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  1. Updates

    Good work, now all you need to do is find a way to have the name in both colurs Balder
  2. ApexDC++ OP

    0.666 is the vertion of zK++ not the vestion of dc++ it is/was based on edit: i like the new tester icon
  3. Help with dynamic IP and active mode

    maybe, but i suspect this is the ip address of the router, AFAICS, do you have more then one network card or do you have a software firewall. could you also confirm is you addy, e.g. windows -> run "cmd /k ipconfig". TBH you are probably best trying to get hold of some one in TGO. Could you also say what hubs you are tying to search in. some hubs require you to reg before you can search.
  4. Configuring ApexDC++ 0.3.0

    As Zlobomir said this is probably your problem. you should perhaps ask them about it. did you use [dcurl=dchub://]TechGeeks Online[/dcurl] e.g. TechGeeks Online
  5. well i dont mind doing the testing but it would take ages for me to download this and im not sure uncle bill would be too impressed :)
  6. Configuring ApexDC++ 0.3.0

    1.1 megabits = 140.8 kilobytes this suggests that your download speed is running slow. but this could be caused for many different reasons. first of all please check you broadband connection is running well this should do. if evrything is running fine then it could be because you dont have enough people to download of. how many sources do you have and how many are conected at one time? please give the speed for each user so we can say if it is normal behavious or not. Do you have send garbage on incoming connections selected (in advance settings). your isp may be throteling you. also when you say are you talking about cpu or network connections. with your connection i would say that network connections should be fine. if you are taling cpu or RAM, can you give more info. e.g. what % is being used by apex, how much ram, do any other process look like they are running higher then expected (possibly firewal) ok i think that ill do for now edit: Zlobomir are you gonna beat me too it every time . however i dont think it sounds he is choking connection well not from downloading (TimmBurrWolfe how many upload/download slots do you have set). sounds like the oposite. i.e. they do not get the speed they should. unless i have miss read
  7. Search for similar Files

    there is a setting in downloads -> queue -> "Auromaticly search for alternate TTH sources every" ... minutes. if this is checked your client will automaticly look for more sources every ... minutes and add them for you
  8. my appolagise. however i have never got a usefull exception file. mine always look like the below which are never that useful. Maybe i am missing the correct patch as well Code: c0000005 Version: Note: This report was generated by Alpha version! Major: 5 Minor: 0 Build: 2195 SP: 4 Type: 1 Time: 2006-07-30 13:54:32 TTH: BFFKAKEY5SOIIA7A37B7HFHF6QOWO7X7T4PEYQI
  9. I think Zlobomir ment to upgrade it to XP. However i dont think this is a solution (no offence Zlobomir, i use win 2k ). the best way to get help on this is to do what crise said and try to find ot a way to reproduce this bug. This way crise can recreate the bug using a debug build and get the infomation neccasary to help.
  10. Updates

    I really like your ideas Zlobomir. especially the mouse . how about an animated paperclip for support staff. Animated to say "i see your trying to write a post". Only joking :)
  11. Search for similar Files

    tth is a hash of the file. if every single byte in the file is the same then it can be added as a source. file name is not important. if the file size was the thing that is used (as it use to be) then file corruption can occur. hope that helps
  12. Extra Slot To..

    sounds like this could be a good feature but it needs some thinking about and the control of how it works should be up to the user
  13. Probably it doesn't matter

    lol i was trying to be nice in my "support role". However i have now realized that my original response wasn't constructive enough for the community as a whole lol... therefore ill try again ; you are a completely uneducated twat who has no knowledge about the subject you are discussing and this will be recognized by our users as there is an intelligent conversation occurring on this topic (and i reckon even the pro odc people would say that you where a twat). if you spent ten seconds searching this forum you would have learned this fact for your self. as crise said if you wanna use odc piss of and use it (maybe crise didn't say that exactly ). i would also reccommend trying to find files on Geocities, tripod, or napster as you are obviously a lover of antiquated programs/protocols
  14. Probably it doesn't matter

    there is already an active topice on this. please search the forums so these opinions can be put in the correct place* if you are going to make an outlandish, exaggerated, ridiculous statement please back it up with some statistics *is it possible for a moderator to merge this with Terminating downloads from people using oDC-based clients
  15. Turn on you TAG

    that's a great way to ask for help just in case you didn't get it i was being sarcastic. so i guess you best go do some googling. try reading the following im not insinuating that we're hackers but it is good advice regardless
  16. Linux Project Development

    check your pm :)
  17. Extra Slot To..

    i like this feature. i think, just to clarify. when: user that only needs 1% of file user has already download some of file from you an extra slot is granted so that user can finish that download and no more. if that is the feature i think its a very good one. but it should be optional and i am unsure weather it should be on or off by default. My initial feeling is off but i can see a few arguments for on as well
  18. ifmn can you explain why you have to do this please :blushing:
  19. Feedback

    the new forum looks really nice. the fast reply and quick edit functions are much better. I like the new postion images (eg manager, tester, support) however i think they should be clickable and when you click them you should be taken to the page showing all members of that group. Also i love this little extra "Welcome back; your last visit was: Today, 06:44 PM" if you have a memory like mine it is really helpfull to know how much of a thread you have already read. Oh and the members page and search has had a massive makeover. seems a bit busy but it will grow on me :)
  20. Pdf: Connection Settings

    cheers lee, mabey delete post 3 if possible and this one i guess hell knock you self out and delete yours aswell, actully sod it i think the only one needed is the first one. i think its a good idea to keep the guides topics on topic and only the first one is really needed. if you disagree fair enough but post three should defenetly go i think
  21. Pdf: Connection Settings

    ApexDC++ Connection Settings Explained This guide as been written to explain and try to give instructions on how to configure the various options contained in the connection settings section of ApexDC++. Bind Address. This is an Advance user setting. If you are a beginner you can set this to As said above this is normally set to and most users do not want to change this. However If you have two network interfaces you will need to use this option, Set this to the LAN IP which is connected to the internet. ApexDC++ will then only use that particular network interface for all connections. If binding fails, it will do so silently and INADDR_ANY will be used instead. If you experience connection problems make sure that this is set to default. (default: This feature requires a restart Incoming connection settings Direct Connections This should be used if you computer is connected directly to the Internet. With no firewall. If this is the case you should seriously think about getting a firewall. Sunbelt Kerio personal firewall is a good free software firewalls. Firewall with UPnP (WinXP+ Only) Windows XP is the first Microsoft operating system to support UPnP. This option is therefore disabled for operating systems before this. Universal Plug And Play (UPnP) is a technology to allow, among other things, Internet applications to configure home routers and gateways, bypassing the need to perform manual port forwarding. To take advantage of UPnP, you must have support enabled in Windows and UPnP capable hardware (typically a broadband router using NAT traversal). If you meet both of these requirements you should enable this setting (requires restart). If your UPnP system is setup correctly, ApexDC++ will now automatically create the required port mappings for ApexDC++ to operate in Active Mode. Please see the following page for more information on UPnP and how to enable it Firewall with manual port forwarding. Select this mode if you are behind a firewall/router. You will need to specify the external IP address of your router. Alternatively you could use the Get IP Address button. For ApexDC++ to work properly in this mode, it requires access on TCP and UDP listening ports, as well as outgoing access on all ports for both TCP and UDP. First you need to set up your router to forward ApexDC++ connections to the computer which has ApexDC++ running. This process is normally called Port mapping/redirecting/forwarding or something like that. The following page has examples of how to perform port forwarding with many different routers port forwarding You need to forward two ports, one TCP and one UDP (the TLS port can be ignored), these can be the same port number. Select your Port(s) numbers between 1024 – 6000 (any port is valid. However for performance reasons it is recommended that on windows box this should be between 1000 & 6000) theses should mostly all be free. Make sure both UDP and TCP is being forwarded. To ensure everything is set up correctly please use the check settings button unfortunately this is not always correct. The best way to test is to just do something. To test that UDP is working perform a search (use something common like film), if you receive results udp forwarding is working. if you can download one of the results then tcp forwarding is working, i generally try to get a file list as this is small and normally doesn't need you to queue. For information on the TLS port please see this guide Don't allow hub/UPnP to override. This option dose exactly what it says on the tin. i.e. If enabled ApexDC++ will only use the settings which you have entered. If this is not enabled your UPnP device can/will change these settings dynamically to try and attempt to get the best performance. Update IP on Startup. Again this one is pretty self explanatory. if this is enabled the Get IP Address button is press when apex is started/run Firewall (passive, last resort) Select this mode if none of the previous options apply or work. This mode carries some limitations: • only 5 results per user will be returned in response to searches • you will not be able to download from other passive users For best performance you should try to enable Active mode with one of the methods above. Outgoing connection settings Direct Connection If you are not using a socks 5 proxy or do not know what one is you should choose this setting. SOCKS5 Select this mode if you want to make outbound connections through a SOCKS proxy. The caveats for Firewall (passive) mode also apply here. SOCKS5 proxies are not the same as HTTP proxies. ApexDC++'s SOCKS5 support does not include GSSAPI. Socks IP This is the IP, not host name, of your SOCKS5 server. Port The port that your SOCKS5 server runs on. The default is 1080. Login Login name for the SOCKS5 proxy; may be required. Password Password for the SOCKS5 proxy; may be required. Use SOCKS5 server to resolve host names Enable this to use the SOCKS5 proxy, instead of the local name server, to resolve host names. Related Guides: Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++ ApexDC___Conection_settings.pdf
  22. Web Server Passwords

    it could be changed but it would need a change to the source. e.g. it cant be changed by the user. i also agree that it is not really necessary and would be to much work. however when ADC becomes popular users will already have a self signed certificate so that could be used to do https. but it will be a while and i dont think it should be a priority (personal opinion)
  23. webserver and the notepad

    I think a better more popular feature would be to enable your share to be downloadable through the webserver. It should be off by default and ideally you would be able to have this as a per shared folder option.