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  1. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    The network has been working together with Apex for many years and have seen the client go from OK to better to wonderful. Now we can see it taking the next step to fantastic. The network has supported Apex just because of the hard work and vision that the Apex team have always shown. Then Flex came along..... This was truly exciting because suddenly a hubsoft that will change the way we think and do things, came along. It is a work of art. Now the merger of the two. Wow. We have always done things on DC so that the clients are formed to fit the hubs and are limited by that. Now there is a true co-operation between hubsoft and client and we can see a new road to travel. This can only get better. The Ascendent Network has been (a small) part of this and this makes me very proud. We have offered our support to both Apex and Flex and got to know the teams very well. Their visions are pointing towards the future and this is what the future of DC will be based on. New ground has been broken and now the sky is the limit. My thanks go to the Apex team, the Flex team and last but not least all my Network friends that made this possible. This is a great thing. Pop the champagne corks and cheers to you all. You rock. This is huge............ and really good news.
  2. Released: 1.4.2... country flags are back!

    Can you update the "What else has changed" link too please?
  3. Best Anti-Virus solution

    Norton 2010 and Fsec
  4. remote host problem

    This problem is usuallt caused by slow connections or long ping times.
  5. ApexDC++ OP

    Basicly Apex is all an OP needs. The client can be customized to fit any functions commonly used by an OP. OP clients were used when the basic DC clients did not have the features that are standard in the latest Apex versions. All those functions are pretty much the norm in clients. There are however some clients that offer extra functions that an OP might need but this is more a matter of taste than need.
  6. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.2

    Congratulations on a new release. Nice job guys.
  7. ApexDC++ 2.0 vision

    I see this as a good way to make the client user friendy and more interactive. By installing the client the users now get the option to try new stuff they otherwise would not have found and probably never would have tested. I think it is a very good move by the Apex team to incorperate this. Up to now they have spent long hours and lots of money of creating DCs best client and usually the project time is limited by how much time they have and how much money they can spend. The only way to fund a project up to now has been asking for donations which works poorly. This is a way for the users to give something back to the team and improve the client they are using. Installing a new program does not cost anything for the user, it's fun and easy to remove if you don't like it. I think this is a wonderfull idea and it can only mean that both the team and the users benefit from this.
  8. An ADC Hubsoft Review

    Awesome Toast. These updates are exactly what I was hoping for. Gives me important info and wets my appetite for the new hubsoft.
  9. Ability to connect to more than 100 hubs

    The feature you want is a faking feature. Why would the Apex team put this into a client as standard when most of the hubs would ban the client just for that? DC is about fairness and sharing. What you are talking about is leeching. :D
  10. Connecting to DCDev Public

    You must be kidding me. Can't spell any other ones.
  11. Connecting to DCDev Public

    It's a good start but I use the GUI to manage the users and manage how my hub works. Simple user registration is something any of my OPs can do I do not need a GUI for that. For me a good GUI is something that I do not need a load of scripts to steer basic functions or hub customization. YN is a bit limited but it is a good platform for an example. Tis the difference between a GUI (Garaphic user interface) and a SUI (scripted user interface). If I can get them both to do the same thing I know which one I would choose...... Remember new hub owners need it simple. If it is they will use it and tell their friends. I mean no disrespect to anyone when I say this..... these are just my thoughts and fears.......... You get a bunch of Devs combining on a project and it seems that their search for excelence gets involved and complicated. Yes........ the product does get better and better but without a clear guideline... "This is what we NEED", it spirals off and never gets finished. Creative people will always find better ways to do stuff and more things they need. The simple fact is that we NEED a working version of an ADC hub. How long will that take? A month? A year? 10 years? Can we run it as it is now? Can a working model be added to as the project continues? If you have 20 people working on a project and no-one to say..... "Stop it is done now" or "We don't need that" it will never get finished. It will develop into infinity. Make a GUI and you will limit what needs to be done based on the functions the GUI uses. If the hub is in a continuous state of development no GUI can be made to control it. It's like building a car where 20 people each make their own part, they will finally get it perfect. THEN you discover that the steering wheel, gas pedal, doors, instuments and windows have to be added or people will not use the car. The DC Devs are very smart and creative people all my respect goes to them. I eagerly await ADC but perhaps the question is....... will DC survive the wait? We need something now, before someone else comes up with something..... perhaps not better than DC........... but something that works that pulls all the people away from DC.
  12. Connecting to DCDev Public

    Just an interesting point...... what ever worked stable from day 1? Vista? Get a GUI together. So what if the hub has bugs? More hubs you run the faster you will find them. Gimme one.... I will break it. I am cursed. :stuart: Can guarentee that I will moan when it does. (Moan = Tweedle for bug-report). So what if you run a pilot public hub or two and they have bugs. The measure of resolve is how fast you find them and fix them. Might create excitement in the country club too. :D
  13. Connecting to DCDev Public

  14. Connecting to DCDev Public

    Ummmm.... it's part of my nick so to me it is. Wouldn't dream of asking you to log into my hub as "oast". That would be rude of me. Not gonna rock the boat m8ee. Your hub your rules. My first post was a joke anyway, (don't you know me by now?). Guess I'm stuck in the "those who do not matter" hub. :)
  15. Connecting to DCDev Public

    Ooooo Crash and burn for Tweedle then. :)
  16. Connecting to DCDev Public

  17. Fast Reply option

    Hahaha I do all the time just because I am lazy but if the option is not there I don't miss it.
  18. Fast Reply option

    To be quite honest, it isn't really needed. Board users will press the "reply" button and add text however it looks like.
  19. Problems in connecting with nicks

    Yes indeed Andrew. There are hundreds of hubs. Press the globe on the top left corner of you screen (In the client) that will get you to the public hubs list. Double click on one to connect to it. Play with this for a bit and you will get the hang of it. :D
  20. Problems in connecting with nicks

    This is a problem in the hub you are connecting to not your client. Try another hub and it should work.
  21. 100% CPU Utilisation

    I have been trying to reproduce this problem. So far I have not managed. I am wondering if you have tried with your firewall off?
  22. An important question. Are you using a Celeron or Centrino processor?
  23. AML 4.x Series

    Much better Toast. Can I report new clients there?
  24. AML 4.x Series

    Can't get in there Toast. I sent a reg request a month or so ago but no reply, and no luck logging in.