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  1. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    1Dude: See my previous post, that should be all you need to get PG running. I doesn't look like there will ever be a working link again since it has already been built into ApexDC. Just looks like someone forgot to consider fresh installed versions of Apex, so try the workaround. Regards, CB
  2. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    I guess the link will not be fixed: But here is how make it work in a fresh install of ApexDC, anyway: As stated before: Create the file 'guarding.p2p' in your ApexDC's settings folder, e.g. in C:\Programs\ApexDC\Settings\. Then go to your ApexDC settings and there select "Security". Now, on the right side of the Settings window, check the box next to "PeerGuardian" and press the button [View Blocklist]. In the window that popped up, make sure that the box "Current list:" points to the file you just created, in my example "C:\Programs\ApexDC\Settings\guarding.p2p", and in the "Update server:" box should be entered the location of your blocklist, such as "". Klick [OK] to leave the window. Now press the [update Blocklist] button. That might take a while, depending on your internet connection speed, but after the list has been loaded and written to the file you created and pointed to before, you can look at the list any time by clicking on [View Blocklist] again. At last, set up PeerGuardian via the checkboxes at the bottom as to what actions you wish to be monitored by PeerGuardian and click [OK]. If you don't know what the checkboxes mean you might wanna consult this thread. I don't know why that file is not being created automatically when needed - at least it wasn't for me - but maybe that's a bug or a feature yet to be implemented. Good luck, CB
  3. Kole, do you use a VPN client for setting up your internet connection? I've never used it, but as far as I heard from users in our campus network, there are VPN clients available that can define for each application which network connection to use. So with such a VPN client you could tell Apex to always use the 10.200. network. I'm not sure if it was the Cisco VPN client or OpenVPN that had this feature, and neither I know how stable it really is. I hope this helps somehow. --CB
  4. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    I guess I just finally figured out how to activate the PeerGuardian plugin effectively. Though, I don't suppose that the following is not the normal way everybody has to go: Going to ApexDC's settings >> Advanced >> Security, checking the box next to PeerGuardian and then having the status message say "Blocklist running but not active". Pressing [View Blocklist] only brings up a box saying something like "Blocklist is empty or in an unknown format". Of course neither pressing [Reload Blocklist] nor [update Blocklist] is bringing any changes; the file ApexDC\Settings\guardian.p2p pointed to in the [View Blocklist] box simply doesn't exist and neither is being created automatically. Than finally having the great idea of visiting the updater URL pointed to in the same box with a browser, finally finding an obviously working blocklist, saving the file from the browser to ApexDC\Settings\guardian.p2p, pressing the [Reload Blocklist] button and finally having the status message say "Blocklist reloaded, with XXX.XXX IP Ranges". Well, concluding I guess it would have gone faster to simply create an empty file ApexDC\Settings\guardian.p2p and then fill it by pressing [update Blocklist] - assuming one gets such splendid idea. But shouldn't this file better be created automatically when activating the PeerGuardian plugin? Is this just gone lost because all of you already have had the plugin installed the "old way" months ago and therefore everything on your side worked? Or am I just a single weird case? Anyway, Regards, CB
  5. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    Uhm.. you're confusing me. Why obsolete if the PeerGuardian blocklist is still being updated more or less regularly? In order to use it I should need to install and therefore download it according to this guide, right? Or is there something new I haven't found yet? Can you give me a hint? So, if somebody knows something how to nowadays automatically block known "bad and evil" IPs, I'd appreciate any hint as to what to search for. Sorry for not knowing, but I'm rather new again to DC in the internet... Regards, CB
  6. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Hey guys, it's a nice and fancy client you made there, congratulations. Lately I've been searching for and testing new DC clients and was actually waiting for your release of ApexDC. I've compared many clients, so I did with ApexDC 0.1.0. Actually I'm still using Twink's and Phantom's .PhantomDC in it's last version 1.19c, based on BCDC++ 0.306, as are many other users in my LAN hub. As you can see, it's quite an old client and due to recent mobbing of old clients by the DC++ programmers (NMDC-style filelists no longer supported) we are now more ore less forced to upgrade. But most of us aren't willing to change to a client that lacks in many nice and handy features that we have in .PDC. Neither I do intend to ban the new DC++ versions and it's mods just because they don't wanna deal with our old ones. So on my search for a worthy new client I've put together the most important features of .PDC and checked what the newer alternatives can offer. You can see my testing status here. For further explanations of the features please read my post in this forum. So basically we're missing the following features in ApexDC 0.1.0. I don't know how much you care, but it would be nice if they could find their way to ApexDC (and for some of them their way back to the DC community): 1 - Userlist filter that is activated without having to press [ENTER]. Meaning a real-time filter, just the way it was back in PWDC. 2 - Tab completion of nicknames that works with any part of the nick, not only with the first letters or the first ones after a [prefix]; not all hubs use prefixes the [iSP] style. 3 - A refresh filelist button in the toolbar, would be nice and fancy , but not elementary. 4 - An away message that can do both, multiline and random message. If I understand the Expected Features List right, this seems to be planned. (Well, the random was not in .PDC, but still sort of fancy.) 5 - real direct downloading, e.g. with a parameter like %[targetdir] additionally to %[targetdrive]. So it wouldn't be necessary for downloaded files to be moved from temp folder to destination on another drive, what really sucks with a 4.5GB DVD image. Temp files can be recognized easily by their .dctmp suffix. Well, apart from the random away message feature, that's about all the features we're missing to have found our new allround DC client (presupposing ApexDC will not mysteriously lose some of it's features already present. ). For some of those desired features it's actually a real shame that they disappeared from the DC community since they once had existed, many of them in even more clients than only .PDC. With hope for positive response, CrazyBerserk EDIT: Added numbers for better reference
  7. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    Thanks. I already thought I just found another reason to reinstall my system... Does someone know a reliable and authentic alternative download location? Via Google I couldn't really find anything I'd trust.. Regards, CB
  8. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    Uhm.. is it only me or is the link not working? I only get a white page or a download of 0Byte...
  9. ApexDC++ Windows User Guide

    Hi, on the very last page, in the section "13 - How To Install The PeerGuardian Plugin", it might be useful to have the phrase "plugin files" be a link to the actual .rar file or so as it is in the original topic. It just took me some time of searching several topics to find the files needed to install until I found the link in the original topic. Maybe there are more people as blind as me. ;-)
  10. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    I am aware of that. And also of that you are mostly spending your sparetime on this client. What makes me sort of angry is that Crise didn't ever reply to my PMs and questions here about the possible status. As I mentioned several times I didn't wanna ask someone else if Crise had already racked his brain about it. But he chose to ignore my questions completely. By now I have been begging for those features for more than 9 months - being ignored most of the time I think it's only natural to give up any hope. Furthermore, in a couple of weeks I'm going to leave the campus I live on and where I host my hubs and use DC. So whatever features there will or won't come in the future, I will most likely not have any use for them. Given the current legal situation (MPAA, RIAA, lawyer's infiltrations, "Anti-terror laws" circumventing fundamental freedom and privacy a.s.o.) I doubt that I will use DC in the internet. It's most unfortunate; I only hope that maybe some other users may have benefit of my requested features - if they ever find their way back to the DC community. So, back to the point: Farewell, fellaz. And @ifmn: Good luck with your coding. I appreciate you're posting status messages. :(
  11. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Well, this went really, really sad, I guess. Obviously none of you ever used features that useful and therefore learned to appreciate havning things much easier... Wish ya guys good luck and lotta fun with copypasting nicknames throughout your DC windows and having your harddrives mistreated due to moving finished DLs from temp to target drives and I guess you will simply miss some of your friends since you didn't get notified they just came online. Farewell, fellas.
  12. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    In case you have use for it, on the previous page of this thread I've posted a link to the source code of .PhantomDC, which already had it implemented. Maybe you see more than only a confusing bunch of even more confusing code in it.. Good luck with your coding. ;)
  13. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Of course it is. But it's also up to us to tell them that we want those features - as long as there are some people with me asking for them. And as the last months showed, devs rather seem to choose to ignore this thread and PMs concerning this thread. And if nobody supports these requests, they will go on doing that. Hell, I couldn't even get Crise to tell me if it's OK to bother some other DC coder or if he already spent some work on these requests. I just didn't wanna be unfair and ask someone else to do it while Crise might already be working on it. That being said, this it what I'm currently trying to do. Painful regards, CrazyBerserk
  14. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Oh c'mon, no-one with me here? Am I really the only one still missing things like that?
  15. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    As promised, here is the source code again. I hate being annoying, but as long as it might help...
  16. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    I just noticed that I missunderstood you, Greg. :crying: Hell, sometimes I don't know if my English is too bad or I'm just too tired.. Anyway, YES, if it helps I WANNA be a pain in the ass!!! Maybe I'll be lucky with the next non-beta release.. So, here again my feature requests (started new numbering): #R1 - Tab completion of nicknames working in all chat and PM windows belonging to a hub and working with any part of the nickname, not just with the beginning or the first characters behind a [iSP]-prefix -> Thoroughly explained throughout this thread, as number 2 and with a very nice example given by Point_Alpha in the previous post #R2 - Direct downloading to target drive and folder so downloaded files don't have to be (automatically) moved when finished to their selected destination drive/folder ("%[targetdrive]" directive isn't enough since this does only work by drive letter, so it's useless when an NTFS drive is mounted into a folder). This moving of downloaded files (especially to another drive when it's mounted into an NTFS folder) slows down performance considerably and furthermore you can only guess what makes your harddisks go crazy for several minutes when the DVD image just downloaded is being moved by the DC client. Neither the DC client nor any other standard utility does show you what is currently going on. Not to mention what may happen to the file in case the client crashes while moving... -> As well explained throughout this thread, as number 5 #R3 - Online alert function that pops up standard PM window from a user as soon as this users logs into a hub when a certain command was typed in mainchat window. Example: ...entered in MC will result in a PM popup like this from prfx.testuser as soon as he logs in: -> This feature was explained in another feature request thread, but I still want it and can't understand how especially OPs can "live" without... To all the other people reading this: Tell the devs that you want the features as well! A client without just isn't complete! (And, before you further discuss the features please read the according threads first to avoid double statements. Thank you.) Regards, Crazy "PainInTheAss" Berserk EDIT: I hope I don't forget it: I will re-upload the source code of .PhantomDC++ in case it helps. All other links I gave are down by now...
  17. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Two minutes ago there where 944 users. Must be heavy load for the server... EDIT: Oh, yeah, and looking forward to testing the new version - eventhough still missing some important features. Since Crise hasn't been responding to any of my status requests on the features (here and here) I guess they won't come.. ;)
  18. View own posts

    Now with the new version of the forum software I can easily see my most recent posts in my profile. Nice. :P
  19. View own posts

    Hi, I don't know what features does Invision Board offer the admin and its users, but is it possible to enable something like and overview over "All my posts" in "My Controls"? I know such feature from 'vBulletin' and I think also from 'phpBB' forums. In vBulletin it's called "My Subscriptions", where you have a central overview over all your posts and you can easily activate/disable the email notification ("Subscription" in Invision Board) per topic with a checkbox or drop-down menu. In Invision Board's "My Control" it's only possible to view the posts and topics I subscribed to by checking "Subscribe" when typing the message. And to find my own posts I forgot to check the "Subscribe" box, I need to view my own profile to select "View member's posts" from the [Profile Options] box. And then at first I only get all my posts displayed in their entirety, but I cannot see if there have been any replys without opening each of them. I find this option very useful in other forums to easily find replys to posts or threads that are not shown in "View New Posts" anymore...
  20. Code: c0000005 Version: 0.3.0 (2006-11-12) Major: 5 Minor: 1 Build: 2600 SP: 2 Type: 1 Time: 2006-11-23 02:00:56 TTH: HMG7SFF6MHOSHQMZI6IRCYSXTEFITXI4ET5276Y d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\src\lock_free_slist.h(244): _STLP_atomic_freelist::pop d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\stlport\stl\_alloc.h(432): stlp_std::allocator<char>::allocate d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\stlport\stl\_string.c(140): stlp_std::basic_string<char=0x00C69FD8,stlp_std::char_traits<char>=0x00C6A020,stlp_std::allocator<char> >::_M_append d:\cvs\apexdc++\includes\stlport\stlport\stl\_string.c(203): stlp_std::basic_string<char=0x00C69FD8,stlp_std::char_traits<char>=0x00C6A020,stlp_std::allocator<char> >::_M_assign d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(239): BufferedSocket::threadRead d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(528): BufferedSocket::run d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\thread.h(134): Thread::starter f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(348): _callthreadstartex f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(326): _threadstartex Suddenly crashed, no clue why. ApexDC was running for almost exactly 28 hours. I didn't really use it, just installed it over Apex 0.2.2 directory last night. Since then, after browsing the settings for the first 5 minutes or so I minimized it and there it remained in the tray until now. ApexDC was connected to 2 LAN hubs, active mode. I guess no major uploads since I was not yet sharing much with this client version. But can't proof since I didn't log ULs. System is WinXP SP2, Athlon XP 2200+ with 1GB RAM. Didn't do anything extensive on this computer the moment it crashed, CPU load around 10% I guess. If further info is needed, please tell me.
  21. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    I can honestly imagine that, especially since I'm also reading many posts in Feature Requests and Support & Bug Reports section of this forum. I didn't ask for when I will finally have it - I wouldn't dare. I just wanted to have something like a status report to know if I better should bug someone else to get these features. As stated above I'd find it rather unfair to simply ask elsewhere if Crise had already done some work on it, you know? As stated somewhere else: If I did know how to code I would have done it long ago. But considering that when I look at the source of .PDC or ApexDC I wouldn't even know where to search for the right files to manipulate; considering that it would take me months if not years until I might be good enough at C++ to code it in a clean, stable and reliable way; considering that I almost got kicked off my studies because I disgracefully failed in another programming language somehow similar to C++... Well, I hope you see my point. Anyway, I don't wanna push Crise or anyone else here. Just wanna know if it's worth waiting and settling down my search. Though, I'd still like ApexDC to be my final choice for me and my users. I really like this client.
  22. Some requests of a .PDC fan

    Just wanted to remind in these requests and ask again if they might be implemented. Unfortunately, Crise didn't respond to a (private) message I sent him months ago concerning these features. I was thinking about bugging Phrozen! or BM with it so it wouldn't be all loaded on Crise. But I didn't wanna do it in case he already did some work implementing it. But yeah, no reaction there and now with 0.3.0 not having them I'd again like to know the status, particularly of my requests number 2 and 5 cause these are most important to me - this time an open question. More exact explanations on the requests - if necessary - throughout this thread, as well as links to sources of clients that had the features built-in, I think I more or less summarized it in one or two of my last posts. EDIT: P.S.: And yes, I know I can be a pain in the behind. :P
  23. Question for all you fellow Op's out there

    Depends on how your network is built up. If by your hub's address he or your provider can trace you back I guess it would not be enough. So changing the address could be a good idea, so in case he really does it, they at least won't find anything under the address he gave away. Anyway, my suggestion would be something like finding him first. :blushing: I'm sure he would make a whole bunch of campus inhabitants hate him... When I once was in that situation I could was lucky enough solving it by talking to that guy making him clear how many people he would take down - even his own selfish self. In the end he "confessed" that he just wanted to panic us to get back into the hub but didn't really intend to make his threats true. And afterwards he even became sort of a sympathetic and friendly user.
  24. down?

    Hi, especially to those I also know from the YnHub forum. Does somebody accidentally know anything about the YnHub homepage? The website seems to be down since last night or so and trying to connect to sometimes results in a "403 Forbidden" error but most of the times just in a timeout. Did I miss something there? Did they move the page or something? <hopefulmode> (But maybe Todi, Yoshi and/or Nev are just working on the page and might have a little surprise for those of us who have been waiting for so many months now... :whistling:) </hopefulmode>
  25. share per hub, known files tab

    Yap, thanks, that's where I didn't look for it.. ;)