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  1. Raw Commands

    Ok.. I am going to make a Huge post. Lee, Crise, etc.. move this where you need to. But the site is up and I got the commands from that thread. so copy/paste before we risk loosing it again. Since the site has had problems in the past.. link is From Ygrek: [info] Variables witch can be used in Raw or User Commands List of all Variables witch can be used in StrongDC++ Raw or User Commands Discovered Variables: Usage: %[command] ie. %[userNI] Usable in search window: fileFN - Filename Usable in search window and on user Nick: line:title - Display DialogBox with "title" with edit field. Those what you write in it it will be replaced by this command. ie %[line:Kick_Reason] *[user/my] - chose one of ie.: myNI, userU4 [user/my]NI - Display nick [user/my]DE - Display description [user/my]I4 - Display IP [user/my]U4 - Display UDP port (not working in my sdc 2.01, 2.02) [user/my]EM - Display email [user/my]CO - Display connection type Variables avaible after fake check("Get user response" and "Check File List"): userCS - Cheating string (for dc clients defined in: "Settings->Advanced\Fake detector\Clients" in properties of list items) userCT - Client type userSS - Size of share in bytes (from MyInfo string) userSSshort - Formated size of share userRS - Real size of share (checked by "Check File List" test) userLS - File list size (not working in my sdc 2.01, 2.02) userLL - File list size in bytes userFD - {FileListDisconnects} (Bug: Don't show number of disconetcs)[not work in sdc 2.01, 2.02] userTO - {ConnectionTimeouts} (Bug: Don't show correct number of timeouts ei. TO=6 it show 3)[not working in sdc 2.01, 2.02] userTC - Display 1 if "Get user response" is complete userFC - Display 1 if "Check File List" is complete userBC - Display 1 if client is bad/fake userBF - Display 1 if fle list is bad/fake userST - {Status} [undiscovered] userTS - Display answer of "Get user response" test userCM - Comment (for dc clients defined in: "Settings->Advanced\Fake detector\Clients" in properties of list items) userOP - Display 1 if user is OP ussrHU - Display 1 if user is hubbot (in NMDC = wrote in chat but it never sent $Hello and $MyInfo) userBO - Display 1 if user is Bot (user w/o connection type in NMDC) uuserHI - Display 1 if user is Hidden userTA - Display user Tag userVE - Display user client version userHN - Display number of hubs where user dont have account(reg/vip) userHR - Display number of hubs where user have account userHO - Display number of hubs where user have OP account userSL - Display number of user slots userRG - Display 1 if user is registered on hub userAW - Returns whether user has set away status (designed for <a href="" target="_blank" class="postlink">ADC only) [ps.User commands not working/display on adc hubs] From BigMuscle: i hopefully fixed userRS and userFC. They worked only for the first filelist check. userAW returns whether user has set away status (designed for ADC only) BO 1 if user is bot (user w/o connection type in NMDC) HU 1 if user is hubbot (in NMDC = wrote in chat but it never sent $Hello and $MyInfo) hope this helps..
  2. Tab Colors

    Thanx Once again iceman for all the help.. ur great.. Keep it up!!!.. (later u can help me convert apex to linux. ) lol.. (no folks I am not that good yet.. by any means. linux has given me fits upon fits. but I am determined to win..!
  3. Can someone please translate this so we can help this user?
  4. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    Mirage, please send me, if you have a copy of it, the kick message in a PM here. IF you feel it needs investigating. I am working on developing TGO ver. 3 currently. This will take a couple of months most likely. due to the huge change, I have built a custom server, running a *nix distro, with a *nix based hubsoft (no details on purpose atm) to make TGO take another big step toward support. I have not been around TGO much recently due to the work trying to fix a bug in TGO ver. 2. Its now fixed and we can move back to work on TGO version 3. Alot more features will be added to it.
  5. Inkorp's Proposal

    Thats just someone melted ur face off. looks like a sci fi situation... would you constitute as a blind mute?
  6. 500,000 downloads milestone

    "Crise is my coder, I shall not want, He maketh me downloads in bigger hubs; He leadeth me to superseeded files; He restoreth my code: he leadeth me in the paths of development for Apex name's sake. Yea, though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of Apex, I will be enlightened, my client and my download speeds overwhelm me; Thou preparest a beta before me in the presence of testers & subscribers: thou anointest my client with extra features; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow Apex all the days of my life: BUT, I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever." Amen :)
  7. Connection closed & Connection timeout

    Guys. I am not sure if this is a related issue or not. but the connection that TGO, the dev hub and a couple others are on, is experiencing some major line issues since the last storm we had. I have had issues with the remote terminal before and recognize the issue. I am calling our telco today to address it. I also have a new modem coming, should be here friday. I hope this helps to resolve some of the issues. I ran line tests yesterday, and even though the count in TechGeeks was impressive, it was definitely not what it should have been able to hold without dropping half of the hub. The Lag was horrible and many more issues. Thus the point to call my telco today. Hope this helps. However, this should not in anyway affect other hubs that I do not host.
  8. exception report

    first off I will apologize for 2 things, first off the numerous issues your having with the new Beta. When your coding a software and adding as many new implementations as has been completed, it is possible to overlook areas. Because the software is being customized, its hard at times to narrow down certain features, that work for most, and crash for others. This is mainly because things can be modified so much. The operating system, tweaks, etc. can all make a difference on how the client runs. the information provided will be helpful in attaining and hopefully resolving the problem. As for TechGeeks, its there mainly because, so many ppl are new to DC and are installing this client for the first time. TechGeeks is the support hub for Apex to help sort out any problems and client issues, before you go off gallivanting around DC. to make your overall DC experience even better. To my knowledge no other client on DC, has a hub dedicated to helping in a similar fashion. HOWEVER, do make note. BEFORE you move any files into your updated client, actually start the client, and put something in for the settings, don't have to be much, just enough to get you going, close and reopen, it should automatically start the TechGeeks hub to help you if needed. IF not, simply close the client and copy your settings into your updated client. this so far has worked every time since the beginning of PWDC. But make sure you get to the hub FIRST. the initial client creates everything needed (xml files) AFTER you fill out the information. so if you update prior to first launch, it WILL auto overwrite. Hope this helps
  9. [1.0.0B][Bug] Force connect is removing users

    it should attempt to force a connection, this is also known as hammering at times, however, its placed in, for the purpose of being able to connect between the standard wait times. Such as if your IP changed and you just put it in the settings. Then use the force attempt to try to get the connect. no it should NOT be removing the user from the queue. as far as I know.
  10. Locking ApexDC++ 1.0.0B

    ok, we HAD that one fixed. maybe the clean up "unfixed it" Crise, hehe looks like you may have some work to do.. Good Job Aztek..
  11. ApexDC++ 1.0.0B

    that looks like a video issue. more than bug. only GOD knows with vista. Maybe one of the other members can post ideas on it..
  12. Raw Help Needed

    Good Job. I have not had much chance lately.. to work on raw commands, and frankly its not my skill, I can, but I have to crack down on it hard to get it. thats part of the things I have forgotten and with all the blasted changes recently. its NOT fun.. on the protocol commands and such.. lol.. sorry GS
  13. ApexDC++ OP

    thats MY job.. and my goal.. its theirs to help change it
  14. ApexDC++ OP

    Thats the problem. there is NO standard, as I delve into this project, I am finding so many variations. I am frankly surpised there is only afew issues. nmdc/nmdc extended/adc then there is the issue of z-itself, there is zline, zport, and zpipe. then there is DC++ team variations, my goals is to get them all working together, create the standard that makes dc itself better, and quits all this crap thats going on. unity will allow DC to prosper, dividing, will kill it..
  15. ApexDC++ OP

    You know, I have thought over and over, What makes the idea of the OP client vs the standard client so much more beneficial, Crise, this part is for you. Maybe a MERGE of the 2 clients WOULD be possible, AND beneficial. I have been using apex, since before PWDC 2 was released, (before it was apex). It has come along way. alot of features have been added including some new features in the MOST recent Beta's. But we are or MAY be looking @ this totally wrong. Why have a separate client all together. Bragging Rights? In the current version of Apex, try logging in as a Regular User, Look @ your Client Side RC set. they are different than if you have keys. Because, the client recogizes that you are an OP or higher. IF Apex was able to keep the size down, and put in ALL of the Op Features Planned, then lock them down (via code, not user option) Then we would have a new idea in DC wouldnt we. A client everyone can use, from new users, to OPs, and as they progress in DC, and start to become OP, they would find MORE options are available to them automatically. This would require the client to recognize if the user has keys or not, but it does that already.. So why NOT? Apex is evolving into something far better than what is currently out there, on all fronts. why not make it a totally new idea. The client actually evolves WITH the user, not making him/her upgrade to another client, if they get keys somewhere. Regarding the NMDC/ADC filelists issue. Personally I think WE all are looking at this entirely wrong, There are 2 totally different ideas about how DC should be done, its not the clients, its not the bots or the hubsofts, but HOW the protocol itself should be changed. any source software, that is required to support BOTH of these will be bloated badly. and lag, and be slow, and be.. (insert your comment here). WE as members of the community, both OP, Admins, owners, developers, creators, and evermore, need to work on getting a new standard set and locked in place, THAT is the problem, the teams involved in changing the Protocol itself, are not working together but are splitting it up, which only makes it harder for coders to write. Then they are forced into politics. "Well if you dont choose ADC, you cant access my hubsoft, or my files", "If you choose NMDC extended, then you can do this or that, but not this" etc. DCC was best because all clients worked together, all hubsofts worked together, it wasnt like most other p2p softwares because it allowed choice, yet, used same protocol so everything simply Worked. MOST of the older Op Clients, DCDM, rmDC, MCDC, R2++ etc.. are dead projects, or not getting much work. MOST are based on source .401, which is NOT even nmdc extended. We need to push as a community for a STANDARD in DC protocol. I for one am working on this. Many devs already know this. I dont care which protocol layout is used, just freaking pick one, and make it the best it can be. MORE info on this project will come as the resources are setup. IF your interested in participating. Please send me a PM here. ! (typical Sidey book, sorry guys)
  16. Cyclic Redundency Check problem

    3dFX, I know you been asking about this for a while. I had 2 users that deleted their hash.dat and queue.xml.bak files, (should be NO relevance to each other) and rehashed the files, and it worked. cant say thats the cause or the solution, but its an option.. I believe the hash.dat file is rebuilt if its missing. others may be able to confirm...
  17. would it be possible to section the raw commands and such so that there is a button to check for "advanced" features, then allow more raw commands, and other advanced features. This would help the less experienced users and keep them from getting confused, yet allow more advanced users such as ops/admins/scripters etc.. use the functionality that crise and rest of the apex team have done so well at.. Great job.. looking forward to the next public release.
  18. upload incomplete items

    When The "SuperSeeding" or TBI's code, is able to implement, which only happens with multple users, "seeding" a file, or sharing part of the file. then the speeds are tremendously faster, but in the event that you turn off multisourcing, then this function will NOT be able to work, thus it would look like your speeds are dropping. it will verify the segment, then share the segment its already finished with someone else, VERY nice feature of Apex.. Thanx to crise, and TBI and many more that worked on that part of the project!
  19. Getting kicked offline

    special thanx to bigcanuck for the props on Techgeeks, toddtrow27 feel free to join Techgeeks, and look for me. if I am around then will be glad to help. I am usually on during afternoons and evenings CST (GMT-6). and yes. I have seen this happen before, however it is seldom, and usually associated with actual socket errors. moreso with downloads or uploads than simple chatting or connections. many times, it will happen with hubsofts (actual hub software to host the chats) but can also happen when your network settings re-route the IP. meaning, in your client, you are putting in a domain name, that points back to your IP, and goes to a different computer. this happens often with netgear and crashes them. atleast on all mine. I had to stop using domain names for my client when in active, and use my actual external IP. not sure if this helps or not. I do both hosting, and clients on now 13 machines, I think. 4 of them being dc servers. so it took me a long time to sort my network out. it seems if you are in huge hubs, with small bandwidth and a crappy modem this does happen also, I used a 2wire modem, and crashed every time, but used an efficient networks el cheapo and works sweet.. hope this helps.
  20. apexdc++ and experts only

    this one, I will have to yield to the other support team and dev members on.. some of them frankly even I have no clue. but I do know that altering them will help or worsen the speeds you get on downloads/uploads
  21. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    any time tyr, I know I have worked with you in the past but have not been around much lately.. sorry for this.. however, we are actually working to provide more. watch for more news on this topic.. including adding support for dev teams themselves, and for beta testers.. its in the works guys. crise and others have discussed this quite a few times. its slowly coming to fruit..
  22. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    Sorry guys. I not been around in a while, had many personal issues and network related issues that have forced me to be away from both apex and DC lately. working on getting myself back.. just wanted to let you guys know I still exist.
  23. The hub itself (TechGeeks) has this stats currently as of this posting (Uptime: 51:19:44:31) so if that helps, the hub has been up. Check your windows firewall and see if it didn't get turned on. I swear that thing can do it on its own. And if not allowed in exceptions will not allow you to get out either. Very annoying firewall but somedays better than nothing.
  24. downloading problem in apex dc ++

    There is a good chance that your have to register in that hub to search or download, or its possible your settings are set to active mode, yet you have a firewall blocking or a router installed. if the hub is TGO, then type +reghelp to get more info in that hub or ask an op for help. Thats what its there for.. TO help.. feel free to use it. it should be in your favorites, if not joined automatically.. hope this helps.
  25. Expert Needed

    Z... I saw it before but noticed too many problems. I agree MOST P2P softwares, kazaa, emule, shareaza etc.. work better on 5 digit ports. but seems to create just plain weird problems when forwarding 5 digit ports.. alteast for the troubleshooting I have done.. but thats me and my support. If it works for you, and yours, Great.. by all means run with it. just from personal experience. thats all ..but if you find that link. Please do send it to me