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  1. Blocking external conn

    Why would you want to to this sounds like something a leacher would want to do? What type of connections do you want to block?
  2. Building binary

    please check out this thread
  3. Global hotkeys

    Ok basicly what you have described is QoS but only local to your game. QoS = Quality of service. You are describing implmenting something in apex which allows you to maintain the quality of your gaminig services. However i dont want to argue over symantics and what you have describede is much more simple then what a classic QoS service/application would do. With this said my original point was that i dont belive apex is the correct application to do this. this is a feture for your operating system enviroment (or at the very least the specific game) and would be better placed in a seperat application or better still as a service of the operating system.
  4. apex for linux

    the file i linked to should have been an iso not a zip Zlobomir gentoo is not for the faint harted. however if you wish to continue on you will probably need the x86 not the ppc version, ppc is for risk architecture such as mac (pre intel). if you dont already have a version of linux installed you will probably find it easiest to use The live cd. The handbook You will also need the following if you are going to do a networkless install portage-latest (md5 check sum) Stage 3 (md5 check sum) hope that helps
  5. apex for linux

    This is the file you need for xubuntu Ok i belive this is the file. Perhaps greg can let you know if it is not. fyi good find greg, ubuntu just keeps getting easier and easier. no windows will remain on your system. however there is probably an option to remove it
  6. apex for linux

    how to to burn an iso in nero instructions for people without nero ubuntu installation howto the ubuntu installation instructions should work with xubuntu. however you should consider running kubuntu or ubunto. xubuntu uses a lightwieght windows manager if you are new to linux you would probably find it better to use kde or gnome.
  7. My favorite Hub & user list has been deleted

    I had not ment to arrgavate you with my comment. I had ment that pressing the clear button is a coincidence and the actual error is caused by something else. This was in an attempt to try and see if we could get to the bottom of the problem. as said the clear button clears a registry setting which is completly unrelated to apex. I gusse i cannot say it is defenetly not the cause, computeres can be wiered but it is highly unlikly to be the cause. in the example you gave above you say I then shut down Apex DC++ clicked the clear buton, restart Apex DC++ favs are gone did you try to test this without pressing the clear button. if not it is much more likly that the process of shutting down and opening apex was the thing causeing the problem. Not the act of pressing the clear button. Please also note that we,i appreiciate people reporting bugs, issues or just asking for help and we will try to assist the best we can. If i gave you the impretion that i was patronising you, i appolagise that was not my intention.
  8. Global hotkeys

    Lain_13. What you have descriped is QoS. This is not something which should be imlpmented into a file sharing app. It would be like asking for a firewall. I have had a quick look around and there dosn't seem to be many software solutions you can try here but i dont vouch for them in any way. this is genrally something that is implmented into your hardware firewall or router. I am just about to leave work so i havn't had time to read this. However it looks like microsoft are implmenting better qos support into vista.
  9. And now something completely different

    Tradgicly good, cheers
  10. Problems Downloading After ISP upgrade

    Hello A_S_R, I have split this topic as it is slitly different to the other one. This sound like a very strange problem. Could you use a brodband speed checker like the ones on dslreports to ensure you do not have any genral connection problems. Also has your ip address change since you have upraged. it is worth mentioning that this is not unusal in normal cercumstances. however you download speed should certanly not go down after you have upgraded.
  11. ApexDC++ conflicting with PeerGuardian

    if you are on a windows box try the following start -> run cmd /k nslookup [hub address] --- e.g. cmd /k nslookup this wil give out put like the following you should then search for the address that appears in the following file C:\Program Files\ApexDC\guarding.p2p (open in notepad). note that you may need to search for only the first three or possibly two octavise to find the correct entry that is blocking your hub. hope this makes sense
  12. My favorite Hub & user list has been deleted

    This must be coinsidence. clicking that button removes entries in a set of registry keys. it dosn't delete any files
  13. Searching for a few things

    To do this you would need to download the file list of every user who returned a search result. I dont think the functionality is possible. Just incase you mist it you can search by catagory. e.g. vidieo (avi, mpeg, ..) image (jpeg, gif, bmp ...) and so on. however this is is restricted to the predifined list below. With the current protocol it is not possible to get anymore control then this. for any file type for audio files ("mp3", "mp2", "wav", "au", "rm", "mid", "sm") for compressed files ("zip", "arj", "rar", "lzh", "gz", "z", "arc", "pak") for documents ("doc", "txt", "wri", "pdf", "ps", "tex") for executables ("pm", "exe", "bat", "com") for pictures ("gif", "jpg", "jpeg", "bmp", "pcx", "png", "wmf", "psd") for video ("mpg", "mpeg", "avi", "asf", "mov") for folders for TTHSearch
  14. Does Apex support the STUN protocol?

    STUN is not really that usefull with dc++. it can not open ports on your firewall and would only be usefull for getting your external ip address. In fact the way that apex gets the external IP address could be said to be a sloppy implementation of tcp stun.
  15. [Support][0.2.0] partial connection

    you probably need to set up port fowarding or change your firewall settings. Do you use a router or firewall. if so which ones
  16. Feedback

    yes you can edit your posts. It is something that only started to happen recently
  17. Happy New Years

    Happy New Year ALL :P
  18. moved to Feature Requests the problem with this is that it could cuse people to complain that it does not work
  19. Merry Christmas!

    merry christmas all. We are having turckey which looks massive and like greg i cant wait to get the sasagues wraped in bacon. Didn't forget my mam's present but i did forget to get my sister one and she got me a really cool present (a beer brewing kit) OOPS. well MERRY CHRISTAMS And A HAPPY NEW YEAR ps: writen from my brand new 19" flat screen :)
  20. Released: ApexDC++ 0.4.0 (Preview 4)

    cheers and merry christmas all :)
  21. ApexDC++ Windows User Guide

    so it is and so they are .
  22. ApexDC++ Windows User Guide

    Good work kien. it would be good if the topics on the front linked to the relevent sections. Also you are missing one - Advance settings explained. People may also benifit from haveing a link to the post on the forums so they can read updates and coments. Altogether a good guide though looks quite nice ad easy to read
  23. ApexDC++ for Linux

    well i think (as almiteycow has said) it is going to take a while to make a decent basic client and i belive the revconnect code is much more of a priority then anything else. however i think it is mabey a good thing to aim the linux client at OP's, if they are using linux then they probably know what they are doing and therfore want a client that can do more then the norm. the counter argument to this is I want people to use free open source software. ubuntu is making big steps in opening up linux for humans. therefore the argument of "if they use linux they probably alredy know" starts to loose its credence. if we want people to stop using propriatory software then developers have to make software that is easy to use. well its late, im drunk and have just noticed thati was going to rant for ages so im going to stop. merry christmas all :)
  24. Request a Guide

    of the top of your head how about these - How to upgrade without losing data (queue, profile, etc) edit: can be found here, cheers lee - Log formats (all possible combinations so you can have time in filename log etc) edit2: can be found here - How to configure the share skiplist (just a simple guide explaining what could go there, etc) edit3: can be found here
  25. Updates

    nothing i meet loads of camp tech support :D