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  1. fakeshare cheat messages

    I don't think you understood correctly. The problem for me was that the message WAS NOT shown.
  2. fakeshare cheat messages

    I don't really understand what you mean, but here's my profiles.xml:
  3. fakeshare cheat messages

    Normally the fakeshare detector displays the cheat message. Today, though, I had a fakeshare RAW kicking in without such a message. Thus, I can't tell the user what exactly is the problem. Please check if all RAW triggers also result in a cheat message. PS: The victim of the RAW was an operator.
  4. I'm thinking of a new tab which only lists filelist transfers. F.e. with the downloads to the left and the uploads to the right. Or top/bottom. Or whatever. I really get confused by all the filelist transfers. Turning off the display of filelist transfers is not an option for me, though.
  5. New RAW

    Would you add a RAW command for the 'Remote client does not fully support TTH - cannot download'-error? This would give OPs the ability to handle the well-known problem.
  6. Open command when browsing own file list

    I fully agree with the presented ideas. I have seen this in other programs, and it is certainly possible. The context menu should appear in all places where a physically present file is displayed, f.e. finished uploads/downloads, transfer window (for uploads and for downloads when the download is finished) etc. Wouldn't this be quite an unique feature?
  7. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    Or: Right-click on the guy with the sunglasses and select "Disabled". Better solution IMHO.
  8. [Bug/Support] Clients list; raw commands

    Make the command <%[myNI]> !drop %[userNI] Incompatible client detected.| Still, fake detector does nothing. Is there a way to test a raw command?
  9. Hei, I want to configure ApexDC++ to automatically drop all those users whose filelist I can't download. The command I want to use is: !drop <nick> <reason> My Raw 1 command for the hub I'm in looks like this: <%[myNI]> !drop %[nick] Incompatible client detected.| Settings->Fake detector->Filelist unavailable->Raw commands is set to "Raw 1" Result: I see the status message ("Remote client does not fully support TTH - cannot download"), but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  10. LUA help

    Wrong forums, try :blink:
  11. Total Download Time

    I've seen a "total time left" column for one folder though, would be a good compromise imo. I think it was in fulDC.
  12. I. /clearall & /ca : clear all main chat windows II. When I'm in 4 hubs with lots of main chat, it slows down the program noticeably. Maybe there can be done a little tweaking? For example, an user settable scroll buffer size would be very helpful already. :)
  13. [support] umlauts

    Thanks, that helps. Weird to call umlauts "czech diacretic marks", though! Well, maybe BigMuscle reads this.
  14. [support] umlauts

    hei, why are ä ö ü etc. changed to a o u etc.? that's really annoying for me :)
  15. [bug] MyInfoString

    Sorry...totally forgot that I added localhost to favourite hubs! Nevermind then.