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  1. [1.3.1] Crash when using /ratio command

    Cant you make an exception? =)
  2. Usercommands

    There seems to be a problem with adding usercommands , the command is added , but without a name , so it doesnt show up in the menus. running 1.3.0 x64
  3. ApexDC++ OP

    I miss the old Speed tab in the userlist. was very useful for detecting 50b/s limiters and such horrible people.
  4. 100Mb/s is max download/upload speed :(

    Another factor to keep in mind here, is that usualy you might not have only 1 download going on, but maybe 3 downloads and 3 uploads which will have to share the HD's bandwidth.
  5. Does'nt send chat to ADC hubs

    well , this bug has been persistent since the first b5 came out , and is still there. I might add here that I managed to kindah fix it. first I made a completely clean install of it and it worked. then I copied files over to the clean install until it stopped working. The problem seems to be located somewhere in the settings .xml file. So i started removing chunks of settings until it worked again. As i recall, it started working after removing all the font settings and some other stuff near it , then when i started placing settings back into the file it froze on startup , and somewhere along the line there it started working again. To make a totaly wild guess at whats causing the bug, I'd say It didnt like my old font settings, because ADC uses unicode, so it just goes for a beer and sandwich while i was typing.
  6. Does'nt send chat to ADC hubs

    b5, Doesn't send any chat messages to ADC hubs. (and its been like this since alpha went public, bug reported twice) Checking with the CDM , it realy doesnt send anything ,, at all to ADC hubs. old hubs works just fine.
  7. Does'nt send chat to ADC hubs

    Works fine with DC++ 0.704 and StrongDC 2.12 mind , this bug only affects me with the b5 version, the b4 version worked fine.
  8. Multiple file lists

    or stupid lossless hubs that kicks for mp3. People are already using clients to share the bare minimum with tags that looks like 134/0/0 S:3 I don't see any reason why this feature would be classifyed as cheating.
  9. Does'nt send chat to ADC hubs

    first 2 lines? ,, where did you get that from? (talk about deluded), I never said it works for 2 lines. It does not work at all. And pardon me for being sarcastic, but this is only the 3rd time I've reported this bug. and only the first time someone even showed any interest in in the bug. and with that amazing bug testing "It works for me.",,, Well , Anyhow. as I've said earlier (either in this post or in the other 2 bug reports),, Chatting does not work at all, in any adc hubs at all. Checking the CDM Debug, the client is not sending anything at all. (while nmdc hubs works fine) It haven't worked at all since the b4 client. (b4 and 0.4.0 works fine) And that is ALL I can tell you. Now, If there is any more info I could supply, or test that I can do, that might help you track down the bug, then please tell.
  10. Does'nt send chat to ADC hubs

    Well done. that's the most elaborate bug testing I have ever seen. I guess the bug is fixed now.
  11. Does'nt send chat to ADC hubs

    well , I just installed the latest DSHUB which supports adc1.0 , tested on all 3 hubs im hosting adc://audiophile.no-ip.org:48000 adc://akibamarket.no-ip.org:777 adc://yakuza.otaku-anime.net:555 Also tested a DCWatch hub adc://adcpirre.no-ip.info:443 And an ADCH++ hub adc://elite.4242.hu:2424 In fact , I can't find it working on any adc hubs at all. nmdc hubs works just fine though.
  12. Does'nt send chat to ADC hubs

    As far as I could tell , It logs on ok. but after that the client doesn't send anything to the hub at all. (atleast nothing that shows up in the CDM Debug) it was the same with the 2 previous betas. The b4 version worked fine for me , until it got disabled. I'm on 0.4.0 now , so I can't do anymore tests. Could you be more specific?
  13. hmm finns det nån ny host för klient listan?
  14. adls variable in raw command

    ok , here's an interesting problem. (searching didnt help) I'm opping an lossless audio hub, where users are blocked by default until they are checked. I'm using adls search to sort specific file types and show the size. so for example , I open their filelist and see <<<lossless>>> 5gib then i use this command to update their share, which will allow them to download and stuff. !top mod %[nick] gibs (for example !top mod eric 5) Now , what I would like to do is to automate this , by picking the sharesize variable from adls search <<<lossless>>> and place it in the raw command that way users could be automaticaly checked and updated when they connect to the hub. help? please?
  15. Apex DC++ speed mod

    I once got banned for using a hacked cheating client on a hub,, I was using apex. clearly an Op who did'nt know what he was doing. but.. mods like this one will make occurances such as that more frequent. because some Ops cant tell the difference between a modded version and an ok version. thank you for listening , I would also like to thank my mom who made this post possible, my friends and my Isp , who whichout I would'nt be able to be here today. I'd also like to thank all you out there who are reading this. Thank you thank you.