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  1. Swedish Forum

    If u want to make a german forum lemme know. i would be happy to help :thumbsup:
  2. What do you download?

    Downloaded music and anime series on DC. And i got my FW there :thumbsup: I uploaded 200 gigs more than i downloaded though.
  3. Which console do you prefer?

    I played Mario World on SN with my buddy a lot. And he had two guns which u could point to the monitor. Since those days i havent played any video game till i got the Wii. Its lots of fun for a reasonable price. The PS3 is way too expansive for a console imo. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I also remember playing SEGA with that blue hedgehog whos name i forgot löl ;)
  4. I just got my new Nokia mobile Phone and im overwhelmed about its potentials. The coolest thing ever would be the possibility to put DC on my phone and connect to a hub where ever i can find W-Lan Hotspots. There is a competition on http://www.forum.nokia.com/ for porting existing apps to mobile. The price is up to 20.000 $. I dont know if you can do it with ApexDC though. If there already is a DC++ version for Symbian devices please let me know.
  5. ApexDC for mobile Devices

    Thnx Liz, mobile DC is not working for me.
  6. PM Request....

    I dont like the idea of getting "Slot begging" or "I'm away" mass PM's. Imagine being in lots of large pub hubs and getting spammed with those.
  7. Unused Hub Disconnect

    Well, this might be depending on how special your interests are ... Also, of course there are files not suitable for public hubs. My main sources for legal rare music files are the large public hubs.
  8. Unused Hub Disconnect

    I just figured, that most big public hubs dont tell you in main chat "You need to be registered to search" any more. Just try the +reg or +regme cmd if you dont get any search results/ or users to download off. Most big public hubs have all the stuff you can find in specialized hubs. Btw the best HUB to find files i've ever seen is One-Love :)
  9. IP auto update

    Yep, thats why we need this Updater. Crise has not said its not going to be implemented, so im still promoting this thingy :)
  10. Setting up the client

    In my opinion the whole connection setup became too difficult. It frightens new users off, some of them leave because they cant make it work. Are there ways to make it easier for the user?
  11. IP auto update

    I think theres a really big point in that All users that have a dynamic ip adress have to run an extra updater. No one else who would like to have that in Apex?
  12. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    Happy easter all Would be cool to find an easter pressie in form of a release when im back from holidays :wacko:
  13. Share skiplist

    Good to know, one more reason to let users change to Apex. :D
  14. Share skiplist

    Would be very useful if .dctmp files could be added as default to the skiplist. Havent seen any hub where those temp files are allowed. It would ease the OP work a lot. :D
  15. Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++

    Well, im happy to have a dynamic IP. Just need that requested IP updater and things couldnt be any better.
  16. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    LMAO I hope there wont be any >final< Apex version soon :)
  17. ApexDC++ OP

    Almost every p2p client got a limiting ability. If ApexDC wouldnt have it, im pretty sure that even more users would decide against the DC network and change to an other p2p. Its the hubowners and their op's that have to make sure that users do not abuse the limiter (by checking the users tag). What i would like to have on the OP client is a button to start/ stop the fake checking. Maybe even for every hub seperatly, because checking large hubs will take time and recources (and some OPs are in a few large hubs). Edit: I think its wise to keep the users client as slim and easy as possible.
  18. kick with raw and connection limit per IP

    Yes, a detection for multiple connections would help against flooders. But as some hubs allow multiple connections, please make it a per hub feature, if you intend to do it. cheers Liz Edit: A detection for multiple connections and the possibilty to set up a "kick raw-cmd" in hub favorites would be awesome :stuart:
  19. Share Hiding

    Yep, running two diff. clients is the only way to be in those special hubs. But thats not desirable for me and thats why a share per hub feature would rock. p.s. if any one knows about a client which already got that, plz pm me :)
  20. Apex DC++ speed mod

    Hi all, users can ban/ block each other from uploading with that modification. Because of that, i do think this client already harms DC. And you're making this client even more popular by giving the link on your Forum. Clients with that kind of features will ruin DC. Regards Teo
  21. Share Hiding

    Would be great to have that feature on ApexDC. As he said, some specialised hubs (anime in my case) demand certain files only in share. I wanted to ask for that feature my self, but forgot about it. The hide share feature is good as it is now in my opinion. Cant wait to see the next public release, i know it will be great :P
  22. IP auto update

    Ok. tyvm for your reply. But still my requested feature would be great. :)
  23. It works fine for me in all YnHub 1.036 hubs on ApexDC 0.4 :stuart: