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  1. Support VLC Media player

    Ditto. If i want to control my media player, I'll use my media player. But then, I have a lot of screen space and don't maximise things, so I suppose I'm unusual. What about tray icons? :crying:
  2. Your browser of choice

    OK, so I came late to this...but Flickr? Flickr is not a browser, LEE :lol:
  3. Welcome Back

    Thanks guys. It's been a bit of a rough ride to get here, but hopefully we're set now. Lee's on holiday for a couple of weeks so I don't expect he'll be online, but the rest of the staff will be no doubt. And yes, I know that lots of you won't know who the heck I am, I stay in the background most of the time :)
  4. Released: ApexDC++ 0.4.0 (Preview 4)

    Psh, like I wasn't puzzled also :)
  5. New release?

    Oh, come on! There is no way you can compare a closed-source operating system created by an enormous multi-national corporation with many thousands of employees with a small open-source project with a development team whose numbers can be counted on your fingers.
  6. [Support] SUGESTION 01

    Remove the IP from the favourite and it should use the application-global IP found in the settings.
  7. New release?

    Our development is behind closed doors because we have such a small team. The source code for releases is readily available. And who says anything about 'forcing' them? We need to pay for costs somehow, and if users are prepared to donate in return for access to pre-release builds, why shouldn't we do so?
  8. Login box for main page?

    Surely having the login box when users try to access comments pages is more useful than having it taking up space on the homepage and not being useful there at all?
  9. Promote ApexDC++

    Just to note, the version number is 0.1.0, not 0.1.0 Preview 1. The Preview 1 should be encased in parentheses, if included at all :)
  10. New PM icon

    What about using a more green-y icon for new PM, that way it would stand out against the pretty popular blue themes?
  11. /c command not working

    I personally think a button is wholly unnecessary and would certainly clutter up the 'look' of the client.
  12. New PM icon

    This is true, but I do think we should consider making the 'New PM' icon lighter, perhaps similar to the greeny one used on the site and in the installer? It's not that easy to notice the current one even with a light theme (for example the Windows Classic which I use).
  13. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    Psh! Ain'tcha heard of time zones? ;)
  14. Website updates

    E-mail it to me :)
  15. Website updates

    Erm...well I like the layout (how surprising ) but the top font is too big in comparison IMO, plus it has no shadow on it so it doesn't fit with the othe bit.