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  1. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in Happy Holidays and 11 million downloads milestone!   
    Just in time for the holidays we have reached 11 million worldwide downloads recorded by SourceForge.
    We have had plenty going on this year including >opening up 2.0 development for Mac OS X and continuing to maintain our 1.x branch. We plan to release 1.5.9 shortly with a new protocol extension to help migrate users from an existing NMDC hub to the ADC protocol. You can already check out the latest >1.5.9 Beta on our forums.
    In the mean time enjoy the snow and have some fun with the family - Happy Holidays! :)
  2. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in Released: Welcome to a Stable 1.4.1!   
    So after some reports of hanging on the 1.4.0 release that was announced earlier last week, we have pushed out a new update to fix these remaining issues. Thanks to all who reported these issues so we could resolve them quickly (especially FlopP, Mek and Old Indain).

    Please check out what new features 1.4 brings by reading our previous announcement.

    Download: ApexDC++ 1.4.1
  3. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in ApexDC++ 1.5.6 has been released   
    We are pleased to announce 1.5.6 to the public, fixing a security vulnerability related to the Magnet URI handler and merging to ADC 1.0.2 protocol. A few other additions include tidying up the plugin menu (it's now located in File > Plugins menu and actually works) and synchronising with DC++'s speed limiter code. We have also updated the OpenSSL library bringing with it a few security fixes aswell.
    Crise has posted some fine words on the recent changes to the Plugin API, so check it out here.
    As you can see there are a few security updates in this release and therefore we are making this a mandatory upgrade. You can check out the full changelog or download it straight away on our website.
  4. handythurry liked a post in a topic by prairi in 2.0 Development: Mac OS X   
    Hello Lee and hello Apex Dc++ Team,
    long time dc++ user, could you please send me an invite for osx version ?
    Does it work with snow leopard ? (10.6.8 actually)
    Thanks !
  5. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in We invite you to test ApexDC++ 1.5.0 Beta   
    We are celebrating our 1,000th commit to our development repository by giving you the chance to test 1.5.0 before it is officially announced. This beta release is designed to show off the latest core changes when merging to the DC++ library. You can read further details on this in the release topic.

    The Beta version is currently available to forum members only. If you don't have an account please register (it's free!) and we'll see you in the members only area.

  6. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Crise in 2.0 Development: Mac OS X   
    ZPK: First of all your link was wrong and second, you can't download those files without a password anyways.
    Also there is a reason why these builds are not generally available. Past experience has shown us that once a build is sent out there it stays out there. Because these versions are early and have a considerable amount of issues, some more severe than others. We would rather not find them hanging out in the open year down the line.
    Another reason is that it is more practical, because our version control is not public currently and we are not prepared to keep a full source archive of every uploaded build (for multitude of reasons server resources being one of them) it is currently more manageable to handle GPL on per request basis (ie. make a source archive available when someone with access to said binary requests it, see the GPL, version 2, FAQ or license text for more details).
    For the record, currently for non-windows systems access is generally given for anyone requesting it... just that it might take some time .
  7. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in Vote for ApexDC on ADCPortal!   
    ADCPortal have started their annual voting of the ADC Client Application 2010. ApexDC++ has been nominated due to adopting the ADC protocol (Advanced Direct Connect) and utilising features such as transfer encryption - providing more security for your DC++ habits.

    Voting is registration only, but it only takes a minute! Use this page to help you out with the registration questions.


    Drop by our forums and let us know you supported us. :)
  8. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in Download the ApexDC Toolbar   
    We are offering you the chance to receive preview versions of 2.0 when you download the ApexDC Toolbar. The toolbar gives the team the opportunity to send messages when we're ready to show off the anticipated cross-platform ApexDC 2.0 version.

    The benefits of the toolbar:

    Receive messages pointing you to our 2.0 beta versions (watch out for these!) Search our website and community forums Launch ApexDC from the toolbar (1.4.0 and above) Stay in the loop with our RSS and Twitter feeds automatically You can uninstall the ApexDC Toolbar at any time By installing the toolbar you help fund our development costs towards 2.0 (programmers aren't cheap ) and accelerate the speed of which we can reach 2.0 final. If you'd prefer to donate instead of installing the toolbar, we have attached the link below:

    (The whole team would like to personally thank past and future donations)

  9. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in ApexDC++ 1.5.8 available   
    We have published a 1.5.8 Beta with the intention of making it final/stable if no show stopping bugs are reported. There's a new feature that shows you the correct percentage of a file an uploader is requesting off you, which helps determine their ETA to finish the download. Previously we displayed the upload chunk size and feel this is a more accurate approach. Please note that this will only take effect between 1.5.8 users and later - so get updating
    Any mandatory updates now use the update check window to notify you and we have done further backend improvements.
    Download: ApexDC++ 1.5.8
  10. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Ginx26 in ApexDC++ 1.5.7 security update   
    I've installed the new update twice and whenever I try clicking on the DC icon on my desktop, it still says update to new version. When i updated the version, it even takes me a page that says I've successfully updated the newest version. Even tried restarting my PC, but the problem persists.
    Please help at the earliest. I'm using Windows 7
  11. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Crise in SourceForge community choice project of the month vote, May 2014   
    Update: The voting period has ended, thank you for everyone who participated.

    We have been, presumably randomly or based on recent activity, selected for the community choice vote for SourceForge May Project of the Month (fairly new thing they have been doing). If you have a SourceForge account look at the projects listed and vote as you will... or don't, it is really up to you. But it would be a shame for us not to say anything at all, considering this isn't likely to happen again any time soon. We have so far been a featured project (a weekly thing, for handful of projects at a time) twice within the last two or three years.

    Direct Connect hasn't been prominently featured in any way in recent memory. It would be nice to make that happen, as well as an achievement for the project of course.
  12. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in Server move is complete   
    We have successfully moved to a new server located in Europe. It provides us with a dedicated 100mbit uplink to the data centre, more powerful processor and better response times. We are using Nginx alongside a few other tools to increase page loading performance and provide better stability under our peak times.

    Please let us know if you have any feedback or issues while browsing the site or forums.
  13. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in 1.5.2 brings requested fixes   
    We are releasing a 1.5.2 maintenance update to fix numerous reports from our Tracker. Some of these include logging format, removing incomplete downloads from queue and some other welcome fixes. An undisclosed security vulnerability relating to the experimental KEYP extension has been fixed; as such, we strongly recommend you to upgrade as soon as possible.

    Our next major update - 2.0 - will see an icon face lift ready for public testing. We shall announce more details when the time comes, but in the meantime enjoy the 1.5.2 update.

    Download: ApexDC++ 1.5.2
  14. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in ApexDC++ 1.5.4   
    We are pleased to announce 1.5.4 to the public. This is a routine maintenance release that includes bug fixes and a few updates. Although there are plugins fixes, you don't need to update them directly (the previous version for 1.5.3 will work).

    You should be notified of the update in your client within the next few days or you can download it straight away from the link below.

    Download: ApexDC++ 1.5.4
  15. handythurry liked a post in a topic by Lee in Server migration in progress [Finished]   
    At peak times, apexdc.net can receive over 30,000 visitors a day and 12 requests per second.

    This is why we're always monitoring and looking for ways to improve our server performance. Today the site will be moved to our newly built web server running the latest technology ready to handle future releases.

    We have temporarily disabled any auto updates while the process is completed and I will add an update to this post as soon as my DNS updates on the new server.

    Update: If you see this message you're on our new server (details inside).