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  1. Problem with Apexdc++ freezing on Windows 8.1

    Maybe an ugly workaround could be OS detection and silently switching to compatibility mode? Or just install with Win 7 compatibility? Do we support XP?
  2. release ApexDC++ 1.5.6 has been released

    Hello, I missed you all. Congrats with the new release, will install it now. Cheers, Zlo
  3. Invalid TestSUR Detected

    However deleting the Settings folder will delete the favorite hub addresses and passwords as well.
  4. And what is the result from www.canyouseeme.org? Just type the port/s you are using into the box, press "Check" or similar, and you should get a green OK.
  5. Can't download properly

    Nobody will help you if you refuse to help yourself. As Lee said, test RANDOM numbers. And there are recommended figures in the guides. It is not that we are providing a hostile support or some personal attitude, you will just end up with no answer in any support forum. Try to read before asking and you will save time mainly to you. P. S. I will try to make up smth now, since I am quite bored and a bit annoyed.
  6. Can't connect to other users

    This is not what Lee asked, check your Connection settings in Settings! You can be connected to the hub with mis-configured options. There are fine guides, check the section, link in my signature.
  7. Option not to share empty directories

    I can't call myself a programmer, but how can it be a problem if done with smth like: "if size=0 hidden=1" or alike. Pls post the respective code part, so we could eventually make some brainstorming. :)
  8. That's why I (we?) recommend disabling UAC, since UAC is quite easier to be tricked by malware rather than by a legitimate application. Or simply install Apex in say C:\ApexDC, where UAC does not have control.
  9. Can't share multiple drives over network?

    Still, he should be able to see in Apex settings all that he shares. So this should be fixed, if a bug. :)
  10. Can't share multiple drives over network?

    Hello, This is really strange, I can't reproduce fully the situation right now since my humble server has just one drive, and it is Linux, but I see all the shared directories on it (three). Please provide more details about both computers, especially OS-es, firewalls, etc...
  11. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.1

    Yes, 7z is good. If you are looking for a free and excellent archiver, try IZArc :stuart: It is kinda of replacenment for the Bulgarian yogurt, wine and rose oil, which were spoilt.
  12. Здравейте, Реших да помогна за новия превод на 1.3.1. Работя върху английски, но преводът на Шерифа е наистина много добър, за което го поздравявам. Направил съм много малко промени и се надявам да допаднат. Поздрави
  13. Rate us on SourceForge!

    Thumb up everybody say When you try the appy you've gotta vote in this cool way Thumb up it's the right thumb No matter where you raise it you know that it is really well deserved P. S. Voted :stuart:
  14. re hash files ? file not shared ?

    I said it before, I'll say it again, we need some standard form with basic info required for support... like hardware, OS, problem description, etc. Isn't there some ready module?
  15. ApexDC++

    Под няма как, исках да кажа, в БГ липсват добри админи, за да го направят. Докато има 1-2 скапани хъба, нищо няма да се получи. Чак когато изискванията се изравнят навсякъде, потребителите ще си обновят клиентите. Такъв си ни е манталитетът.