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  1. Im leaving whole DC for while

    i upload later a bit fixed version and then i make preview too... anyway i havent got any free time lately so this could take some moments.
  2. multidownload.... why just 10 segment?

    Maybe because he know that users like u wanted a dl with multiple sources. Stop bitchin if u have issues with 10sgs just compile your own with more sgs. 10sgs is perfect for me 8mb dl and 820kb/s with 8sgs...
  3. Im leaving whole DC for while

    Nice to know, im very happy that you liked them. EDIT: Now apex site has allowed to direct link in my homepage so it can be dl:et here sorry for that I was forget to put that earlier.
  4. Fake Version or what

    it's beta hehe pic is just promote for my toolbar :)
  5. Im leaving whole DC for while

    Owned for Crise S2k toolbar 1.0 by Shield2k (Northwind) ---------------------------------------------- my gift for Apex i hope i have someday time to be back download: Hope u all like it //This is first version of it and i will "clear" and fix it to be more better as there are few white pixels on some icons corners. anyway i just dont have time now... i try to check forums as many times i can and still wanna be part this exellent community.
  6. Im leaving whole DC for while

    anyway i have suprise for all Apexusers as i made 32x32 size toolbar with very cute icons. Icons were allready licensed via Creative Commons so my toolbar will be with that too. As soon im home i will send it here Its owned for Crise ) for giving me this opportunity :)
  7. Im leaving whole DC for while

    Hey it was nice to be part of this but now my life has changed and i dont have time to be much on DC. So i think its better me to stop being beta anymore. Anyway thanks for this opportunity guys... keep Apex up... :)
  8. ApexDC++ OP

    Gigadisk, the author of Stealth Zion has made 2.03 so maybe use some part of it as sourse i think Giga has fixed some bugs of original version...
  9. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    lmao, StopApex is another wanker who just can see the glory of generation...
  10. DL: <not yet> Preview: //edit its not working as Apex aint save these settings when i pres export ??? any clue what i do wrong //it really makes a file but file uses apex's default colors not my own selected ???
  11. Skype Smiles For ApexDC++

    Very nice, good work as im pretty bored to old regular smileys so these make smileys rock's again. the mainchat...
  12. tell us who you are

    Nick: Northwind, nwind and Shield2k, and one other but not for public forums. Gender: Alphamale Age: 23yr (1983) Location: Oulu / Finland Hobbys: Hunting, Fishing, DC++, Messing with computers, graphics and so on... Best memory in DC world: When i opened my hub and getting all flames by others as i choosed ptokax instead of ynbug. That was a funny when all said that ptokax suxx and i should use yhub/ynhub or sdch. Well after 1.5yer of own hub i can say ptokax roxx still big time...
  13. user icon flags like old Xion++ had...

    well xion was first with that option and zmDC developer copied it from Xion :D
  14. I liked this feature in old X04 xion and i'd like to see this option too in ApexDC++ Crise will know what i mean dont ya.... hehe anyway, keep up good work... ;)
  15. apexdc has not been released yet

    I dont know why i have allways probs with pure sdc++ but never it's modded versions... sdc freezes or crash without any info I never get better than 21hrs uptimes for it... Strange is that i never had probs with PWDC or Zion, now im glad to test Apex and no probs yet at all