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  1. ApexDC 1.6.2 has crashed

    Looking into it some more, it is likely there is an issue with the way openssl is being compiled with 1.6.1 and newer, I will see to it that this is addressed for XP builds with the next version, however, I can't promise it will remedy the issue as I have no access to test on windows XP.
  2. ApexDC 1.6.2 has crashed

    My first instinct, as a workaround, would be to disable the bandwidth limiter if you are using that... as for the crash itself I will have to look into it more.
  3. when logging into adcs hub ...

    Can you tell me which hub software that is... it should be simple to fix, but I have never encountered that before.
  4. ApexDC++ 1.6.2 - NMDC exploit fix

    It isn't really a question of how hard it is, XP support for any application these days is pretty much on life support, it has already required separate binaries to be compiled since forever and it is only a matter of time until that is no longer possible. I'd give you an year tops, maybe two if you are lucky, but Microsoft isn't going to retain XP compatability in MSVC forever, it is just a matter of time until the XP toolchain is either removed or becomes so diverged from the primary compiler that XP support is no longer feasible. The reason why we opted for this approach for now is mainly because the installer kept inflating in size with every release, so for 1.6.2 I did everything I could to cut it down. Ideally we would have a stub installer that would download the right components for your machine that wouldn't even need to be repackaged for different versions necessarily unfortunately, Inno Setup has no feasible support for such installers. Not that it can't be done, but it is basically a duct tape solution and lacking of the necessary security features.
  5. ApexDC++ 1.6.2 - NMDC exploit fix

    With this version the way releases are packaged has also changed, we have started offering two separate installers for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems respectively. The download page will offer one to you based on whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit browser. Additionally, XP compatible binaries have been removed from the installers. In the event that you still need to run ApexDC on XP, or if you are using a very old processor these binaries are now offered, for a time, as a separate slim binary only package over on SourceForge. The future of XP compatible binaries going forward will be determined by metrics on this distribution, as well as eventually by the end of XP support from MSVC.
  6. ApexDC++ 1.6.1 security update

    Right, I vaguely remember a protocol called NMDC being superseded by ADC years ago... while this may seem unprofessional, to tell the truth my DC usage is such that this issue isn't something I would even be on my radar after a two year hiatus (I have neither shared nor searched anything in DC, definitely not in NMDC hubs for way more than two years). Besides the primary responsibility to fix this issue is on hub developers and admins to make sure their hubs are not vulnerable as I understand it. Edit: great minds think alike ;).
  7. IPv6 support?

    It is on a list... that is all I can say, however, I don't have a setup to properly test IPv6 connectivity at the moment
  8. Problems with large file list downloads!!!

    Well that's a first I admit, would be interesting to see a filelist that gets it to do that... if you do come across it, please PM me a copy.
  9. Problems with large file list downloads!!!

    If the client doesn't crash or lock up, then it is just the user being impatient (and for those we have a handy command called "Browse Filelist", you can even make it the default action). On a more serious note, the reason why large filelists can take a long time to open is because recursion is slow... this is true for C and C++ in particular because for each recursive call a new stack frame has to be built. Recursion has its merits but it almost never is fast (in these kind of languages, compiler optimizations aside) when it gets complicated enough, certain types of recursion can even be prohibitively wasteful (such as running identical calculation is multiple branches of the recursion tree, see fibonacci numbers.) The reality of the situation is that any DC++ based DC client is old, to the point where what was considered a big filelist back then didn't create a big noticeable slowdown on client side, whereas what is considered big filelist now is an order of magnitude larger than what the filelist browser was originally built to handle. I also have to note that you can have a filelist in the magnitude of several TB's of shared data that opens just fine, this is the case when you exclusively share very large files, however, if you share that kind data amounts comprised of several thousands of small files then yeah it is going to be slow (especially if you have meticulously organized the files in a folder tree that keeps on growing in depth). Edit: above is written with the assumption that the list is well formed... and to know otherwise I'd have to see the actual list that manifests these issues (preferrably shrunk to be as small of a list as possible).
  10. The way I see this should be done is basically start with an empty csv file and only add the rules you want to it. Trying to tweak the existing database will have a high risk of having some other/later rule overwrite your changes,
  11. Update URL is broken, points to scam site

    Last time we tried to host the update check files on our own server we ended up unintentionally ddos'ing ourselves that outdated version file exists because of a bunch of very old versions that reference it. SourceForge should be fully operational some time in the coming week... according to
  12. Update URL is broken, points to scam site

    DHT retains records of nodes from previous session yes, the web bootstrap is only vital when on a fresh install or when all the nodes from previous session are invalid (say ou don't run apexdc for a week for example and that becomes a likely scenario). I agree that the boostrap could be delayed and then skipped if you already have valid nodes from previous session.
  13. Update URL is broken, points to scam site

    When it comes to DHT bootstrap... that is hosted on StrongDC's SourceForge web space... so we have no real control over it, short of hosting our own copy (which we'd first have to develop since the code for the web bootstrap isn't readily available). Re update check, thanks for spotting that typo... I'll make sure it is fixed as soon as possible. However, SourceForge recently had a catastrophic hardware fault, and basically all services are down since early yesterday evening. We don't know when these services will be restored, but DHT bootstrap should resolve when that happens (hopefully).
  14. Login Error "Expecting XML Declaration"

    I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused, it should be resolved for all versions now.
  15. Exception

    Does this happen every time or just once/randomly?