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Hello all,

today i just comed to my work and opened apexDC++ to download some moovies but then he just crashed

Here is the cod

Code: c0000005 (Access violation)

Version: 1.0.1 (2008-03-09)

Major: 5

Minor: 1

Build: 2600

SP: 2

Type: 1

Time: 2008-06-10 07:14:44


d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\sharemanager.cpp(1004): dcpp::ShareManager::generatePartialList

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\uploadmanager.cpp(160): dcpp::UploadManager::prepareFile

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\uploadmanager.cpp(439): dcpp::UploadManager::on

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\adccommand.h(193): dcpp::CommandHandler<dcpp::UserConnection>::dispatch

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\userconnection.cpp(136): dcpp::UserConnection::on

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\speaker.h(49): dcpp::Speaker<dcpp::BufferedSocketListener>::fire<dcpp::BufferedSocketListener::X<2>=0x7C839A00,stlp_std::basic_string<char=0x0114FEA4,stlp_std::char_traits<char>=0x01DAFB8C,stlp_std::allocator<char> > >

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(248): dcpp::BufferedSocket::threadRead

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(520): dcpp::BufferedSocket::checkSocket

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(536): dcpp::BufferedSocket::run

d:\development\apexdc\trunk\client\thread.h(164): dcpp::Thread::starter

f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(348): _callthreadstartex

f:\dd\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(326): _threadstartex

kernel32!0x7C80B683: GetModuleFileNameA

Don't know what is wrong.. do i need to reinstal it? OR what?

PS: Pls forgive me that i write this issue here, but i tried to look over on forums and i think this would be the place for bug.. if not.. pls remove where needed and then let a PM to me so i know where to search it.



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Hello, Please wait for a developer to respond.

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It may be a download queue problem, tried it with no queue?

Alternatively, try the new 1.1.0 build to see if this is solved.

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This is fixed, this is the exception info for the remote crash fixed in 1.1.0 if I am not mistaken.

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