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  1. Back :)

    We're very glad to have you back. The project is now very close to 2,000,000 downloads, not sure how much of a milestone that will be.
  2. Not allowed client

    Moved to Support.
  3. can seach cant download

    Moved to Support.
  4. Opera 9.5 Beautifully Engineered

    Opera pretty much have most of the functionality that Firebug offers now, through Dragonfly. @Big Muscle, Seeker: Firefox isn't that slow anymore in version 3. Opera is probably still faster, but it's not very noticeably faster. Also, Firefox doesn't use as much RAM anymore, it's probably about the same as Opera for me at the moment, and I have like 15-20 extensions installed.
  5. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    To stop unwanted organisations looking at the files you share I guess. Apparently some people use the DC network to share material that is under copyright.
  6. Opera 9.5 Beautifully Engineered

    This is very annoying/frustrating. It was literally just a week ago that I switched to FF3 as my main browser. All the things, big and small, that were really keeping me in Opera have been resolved. I don't think much of the new default skin, it's fine, I don't wouldn't use it. Opera is still the best out-of-the-box browser though as far as I'm concerned, and I'd definitely recommend that people try it as they may just prefer it to FF. Dragonfly looks pretty nice. I'm seriously torn between which browser to use now.
  7. share too small (and it's not)

    Yeah, you just need to share more. ApexDC++ will show how much you're sharing at the bottom of the window on the status bar. As Lordy stated, they're requiring that you share 10GB, so you need to share that much. The reason it stopped working over night could be due to a number of reasons, for example: The hub increased the amount you need to share. You deleted some of the file/folders you were sharing. The files you were sharing were on an external harddrive, which you've unplugged.
  8. Beginning ApexDC++

    It should be the same, you should just be able to just click connect and put in the hub address. I get the impression that it's a hub within a university, if you were in halls last year but are not this year then it's likely it was just a hub on the internal network of the campus, being you can't access it if you don't live on campus. It's also possible that the hub doesn't exist any more, the person running it last year may have been in their final year and now left? If so the hub is probably gone.
  9. Where is TOOLBAR_POSSIBLE ?

    Moved to Support I'm not too sure what you're asking, but I'm assuming it's to do with editing the source of ApexDC++? (I assume this because you can't otherwise change/define what the toolbar buttons do, to my knowledge.) If so, then I don't know enough to help, hopefully a developer will see this.
  10. Ok, it was just the mention of a 1.0.2 that thought you might want a quick release just to fix this. The next release should be significant enough to be called 1.1. :P
  11. TTH

    PWDC++ is really quite an old client now. ApexDC++ has superseeded PWDC++. Downloading from users that don't support TTH is disabled for a reason and didn't just happen overnight. If you really want to do it though at least use an old version of ApexDC++ rather than PWDC++.
  12. how to get unbanned

    TTH support is in ApexDC++ 1.0.1. They don't seem to say what is wrong with the client, just to fix it. Not really sure what to make of that, it doesn't seem broken to me.
  13. Assuming innocent users are getting kicked, then definitely a plus one on this request. Considering it's not really been brought to our attention before I don't think it's ugent enough to release a new version just for that, it can wait until 1.1 is released.
  14. how to get unbanned

    Moved to Support. There's nothing we can really do though. You need to find some way of contacting a keyholder on the hub, or even the hub owner, to find out why you got banned and if you can be unbanned.
  15. help with zone alarm

    If the problem is ZoneAlarm, I suggest you ask for support from them. ZoneAlarm is known to be problematic with ApexDC++, and is a separate application, so we can't be of much help.
  16. LanParty Hub?

    Toast disapproved of us even mentioning/favouring ynhub, so providing links to it might be a problem for some people. :)
  17. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    Alright, good to know it's stable, I guess.
  18. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    Hopefully those changes will come to Apex soon. :)
  19. Problem With Small File Size

    Yep, I believe so. :P
  20. apex 1.0.1 crash

    Moved your topic to Crashes forum, and updated the description and formatting. I've not suffered from the crash, but hopefully a developer can shine some light on what's causing it.
  21. problems with ratio and crashes on kicks

    The XML file is just a personal record, a bot which looks at the result of /r is pretty pointless because anyone can change that value. It really is a low priority, not worth increasing resource usage just to update this value more often and keep it secure. Maybe if it was that in all other client then we would do it, but there just seems to be no reason for it. I've never seen a bot that records the results for the /r output, I doubt there's many around.
  22. Only share certain folders with certain hubs

    yeah, there's plenty of topics about it here too. It's a feature plenty of people want, but one that won't come anytime soon unfortunately.
  23. Disable Segmented Downloads

    If the client isn't reconnecting then smaller segments won't slow downloads down, there's no need to increase the segment size.
  24. Yeah that setting is kind of hidden. Go into the settings then Advanced --> Experts only --> Change "PM history" to 0. You shouldn't need to restart or anything for it to take affect. Screen included below incase you can't find it. I've moved this to Support, please try to keep questions about the client there. :)