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  1. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Crise thanks for the reply. And thank you very much for all your hard work! I can only imagine how hard it must be to put up with such a huge project for so long. Have you ever considered open-sourcing the code? I'm pretty sure that would significantly speed things up, bring all kinds of ports, and most definitely give you a bit more free time.
  2. ApexDC++ 1.6.3 maintenance update available

    Crise, is there any news about ApexDC++ port for Ubuntu/Linux?
  3. ApexDC++ Settings Backup

    I wouldn't agree. It happenned to me several times that I had some problems with Apex application. I needed a fresh re-install of Apex, but wanted to keep personal settings like Favourites, passwords, nicknames etc. So backing up entire Apex folder wouldn't work for me in that case, since problems would probably be back with such a back-up of entire folder. I think it's a good idea, especially for non-experienced users, to have an application that could back-up only needed files (and folders), and leave out all the others that aren't nessecary. Edit: I also think that it would be better to create a plugin for Apex that would do back-up, than to have a separate application.
  4. Client is very slow

    No prob bro Best regards to good people of Iran! :angry:
  5. More / commands

    A great idea, would be very useful. I reminds me of mIRC interface. Come to that, perhaps there could be some co-operation between mIRC and Apex developers? If so, I'm sure we'd all be pleased, since mIRC achieved such an excellent flexibility with its interface. The only question about this is will it take up too much time to work it out.
  6. Missing GeoIP Flags

    Exactly, the problem is most certanly in Apex code, which can't seem to get along with a new RS domain instead of the old YU. Also, even when the matter with the domain is solved, RS domain will be missing the Serbian flag icon, which needs to be put inside Apex. The icon problem is certainly related to this particular software.
  7. Unicode UTF-8 support

    First of all, sorry for being inactive for this long. Also, I am sorry for bringing back the old thread. Maybe I wasn't clear enough regarding my question. I am interested in support for cyrillic script in the chat windows (public and private). I did set my Windows to support cyrillic script, so I can both read and write cyrillic script propperly in Apex. It's being done in Control Panel > Regional Settings > Advanced > Language for non-unicode programs. But the problem appears when I try to write cyrillic to people who don't have that option set like I do. Then all they get is rubbish. So, I was actually wandering if there is any chance to include an option to set encoding for the chat windows in Apex, like to make choice between Western, Greek, Central European, Cyrillic etc. win codepages or even UTF-8, which would obviously be optimal. I must epmhasise that when it comes to searching for non-ansi file/folder names, there are absolutely no problems, everything is just fine. Edit: I forgot to mention this. It doesn't work for me to set text encoding in Settings > Appearance > Colors & Fonts > Text style. Every time I try to change the text encoding, after I click OK, it keeps re-setting to the default encoding. Perhaps that's a bug?
  8. Client is very slow

    I don't think it's actually a problem, rather your bandwidth gets overloaded. When ApexDC++ uses close to 100% of download or upload (or both), it's understandable that other web clients (such as browsers) get "stuck" with insufficient bandwidth. Solutions: 1° Get a higher bandwidth connection; 2° Use ApexDC++ Speed Limiter to limit Apex's bandwidth usage: Settings > Advanced > Limits > Limit transfer speeds [Pay attention that this could prevent you from joining some hubs] 3° Use some network manager programme (like NetLimiter) to do the same, but without the risk of being banned from any hub.
  9. Unicode UTF-8 support

    I would like Apex DC++ to become an UTF-8 programme. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be really nice.
  10. Хвала пуно, Пеђа, и још једном извини што запиткујем :w00t: :(
  11. Aktivni i pasivni rezim

    Чисто да јавим, успео сам ово да решим :w00t: Не бих да испадне рекламирање, али на Елит сикјуритију постоји потпуно детаљно објашњење. :(
  12. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    I couldn't agree more. Alongside with Startup option, you threw out some more cool stuff - Media bar, Text formatting. Now, I might not be aware of reasons for all this, but I sure hope to see these features back as soon as possible... dmvn right click on any toolbar -> uncheck "Lock Toolbars" -> customize position I have another question. It appears that Serbian flag for User countries isn't integrated. My country (Serbia) recently changed its web domain from .yu to .rs so I guess that is what made this problem. Also, for .yu domain there was Yugoslav flag, not Serbian. So could you link Serbian flag icon to .rs domain users, please?
  13. Да, ипак је проблем у хабу, очиглено... Пеђа, хвала на одговору :)
  14. Већ неко време не могу да се закачим на хаб и добијам ову поруку: Хаб постоји у списку јавних хабова и редовно му је број корисника око 8.000-12.000, а и иначе је прилично познат, тако да не верујем да проблем потиче од хаба. Не знам да ли је у реду да овде постављам и адресу хаба, ако се то не сме, обрисаћу адресу. Али ако неко хоће да покуша да се закачи на тај хаб да провери о чему причам, адреса је dchub://
  15. Aktivni i pasivni rezim

    А да ли неко можда може да ми учини невероватно велику услугу, молим вас? Треба ми објашњење како да подесим активни мод за Апекс и то конкретно на Телекомовом АДСЛ интернету. То подешавам једној другарици, али пошто сам ја на кабловском, појма ја немам око тог АДСЛ и форвардовања/мапирања портова. Да ли постоји неко ко је то већ пробао (и успео) и да ли може да ми објасни корак по корак како да то оспособим. Хвала унапред!