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  1. Damn it really worked Thank you for the solution
  2. No, there is a user and he is at the very top - at the line where the -/+ is :P
  3. Even if you downloaded only from 1 user, there would still be segments and you can still loose your slot.Anyway - i guess that the thing you are asking for can be achieved by removing all other users from queue manually :)
  4. I like this idea, but why only when it's collapsed ? IMO it'd be better if it shows it all the time .
  5. Happy New Years

  6. Feedback

    U sound like you are talking about some feature - "View new posts" and "mark all the unread posts as read" already exist :stuart: sorry if I misunderstood you.
  7. Users downloading from unshared folders

    Checking "Add finished files to share instantly (if shared)" is done manually :)
  8. I was talking only about the balloon and window preview Everything else is fine.Just trying to help...
  9. Big deal.Solution - enable logging,put this at the end of uploads: ", Hub - %[hubURL]" (without ""), and when u have such problem just open your logs And BTW I think there's a way to show IP in logs -
  10. BTW 0.3.0 worked fine, have u changed anything regarding popups in 0.4.0 ?
  11. [Support] Robot doesn't share

    Just supposed you didn't clicked at the File Lists folder and thats why you couldn't see the filelist itself . And I'm not 100% sure about your question - apex can download from certain bots but I think that search checks all users.
  12. [Support] Robot doesn't share

    U must click at the folder named "File Lists" and then you'll see it.To remove it right click at the filelist and click "remove". Here's a screenshot:
  13. I confirm - they don't work for me too.
  14. Users downloading from unshared folders

    No, they are not logging into unmarked folders on your system( It works like torrents but after your download is finished that file won't be "shared" . ( unless u share it manually )
  15. Blocking specific IP's in ApexDC++

    10x for notifying about the grammar mistake .
  16. Blocking specific IP's in ApexDC++ In this guide you will learn how to block specific IPs with the PeerGuardian plugin. First you have to install PGP.Visit this page to see how to do this : After you have installed PGP there must be a file named "guarding.p2p" in the Apex installation directory (for example - "C:\Program Files\ApexDC\guarding.p2p").Open it with Notepad and scroll to the bottom line.Insert this: ifmnzhack:*.*.*.*-*.*.*.* Replace "*.*.*.*-*.*.*.*" with a valid IP range //or an ip// (NOTE : IPs (v4) may contain max 3 integers (between 2 dots), the minimum is 1 and the maximum is 255 ). For instance if you want to block every IP which starts with 63.150 - paste this ifmnzhack: Or if You want to block individual IPs - for example the IPs and : ifmnzhack: ifmnzhack: NOTE: You can do that this way if you like: ifmnzhack: ifmnzhack: Now you have to enable PGP from the settings ( Settings -> Security ) Enable PGP, press "Reload Blocklist" and select your preferences. If You want to unblock some IP range - delete it from the blocklist. Please use PGP carefully - I am not responsible for any damage caused to your PC or if You get banned from some hub. Last updated - 08.12.2006.
  17. PeerGuardian settings explained

    Outgoing - Upload, Incoming - Download Edit: Added in the guide as list so people don't get confused in the feature. BTW you can always disable the plugin or uncheck the Incoming connections , u dont need a second instance or to change your nick.
  18. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Xmas 2 All
  19. Search for similar Files

    Not really - it still depends on ones and zeros,not the size(only). I think this feature will only cause corruption...
  20. Search for similar Files

    To download a file form several users simultaneously,the file must have the same hash which doesnt depend on the filename. Optimus_Prime wants a feature apex to consider two files who have the same filesize as they have the same TTH so that he can download them simultaneously.(I mean as they were the same file)
  21. [bug][crash][0.3.0]

    When apex crashes does it show u some msg like " apex dc has crashed,exceptioninfo has been generated..." If it does try searching your PC for the file "exceptioninfo.txt" (It's generated in "ApexInstallDir\Settings\")
  22. Search for similar Files

    As far as I know TTH doesnt include the filename...Maybe u are downloading different releases. EDIT: I think changing Max sources to match will help u ( Settings / Experts only ) (if the TTH is the same..)
  23. Solving the forcibly closed connection Statement of problem Some hubs (Outdated hubs) have problems with the new connection types(NMDC2) and when you connect to such hub you get "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.", because hubs consider your $MyInfo for invalid. NOTE:This is solution only for the outdated hubs problem.You can get the same message for different reasons. Solution You must use the old connection types(NMDC1) (and not use emulation for now).To change your current connection type: 1. Go to Settings (General tab). 2. Select "Connection Type (old DC++ method)" and choose your connection. Here's an example:
  24. I know and i was talking to seeker to prove him i aint creating a mess...
  25. it aint a mess... did u try connecting with another client ?!?