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  1. windows 10 and apex upgrade etc

    What didn't work with your upgrade to version 1.6.4? I have the same one and it works under my windows 10. If you are kicked from the hub - if it's really a kick (not a disconnection), you should at least get a message with a reason for the kick. We don't know why you get kicked unless you post the message. Anyway, if the OP told you to downgrade your client, he should be able to explain exactly why you should do that. Newer versions of Apex are better for your security and security of others.
  2. You can insert xml client ApexDc++

    ehm, I am not sure what was your question, can you please reformulate it?
  3. Highlighting already shared files is already implemented but I don't think unshared or deleted files can be currently highlighted.
  4. No, that is an internal LAN address.
  5. SetupDateien Sichern

    Ja, natürlich. Wenn Du die setup-version (=nicht Portable version) benützt, alle Datei sind unter "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\ApexDC++" gespeichert (oder vielleicht "C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\ApexDC++" - ich weiss nicht genau). Für die Portable-version, dieselbe sind unter Settings Folder.
  6. Skus firewall uplne vypnut, ak ani to nepomoze, nieco ti to stale blokuje. Niektore softvery vytvaraju virtualne sietove adaptery, ktore sposobuju problemy (Virtualbox...). Inac treba mat verejnu IP adresu alebo nasmerovane porty z routera na PC. Ci to mas spravne nastavene, mozes skontrolovat na Ak nemas taku moznost, alebo sa ti to nijako nedari rozchodit, nastav si v apexe tzv. pasivny rezim a potom by to malo ist.
  7. is ther anyone who can help me

    No if you don't describe what you need help with.
  8. Can't install version 1.6.2 on Win XP

    Download the Slim package and use appropriate XP exe files from it.
  9. need help how setup hub and allow my friends to connect me

  10. Problems with large file list downloads!!!

    Well, it's not about impatience, in fact, the filelist opens, in status bar it says "please wait, opening filelist" or something similar (cannot remember) and then the filelist tab just closes itself. I will try to remember posting such filelist here if I encounter it again.
  11. Problems with large file list downloads!!!

    Yes, I have the same problem. Probably it's a bug in ApexDC.
  12. Need help upgrading

    Back up your apexdc++ Settings folder or folder of apexdc++ from Documents and Settings (depends where you chose to store your settings). You should be able to verify it by opening file Favorites.xml where your favorite hubs with logins/passwords are stored. Then you can upgrade and after the upgrade, replace the files with the files you stored in backup.
  13. Zmena nicku a preinstalovanie by nemalo mat vplyv. Skor to nieco stale blokuje. Vyskusal si rozne huby? Niektore nedovoluju vyhladavanie neregistrovanym uzivatelom. Ak to nefunguje na ziadnom hube (skus hladat trebars setup.exe, ktory by to malo vzdy u niekoho najst), blokuje ti to nieco v PC alebo na sieti. Skontroluj si este a pre istotu vypni firewally a antiviry, aj ak su na sieti (napr. na routeri). Posledna moznost je, ze to blokuje tvoj poskytovatel internetu. Tam, ak mas notebook, by som skusil pripojit sa niekde u kamarata alebo na nejaku free wifi, o ktorej vies, ze tam DC funguje.
  14. Guidance regarding hosting dc for first time

    1. ApexDC++ should work with any hub using NMDC or ADC protocol. It's great for Windows, not publicly available for Linux yet. In Linux, I would recommend EiskaltDC++. 2. If the IP address of the PC is statically assigned dynamic IP (like you said, you are using DHCP but the IP address it assigns will be always the same), then there should not be a problem. How users connect depends on their location. If they are on the same LAN as the hub, they will use LAN IP with port 5555. If the users are outside your network (like on internet) they will use your public IP address and port 5555. For the latter case, you need to forward that port to the PC running the hub. The process of doing that is similar to how active mode is set in DC clients. Also you would need a static IP address on the hub PC or have it assigned via DHCP (like you already have) but always the same otherwise your port forwarding will most likely break after some time. 3. Never heard of opendchub but google yielded some results such as this telnet interface. On the web page of opendchub they say it supports administration via chat in DC but couldn't find a list of commands either.
  15. Home Net HUB Issue - Apex DC++

    It's because you are using a router and probably are set in active mode in ApexDC++. You can try setting passive mode and that should work but it is suboptimal as you can download/search among fewer users. I would recommend active mode and for more understanding you can use our guide (which is a bit older but should still apply).