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  1. Owner internal ip

    I think you are posting to incorrect forum. This forum is about ApexDC++, a client, not Lua DCH. Generally, you, as an owner, connect to the hub server's LAN address if it is on the same LAN as your client PC, or localhost if it is on the same PC. And in your client, you should set Active or Passive connection as usual. If you use one of the "firewall" (manual port forwarding etc.), fill your external IP, not the internal one.
  2. This looks like an error while saving the hash database (not error sharing files) so possibly the files will be hashed again and again after you restart Apex. I would say, try to run Apex as administrator, and second, you can try checking your fillesystem (use the chkdsk utility).
  3. Help Please

    Just copy the whole ApexDC++ folder from AppData over to the new PC to same path and Apex should pick up the settings when it starts.
  4. Help Please

    Sure, it depends on whether you used the installer or slim package. For installer, all settings can be found in the folder C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\ApexDC++ and for the slim package, you can copy the whole folder of ApexDC++ and it will preserve its settings.
  5. Duplicate hubs in "Recent hubs" list

    Unfortunately, there is no way for Apex to know that hubs with different address are in fact the same hub. Of course, any edits to your Recents xml should be preserved.
  6. Windows Defender found threat

    ApexDC++ is safe (virustotal analysis). The file may have been infected somewhere else, maybe on your own PC...?
  7. Did Team Elite win?

    Hi, what should we do and why should we be against them? At least somebody keeps the DC network alive.
  8. i cant connect any hubs why

    This is only error from update check (perhaps issues with connection to update server). What error do you get while trying to connect to a hub?
  9. Built in Anti-SPAM

    IP is empty because hub does not send it. The vast majority of hubs does that to conserve bandwidth. You can find out the IP only if you connect to the user (e.g. by downloading filelist), but most probably you won't be able to connect to that user either because those are often bots programmed solely for spamming and not supporting P2P connections. You cannot block PMs, but you can have them open in a non-focused window by default so a PM does not popup while you are in the middle of doing other stuff. You can also put a user to ignored users, but that is useless if his nick is changing. Sadly, that are all your options.
  10. All solutions you suggest, would be considered as making "roadblocks" for other users to get your files, and may be considered cheating in many hubs. IP database also might be inaccurate, as sometimes ranges of IPs change their assigned country. And perhaps the user only connects from Turkey, but is actually of a different nation. Let him choose what he downloads and if he has use for it. If you think the file would be of no use to him, you can still contact him via PM with explanation.
  11. multiple hdd to speed up download

    Incomplete files are downloaded to the folder you set in settings, and there is only one folder. If there were multiple, how would Apex know which one it should use and when...?
  12. Built in Anti-SPAM

    Hello, it is a nice idea that would be welcome by others too I am sure. Anyway, if you get spammed, maybe you could contact hub owners/operators to deal with the spam by banning the IPs and users?
  13. Configuring ApexDC++ with ExpressVPN

    Well I don't know ExpressVPN, but I use OpenVPN with a private VPN. OpenVPN tends to amend your routing table when it connects so that certain (or all) traffic flows through it. You can check your routing table using command "route print" in windows command line. Also, have you tried to set Apex into passive mode?
  14. need ApexDC + Torrent client

    Well, I'm not so sure. I prefer using each program to what it is intended to, e.g. ApexDC++ for DC network, and a torrent client for torrents.
  15. windows 10 and apex upgrade etc

    What didn't work with your upgrade to version 1.6.4? I have the same one and it works under my windows 10. If you are kicked from the hub - if it's really a kick (not a disconnection), you should at least get a message with a reason for the kick. We don't know why you get kicked unless you post the message. Anyway, if the OP told you to downgrade your client, he should be able to explain exactly why you should do that. Newer versions of Apex are better for your security and security of others.