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  1. "The target machine (My) actively refused it."

    If You want to stop downloading a file You must remove it from the 'Download Queue".To do that just click at the "Download Queue" icon in the toolbar (hold your mouse over each icon to see what's it about), then select the file(or the folder) You dont want to download , right click at it and select "Remove".
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    Congrats and as I said - THANK YOU!
  3. Users IP adresses

    I think I found a way . Just make sure Apex cant write anything into the "<ApexDir>/Settings/Filelists" dir.You can encrypt it and that way apex will give u error when trying to open the file list("Could not open target:Access is denied").But that way u must decrypt the folder everytime u wanna really open a filelist(or have 2 instances of apex). Hope I helped.... EDIT:I though that 'check user on join' was a fuction which downloads every new user's filelist so it can check it for fakeshare(or if he doesnt disconnect me).Sorry for that.But you can still download every user's filelist manually .
  4. "The target machine (My) actively refused it."

    I think he wants Apex to have a configuration wizard that will ask you for each(or most of the settings) and it will explain it to you.Maybe one weekend (when im free) ill make a complete direct connect guide.
  5. I know that this is probably useless,but anyway - i had the same crash when someone tryed to donload my filelist / anything from me / with the latest zion (2.00 - Blue)(I wanted to test it ).
  6. "The target machine (My) actively refused it."

    Yes, some hubs have problems with the new conn. type (like my local hub).I think it will be good if for default its 'old connection type' , dont you think?
  7. [Crash][0.2.2] Crash Report

    Im sure that atleast one of the devs looked at your crash report.And right now they are bussy with the 0.3.0 release.
  8. Progressing with ApexDC++

    Congrats and thank You for the wonderful client.Keep up the good work.
  9. [Support] Both slots taken by same user

    I personally know about this 'bug' and i find it quite useful - you can multiply your DL/UL speed several times. BTW Crise is this what u are lookin 4 : And it can be 'fixed' - add a function PG to allow only one connection per IP.
  10. Timeouts on some connections

    Cant u do that with 2 lan cards ?
  11. Yes, i know that , my point is that u can write something like "<-- My Upload Speed Limit in KB/s" in your description and the whole description will look like this : "[L:2000KB]<-- My upload speed limit in KB/s"
  12. Settings / General / Description customization / Show limiter.And tag shouldnt be large - ppl will think that its some fake client.
  13. Show usernames and IPs in searchspy

    You dont answered or dont dislike spying ?And if u did like 'spying' - it'd have be implemented.So its kinda logical that you(or most of the devs) dont like it. So, BBnet3000 let me tell how search spy actually works.First you must know how search works - your client sends rq(rq == request) to all of the users (the client know theit IPs from the hub)(Or it was the hub who makes the search ? I dont remeber.So if im wrong please corret me ) and if the users have a file fitting the description they "answer you" and you get a new line in your search results.Search spy actually remembers and counts these rq-s .So any client (if configured) can show you the IPs and if already has associated an IP with a current user - to show you the user's name directly.
  14. Show usernames and IPs in searchspy

    Lee already answered your question - he doenst like spying on ppl.
  15. Show usernames and IPs in searchspy

    It'll fix this only if the searching user is with apex and has enabled that 'feature'.What about all other users ?
  16. Apex sounds

    Sounds will increase Apex install size.Maybe making several editions of Apex: 'Normal' edition - only one theme , no sounds and 'Extended' edition - several themes , many emo-s , sounds and PG.
  17. Right click and "close connection" and its gone.BTW it will disappear after some time by itself.
  18. 7,000 posts

    2001 members .
  19. Link: Tuxie Toolbar for ApexDC

    It looks cool, i guess it consumed alot of work.But it's very hard to distinguish each button.Congrats.Между другото, правиш ли юсърбар-и ?
  20. Favorite Users List

    Yes, i think so , cuz there are other ways of file transfer.And they wont exclude favs.xml and even if the other person doesnt know about opening the favs.xml with notepad asterisks can be decrypted very easy.
  21. Apex User Bar

    I like UBs so i decided to make one for apex dc++.I know its not near perfection, anyway if u like it u can use it. It looks like this: To use it in forums just paste this [URL=][img=][/URL] If the above doesnt work try with this : [][img=][/url] For web sites: <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="" /></a>
  22. [support] umlauts

    It was unchecked (it was never checked in first place).Now i tested it again.It didnt work (in MC and with a friend with PWDC)
  23. [support] umlauts

    I was gonna say that too, but i made a test with my Apex : "Remove diacritic marks...." was unchecked.I typed "ä ö ü" in the MC - they appeared as "a o u".I sent a PM to a friend asking him to copy it and send it back to me (he's with Apex too) and they appeared as "a o u" again.Maybe it's hub related ?
  24. Favorite Users List

    WTF ?!? The dumbest rule I've ever heard about. PS:How can they know are they in your favs?You cant share you favs.xml in dc. ( Well as an evil genius i made a plan to download every favorites.xml in my local hub and steel users' passwords.And guess what - there were no favorites.xml! and im sure that there are ppl who shared their whole dc clients .i made a little test - shared mine dc++ and favorites.xml wasnt included in my FL. damn) PPS:Just a joke,i'd never do such a thing , just wanted to experiment.(and to prove the fact that passwords need to be encrypted)
  25. add a close TAB button

    Ok, sorry.Just trying to help.