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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4

    :angry: Thank you ;)
  2. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    Today is 1 april - Very nice...
  3. Status progress

    Why the users would see the progressbar going backwards, only forward The status maybe freeze :thumbsup:
  4. Status progress

    Hi all! I have some idea... Make the status progrees line (on how many % an update version is ready) on Exemple: ApexDC++ 0.5.0 ready on (--------------|-----) 75% :blink:
  5. ApexDC++ OP

    zK++ 0.666 _
  6. My Ideas

    Make unlike on all of other. Unlike not on one p2p client. :)
  7. My Ideas

    Hi all! 1. Add the JetAudio panel that it is possible it was to show in a chat that you listen (similarly as well as in Winamp) 2. change an interface :blushing: 3. add possibility of addition of all files from magnet references. Needs for that portal 4. Timer notify 5. Extra slot for favorite files
  8. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    Where update? :P
  9. Apex themes

    It is my theme Phenom.dctheme Phenom.dctheme
  10. ApexDC++ Translations

    Thanks meta!!! Russian Translation for ApexDC++ ver. 0.3.0 Russian.xml