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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    this is a good one so id like to be the first to say thanks to all of the dev,admin and moderator team as well as Radox for all your hard . good job
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    BUMP - your link is giving a 404 again and im now not sure if the one i posted is correct
  3. Progressing with ApexDC++

    i have a feeling they will still make it before the weekend is up :)
  4. Apex & Windows Vista

    sp1 your confident im going to go for sp4 lol
  5. "The target machine (My) actively refused it."

    i am not to sure what you are asking for. could you please explain exactly what infomation is missing from the guide section
  6. Remember External drives when they're not plugged in

    ok cool thought yo may mean something like that, well it sounds good to me :)
  7. Remember External drives when they're not plugged in

    i dont use external drives but i do use network drives and i gusse that it is simlar. from memory if the drive is not connected it is not included. however if i then connect to the drive -> add it back in my share -> and do /refresh my shares is refreshed almost imediatly. I think that crise has previouls said that the hash is kept so when you /refresh it dosn't need rehash. are you suggesting something different to this. if so i would probably be intrested i constintly loos my net map's
  8. just a few ideas

    good :)
  9. "The target machine (My) actively refused it."

    if this is TGO this is one of those extremly rarae occations when it is down (first time i have ever seen thi). if it is another hub it probably down
  10. apex causing pc to restart

    did they get apex from an official source what hub is this happening in has this been happening since the started using apex get him to run this program and pm the results. DO NOT post in this forum this is not pc support im just fealling nice :)
  11. just a few ideas

    please dont add a web browser. for start you will almost certanly end up using MSIE engine and im not even going to start on that little gripe. Apex is not a web browser! next youll get requests to intergrate a medis player, pdf reader (actukky pdf reader may be good) and all sorts of other crap wich will just blote the client. for christ sake just open up firefox is that really too hard. its early and there the only two points i can think of but just dont do it it would be a sh!t feature.
  12. Password help!

    lol just so other people know. if you loose your faviourte hub password oben the file C:\Program Files\ApexDC++\Settings\Favorites.xml and you should be able to find your missing password :blushing:
  13. Update Ip on reconect

    enter in box 2 no you dont
  14. New release?

    ohh, i would like to say that i used it but as i didn't notice it had dispeared i gusse i cant :blushing:
  15. New release?

    well im going to try and stay out of this one and leave it to BM, Lee and crise. however (he says bringing himself into the conversation damm!) i think this could be a good idea. a changelog of all of the betas so people can at least no whats comming. but at the same time progress could probably be checked at the dev page as Apex is based on SDC. if Apex opened its svn then we would only be able to work on the latest public release of SDC. currently (i think) BM graciously gives the apex dev team access to more recent vertions of the src then the ones which are public. so any case you make will be a case that either you or the apex team would have to make to BM.
  16. Apex themes

    oops here it is balder.dctheme
  17. [Bug] Apex has a Bug

    apex crashed and wrote an exception file. please describe what you where doing at the time of the crash and post the exceptions.txt file (probably in C:\Program Files\ApexDC++\)
  18. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    just wanted to say that the 300 programms above gives. Means that there is a 50% chance of two programms choosing the same port. 700 programms gives you a 99% chance that two will choose the saem port --OFFi have taken this to the lounge OFF--
  19. [Bug] #Number of users missmatch

    oh i see what you mean. freeman dose appear in the userlist. but yes you could be right someone may be counted in the total hub count but not appear in the hublist. i was looking at it from the other way round. what hub soft are you using freeman.
  20. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    well yes i was really bord so here it is as a python script >>> ports = 64512.0 >>> prob = 0.0 >>> progs = 1.0 >>> while prob < 0.5: ... prob = 1.0 - ((1.0 - prob) * (1.0-((progs-1.0)/ports))) ... print "progs ", progs, " prob ", prob ... progs = progs + 1 the answer was a suprisingly low and round number of 300. that is, you would need to have 300 programms choosing random ports before you would have 2 programms that chose the same port. I agree. --OFF in regard to your off topic point. the paradox is a probability paradox. not a statistical groupings one. the paradox is better observed in its application at finding hash collitions known as a birthday attack. however i suspect you where just being facetious so ill let you off --OFF
  21. [Bug] #Number of users missmatch

    i think it is counting one to many not one to few
  22. [Support] SUGESTION 01

    hello Xombie, and welcome. Not sure if i got all of what you were saying but it sounds like you wont different connection settings on the hub level. this seems a little strange. if you can run in active mode you should run in active for all hubs. with that said this guide should be able to help you with you IP address changing all of the time. however it is also worth mentioning that in the next release the ip checker in the connection setings will get your external IP address.
  23. share per hub, known files tab

    yer it would be cool but it might take a lot of resource to do that especially if you have a large filelist.