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  1. ApexDC++ 2.0 vision

    Good ideea, as you lost so much time and energy developing an tremendous program which is both free and so useful for many people. In fact, I wonder how you did not think of this long time ago. You should not only cover the site & project cost, but also gain some money for yourselves. Not doing so means you are either rich or stupid. Life is hard. Not taking this into account is just stupid. Good luck!
  2. ApexDC++ OP

    Thank you for your feedback. Perhaps they will delete that section or put there op additions like some "official" lua scripts for apex etc.
  3. DHT/UDP

    IMHO: some way of clearly showing search results from DHT "virtual hub", something simple and easy to see, like a special color for those search results, or some statistics... so that we can easily see that is working (or not) and how efficient it is... I even propose this (cool thing): add a "DHT/Virtual Hub" to favorites... when I join that hub I can see (in userlist) all "DHT users"... the chat is of course disabled but MOTD can have usefull informations about DHT and I can use !info for some statistics etc... wow... Of course, I will use DHT regardless of "joining" or not that hub. That hub will be only for feedback.
  4. ApexDC++ OP

    This thread is almost 2 years old. Apex is already an op-client.
  5. Well, NMDC is dying, at least in theory, but ADC is just opening it's eyes... I think many things can be achived in the future. All we need is good intentions, some motivation and yes, a hubsoft... :)
  6. I thnik that notepad.txt is not saved when upgrading.
  7. Sharing different folders on different hubs implies that you don't have a fixed sharesize for all hubs, and they are not willing to implement this. One of the reasons is that NMDC protocol is not well-suited for this. Another reason is they fear users will start to share only the minimum amount required for each hub. However, I myself think that if such a situation wil occur then hub owners will start to raise their min_share and hubs will begin to sort based on quality. Today we have a terrible mixture, good hubs, bad hubs, they all have almost the same share requirements. For example, if a hub owner set min_share to 1 Gb and they all start to share only 1 Gb there, that hub will start to fade because nobody will want to join that hub anymore (the total share is very small). So, the owner of that hub will be somehow forced to raise min_share. And also people will understand that they have to share. Today it is a mess, noone knows what min_share actually is... Yes, I would like this to...
  8. Passive-to-Passive

    Thank you. Very useful informations.
  9. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    Tnak you. And for the 1.3.1 version too. BigMuscle: It is possible for me to have more then one IP on different hubs in the same time ? If not, then I think it is enough a single hub that sends my IP to my client and you can use that IP for all the hubs that I join... isn't it ?
  10. Passive-to-Passive

    Yes, but can you be more specific ? How exactly does it work ? It is a very interesting and powerfull option. Today almost 2/3 of users are passive. I think this feature deserve more credit and some explanations so hub owners can understand it. Thank you.
  11. UserList Color

    I never fully understood all these colors involving users. Some overlap others, for example I set passive users to gray and users with fireball to blue, and a passive user with fireball will no longer be gray, even if it is passive... somehow murky. I would like something like this: [x] OPs: [green] <-- i have enabled this [x] Active users: [white] [x] Passive users: [gray] [ ] users with fireball: [blue] <-- i can disable this color [ ] users with server: [cyan] ........... And there will be only 3 colors activated in this scenario: green, white and gray. And i will see very clear active <-> passive users. Can this be done ? Please.. Thank you.
  12. Groups in Favorite

    I have XP.
  13. Unable to open own file list

    You know better. But maybe you have misjudged or misinterpreted me. Your work is highly appreciated but I consider you open people. I speak frankly to you. Never the less, the point remains. And the point (and my ideea) was: Why not release a 1.3.0 but NOT FORCE update, then wait a little bit, if it is stable, ok, if not, correct it, then RELEASE ANYWAY an (eventually better) 1.3.1 and THEN force update to it ? We ran 1.2 for such a long time... is such a disaster running it a bit more ? It is expected that every version will have bugs. But you should agree, I think, that sometimes, especially when adding NEW features to the program, some NEW bugs may be introduced, and the stability or overall look of the program may be compromised more severe then usually. But if I am wrong or I have upset you, then I am sorry and please accept my apologies. I never intended to say that your work is futile or not observed.
  14. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    When guys will you start to be honest about your reasons for adding/removing something ? You tell us: because of this. Then we jump in and reply... and then you say: Well, you see, it is not purely because of this... )) I have DHT on and it is working fine for me, at least I think so, since I didn't downloaded much these days. Question: if i change my IP (without restarting the PC) and then restart Apex, will my IP update instantly ? If yes, then it is ok for me. If no, hmm... ugly :D
  15. More info in Search spy

    I agree with BM about search spy. But about CDM Debug Messages: A filter for the text that is displayed or the DC commands shown, and a log. It will be much easy to spot CTM flood (fake CTM messages) emerging from hub X. A MUST.