fulfill an offline PM feature, though, which for sure will be of use, but at least for hub owners, it could also be done by hub bots as in my case by GBot. And again, I wanted it to be a reminder/notifier for me when a user comes online and than I would take actions manually. The offline PM stuff would probably not be so bad either, as long as the "original" watch mode is still available. I think if it was there, I would make use of it once in a while, though. But anyway, I don't think that it needs to have so many options and parameters. IMHO that's only complicating it and I don't know if that is what we want ApexDC to be. And reading this forum it's already very surprising how many hidden and forgotten and undocumented features ApexDC already has to date.... Well, let's hear some other opinions (not only Lain_13, ifmn and me... I'm sure there are some more users in this forum, apart from us and the admins and mods. They just appear to be hiding recently...) EDIT: One more think: I would rather disagree with the "*Haxx?r*" wildcards. Especially for sending an offline PM I prefer that only the user with the exact nickname receives it, including correct prefix aso. But well, I can only use hubs in an internal campus network, so I don't know about nickname excesses in the DC out there. And as for the allowed or forbidden characters for nickname: In the end that depends on the hub software and it's operator. Even many chars that are not allowed in windows filenames can be allowed by the hubsoft. So for logs from a user with such nickname, those chars will be replaced (I hope this also applies to current client versions - couldn't test it right now...)
  17. Smart Hashing

    @1: To my understanding that would not really decrease the work the HDD has to do, only leave it more time to do it. @2: Yes, that would be the only solution, and actually I don't understand either why someone needs to move his files that often. As for me, I try to sort everything when I download the files. So files only have to be moved and rehashed once I change something in my order... BTW: Avoiding unnecessary moving of files was the reason for my feature request concerning direct downloading to target drives and folders...
  18. Smart Hashing

    ...for the sake of the life of our harddisks.. :D
  19. Online alert feature

    So you did... I was not talking about favorite users. Especially as an OP you will not want all several hundreds or thousands of your users to be favorite users. (Otherwise I would doubt your ability to distinguish between real friends and people you talked to once 6 month back... ) And as for my example above, especially the leechers will for sure not belong to my favorite users. No, I was talking about a feature to add an online alert to a certain user defined after e.g. /watch that will be deleted from memory as soon as the user logged in or once you close the client - without any entries to favusers or whatsoever. Oh, one more thing as addition: In .PDC there were altogether 3 commands for this feature: /watch user [online, away, chat] /removewatch user /watchlist where /removewatch was of course used to remove an entry from watch list and /watchlist gave out something like this:
  20. Hot keys manager

    I also think it wouldn't be bad to control certain functions via hotkeys or even global hotkeys, especially things like bandwidth limiter, maybe open or minimize ApexDC, refresh filelist, reconnect to hub, whatever. And I also think if so, hotkeys should be more or less freely definable - as long as 'winamp spam' remains to be considered spam and will not be assignable to a hotkey. :D
  21. Ctrl + F

    Well, applications that intend to be easy to use, with a userfriendly GUI, I believe normally also work with CTRL+F, like the most common browsers and text editors do. For shell based apps I think it's rather pressing '/' button and then typing the search phrase. But as far as I experienced during my excursions to the linux world, programmers can be quite inventive finding new key combinations and hiding simplest features. Though I guess that it sometimes might originate in the native language of the author. I've heard there are languages where the translation for "find" or "search" does not start with "f"... :D
  22. Close button

    Yeah, right, I hate MSN and Windows Messenger everytime I need to use it for not closing when I told it to, but remaining active in the tray... But I do see the reason for such an option - as long as it remains an option. For some users it might indeed be useful. I also like the idea of using minimize [_] for actually minimizing it to the taskbar and close [x] for minimizing or rather sending it to the tray. Well, my 20 cents...
  23. Connection between two passive users?

    Those should be very good and convincing limitations. The more users remain passive, the less active users will have to do the proxy work, wasting their bandwidth, CPU and in some cases maybe even ISP sympathy... But still, I find this a good idea. I would gladly "donate" some of my bandwidth for those who really cannot set to active mode since anyway I'm normally online in hubs 24/7 while actually downloading for only a few minutes a day...
  24. Protocol Obfuscation

    Well, I'm not sure since I can't use DC in the internet but only in our local network. Anyway, isn't the "Send garbage on [incoming|outgoing] connection (to avoid ISP P2P throttling)" option in Settings > Advanced supposed to avoid exactly such ISP sniffing and limiting and therefore already doing the job? Or is that not enough?
  25. window location

    Yap, I'd like that. I'm also a fan of window placement at every startup, especially OP-Chat windows, but also normal PM windows... ^_^