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  1. I'm thinking of a new tab which only lists filelist transfers. F.e. with the downloads to the left and the uploads to the right. Or top/bottom. Or whatever. I really get confused by all the filelist transfers. Turning off the display of filelist transfers is not an option for me, though.
  2. fakeshare cheat messages

    I don't think you understood correctly. The problem for me was that the message WAS NOT shown.
  3. fakeshare cheat messages

    Normally the fakeshare detector displays the cheat message. Today, though, I had a fakeshare RAW kicking in without such a message. Thus, I can't tell the user what exactly is the problem. Please check if all RAW triggers also result in a cheat message. PS: The victim of the RAW was an operator.
  4. fakeshare cheat messages

    I don't really understand what you mean, but here's my profiles.xml:
  5. New RAW

    Would you add a RAW command for the 'Remote client does not fully support TTH - cannot download'-error? This would give OPs the ability to handle the well-known problem.
  6. Open command when browsing own file list

    I fully agree with the presented ideas. I have seen this in other programs, and it is certainly possible. The context menu should appear in all places where a physically present file is displayed, f.e. finished uploads/downloads, transfer window (for uploads and for downloads when the download is finished) etc. Wouldn't this be quite an unique feature?
  7. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    Or: Right-click on the guy with the sunglasses and select "Disabled". Better solution IMHO.
  8. [Bug/Support] Clients list; raw commands

    Make the command <%[myNI]> !drop %[userNI] Incompatible client detected.| Still, fake detector does nothing. Is there a way to test a raw command?
  9. Hei, I want to configure ApexDC++ to automatically drop all those users whose filelist I can't download. The command I want to use is: !drop <nick> <reason> My Raw 1 command for the hub I'm in looks like this: <%[myNI]> !drop %[nick] Incompatible client detected.| Settings->Fake detector->Filelist unavailable->Raw commands is set to "Raw 1" Result: I see the status message ("Remote client does not fully support TTH - cannot download"), but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  10. LUA help

    Wrong forums, try :blink:
  11. Total Download Time

    I've seen a "total time left" column for one folder though, would be a good compromise imo. I think it was in fulDC.
  12. I. /clearall & /ca : clear all main chat windows II. When I'm in 4 hubs with lots of main chat, it slows down the program noticeably. Maybe there can be done a little tweaking? For example, an user settable scroll buffer size would be very helpful already. :)
  13. [support] umlauts

    hei, why are ä ö ü etc. changed to a o u etc.? that's really annoying for me :)
  14. [support] umlauts

    Thanks, that helps. Weird to call umlauts "czech diacretic marks", though! Well, maybe BigMuscle reads this.
  15. [bug] MyInfoString

    Sorry...totally forgot that I added localhost to favourite hubs! Nevermind then.
  16. [bug] MyInfoString

    This is a minor bug, but it should be fixed nonetheless, right? Problem is: The string Apex DC++ sends to hub sofware differs, depending on how I connect. More info in this thread.
  17. two awesome requests

    I. Option to overwrite the global email address with a local one set in favourite hub settings. II. In order not to clog the settings with useful but advanced settings, implement a "settings for advanced users" option (Azureus comes to mind).
  18. TV shows series downloaded by name

    I think the request is very reasonable, not only for tv shows but for all downloads which are split in files and numbered (music comes to mind). What exactly is difficult about implementing it?
  19. [Support] Filelist transfer display

    Maybe I'm blind, but I can't find a checkbox to show filelist transfers in the finished downloads and uploads windows. If it's there, where is it?
  20. [Support] Filelist transfer display

    Thank you! It's not really the right place for the option, though.