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  1. Wiki

    well we are getting to them one at a time. So far we have logging Expert Only Advanced Settings Connection Settings And Kevos guide above. post which page(s) you want explaining here and hopefully some one will do it for you . Even better wirt one yourself :unsure:
  2. Wiki

    kevo's guide is a pretty good compiation
  3. Wiki

    Well i see both points of this. I think that if the guides section gets much bigger then it may be usefull to place them in a wiki. But at trhe sme time i am unsure if people would actully ciontribute to them. Hardly anyone other then people on the apex team have either recomended or ontributed to the guides or guide request thread
  4. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Good work guys
  5. Linux Project Development

    cheers iceman however BM beat you to bringing that unfortunate information to us, in this thread i think. either way it don't matter to much. the linux client is not porting th gui stuff it is redoing it and there fore the switch doesn't matter to much
  6. Linux Project Development

    I know and appreciate that your looking after the project cheers
  7. Programming Challenge

    mm i think you right BM i hadn't been paying attention :thumbsup: previous posts removed
  8. Linux Project Development

    ill test I can see where your coming from; however to me the previous price was not attracting interest but now we already have at least on person (BM) saying that he may do it. a person how has monitored this thread since it started and has only now decided to say they may be able to help. Perhaps things have just started to hapen if you ask for more work you may lose the assistance you have already started to gain.
  9. Linux Project Development

    I agree with crise here, this money is for the revconnect code and nothing else. Im a linux user and apexdc is the best dc client. i want one for my linux machine and the revconnect code is a must. none of the developers currently working on this project can do it so we need to give people insentives
  10. Linux Project Development

  11. Segmented downloading techniques

    seeker has already said that he had the exact same problem with uTorrent so bit torrent has not been ignored. You have also said that now i took this to read that you could provide a patch to the SDC project to fix your issue, if so do so. This is an opensource project after all. At the end of the day it appears that everyone who trys to talk to you ends up going round in circles. I think that your argument has been made and BM's has also been made. I have read the entire thread (it took a while) and i don't believe that BM has missed much from not reading your posts (more then likely because he did read them just not thourally). What i have noticed is that since pretty much the first page of (currently 9 thats #164 posts) i haven't seen anything new. BM says its hardware and wont be fixed by him (something i agree with) and you say it would be nice to have a feature to check files after they have been downloaded, this could possibly be a good feature but at the end of the day i think it is not something that will be used to much. it will take a lot of effort to implement and BM has already said it wont happen. I would therefore vote for this thread to be locked again and if lee hadn't already unlocked it would probably be locking it myself. I would however but in place a rider that if crise wants to respond it hould be reopened
  12. Linux Project Development

    That sucks, but on a positive note i have just had a recent pay rise and i'm happy to double whats already in the pot for the rev connect code. So if anyone can do this bit of code the pot is now $260
  13. Somebody please help me

    youu can check the guides section. he following guides would be most useful to you Fix: "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" Why cant i search How to get into Active mode Its quite possible that none of these guides are useful, If so can you please provide the following information. A screen shot of the connection settings (settings -> connection settings). You may want to blank out your IP addres and port information, if you do can you let us know if it is an internal or an external IP address. An internal ip address will look like the following 192.168.*.*, 10.*.*.* or 172.16-32.*.* Could you also post what type of router/modem (make and model) you have. Do you have any firewall running What OS Also just to eliminate the hub can you please try connecting to TechGeeks Online, the apex support hub.
  14. forum down time

    3dfx, is this a recent thing. I know that the project has just changed hosting companies which seem to have orted my problems.
  15. Can you please post your solution for others, cheers
  16. Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++

    not everyone has that option and even when they do they may not ba able to afford it
  17. disc space error

    if possible you could get a copy of partition magic and turn the 57 G you have free into an nfs drive. you could then copy your files over to that partition and then resize it to take up the entire disk. you may need to cycle through this a few times if you drive is bigger then 110G.
  18. Raw Help Needed

    wow noctis, been trawling through the archives. Good work ;)
  19. Status update

    Wow, You are right i can access the forums from home again woohoo :P
  20. Status update

    im still having problems telnet 80 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. GET HTTP/1.1 Connection closed by foreign host. balder@balder-desktop ~/java $ telnet 80 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. GET /index.php HTTP/1.1 Connection closed by foreign host.
  21. Linux Project Development

    try the following bash$ cvs login bash$ cvs -z3 co -P apex-linux
  22. Zlobomir i belive you will find that almiteycow started PWDC with crise joining and then later taking over completly, he was only about 13 though. talanted people like that make me sick . Please correct me if im wrong
  23. Advanced settings explained

    you can get that from kevos guide. however i may do a guide specifily for the sharing options if people think its needed.
  24. Advanced settings explained

    Advanced Settings Explained This guide explains the meaning of the options in the advanced settings page. Auto-away on minimize (and back on restore) Default:OFF if this option is on. When you minimize the application you will automaticly go into away mode meaning that your away message will be sent to anyone who pm's you. you will also appear as away in the user list. when you maximize the app you will automaticly be taken out of away mode Automaticly Follow Redirects Default:ON you can be issued a redirect for any number of reasons. you share is not bigger enough to enter a hub or you could have been sent a redirect by an op. If this option is on you software will automaticly go to the hub you where redirected to Clear Search box after each search Default:ON if this option is on then the search box will be cleared after each search. if it is Off then the text remains. note that this is not related to the search term history Minimize at Program Startup Default:OFF If this option is on. Each time you start the application it will start minimized in the system tray. Use File extentions for Download to in search Default:ON nope. cant work this one out Remove Forbidden (unfinished Kazaa, Win MX, GetRight, eMule, ApexDC++) Default:ON When this option is on you can provide a comma sepetated list of files to remove from you share. The list of files is set in the share skiplist (wildcard: *, separator: " text feild. An example of a list would be *.tmp;*.cab;*.ini;*.dll; Install URL handler on startup (to handle dchub:// links) Default:ONif this is on it puts an entry in your registry to tell aplications wanting to use the dchub:// protocol should do so with ApexDC Install Magnet URI handler on startup Default:ONif this is on it puts an entry in your registry to tell aplications wanting to the magnet uri scheme should do so with ApexDC Don't Delete file lists when exitingDefault:OFF If this opsion is on then any file list you download will be avaliable in your file lists folder next time the app starts. When it is off they are deleted when the app is closed. Automaticly Disconnect users who leave the hub Default:OFF When this option is ON. if a user leaves the hub and he is downloading from you in that hub. they will be disconnected Dont automaticly disconnect favorite users who leave the hub Default:ON if you have the above option set on. You can set this option to on so that if one of your fav users leaves the hub they will not be disconnected. Dont send the away message to botsDefault:ON When this option is on your away message will not be sent to bots e.g. message rooms and hub messages. Break on first ADLSearch match Default:OFF If you're using the ADLSearch features, having this option on will make a file show up in only the first search it matches. If disabled, it may appear multiple times. Enable Safe and compressed transfers Default:ON When transfering data with a compatible client, DC++ will try to use ZLIB compression with integrity checks. This uses some CPU cycles, but can dramatically speed up transfers of uncompressed files as well as ensure file integrity. Accept custom user commands from hub Default:ON This option lets you enable or disable DC++'s ability to retrieve custom commands from a remote hub. Custom User Commands may show when you click on the hub's tab, or on a user in the Transfer View, Search Window, or User List. Always use passive mode for Search (use only if you know exactly what your doing) Default:OFF if this is on it allows you to perform search results as a passive user but whilst still downloading as active user send unknow /commands to the hub Default:OFF If this is on and you type a message starting with foward slash in either the main chat or private chat. It will only me sent to the client if the client has a response it will send the response to the hub otherwise it will be droped Add finished files to share instantly (if shared) Default:OFF if this is on then when a file finishes downloading the your file list will be refreshed. Use CTRL for line history Default:ON if this is on then you can use the control and the up and down arrow keys to scroll through previous messages Debug Commands Default:OFF not sure Send garbage on incoming connections (to avoid ISP p2p throterling) Default:OFF i belive this tells the client to send a random block of data during uploading handshake, probably to avoid protocol detection or something Send garbage on outgoing connections (to avoid ISP p2p throterling) Default:OFF same as above but for downloading Enable the webserver Default:OFF if this option is on then then apex will listen on a port specified in the expert pane. It will produce a web page where you can search for files view your upload and download que and some other stuff Detect Conflicting software Default:ON if this option is on you will be shown a message if you have sofwtare the might conflick with dc e.g. zonealarm Dont announce new ApexDC++ versions (vesion.xml is still dowlnoaded Default:OFF if this option is on you will not be shown a message hen the newest version of apex is out Activate search/userlist filter by Enter Default:OFF if you turn this on then you will need to hit enter before your search on the userlist is performed. this option will save on resource for those that really need it Save settings window state Default:OFF When this option is the apex settings dialog bok will open straight to the page you where last viewing instead of the front page. e.g. if you where looking at user commands and closed the settings the next time you open settings tha page showed would be user commands Enable $HubTopic support Default:OFF if this option is on your client will support the $HupTopic protocol extention, this extention is used in verlihub. The $HubTopic command sends the topic of the hub to the client, similar to IRC. Start hubs minimized Default:OFF if this option is on then hubs will be minimized when you open them Well i got them all bar to, i think I am sure someone will be able to say what those two are and if you have any corrections please feel free to post them :)