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  1. User Commands

    I know: delphi, java, php, lua, perl, c++. And wrote a lot of some applications (include my own dc hub). Option to create or not to create submenu... It's simple, i think.
  2. Dynamic updates for IpGuard

    A have a system in my hub, that separates users from different networks. Because traffic to some networks is free or cheap, to another — expensive. It allows users economize theirs money. But... It works only in my hub. Users can't connect to other hubs (some are bigger, than my) beacuse of traffic price. I think they will be glad to have a client with ip guard and ip ranges autoupdates from my server :)
  3. Quick nick change

    How about some commands for change nicks? If hub is in favorites, command /nick <nick> change user's nick in hub's properties, and reconnect. Else nick will be changed until client closed. Command /dnick <nick> (default nick) changes user's nick in settings (and reconnect to all not favorite hubs). And command /anick <nick> (all nicks) changes user's nick in settings and in all favorite hub's properties (and reconnect to all hubs).
  4. User Commands

    Agree, it can't be difficult :)
  5. User Commands

    Tidier... May be. For some users... But not for all. Some users wants first... Another wants second... And good developer should make options for them all © me :thumbsup:
  6. User Commands

  7. Брэндмауер Windows попробуйте в службах отключить... Почти всегда помогает. И антивирусы вроде касперского тоже могут мешать.
  8. A have a idea) For example, a have a php script, that generates ip ranges in xml like apexdc: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <IpRanges> <Range Start="167837953" End="184549375" Comment="Range 1"/> ... ... </IpRanges> I want a feature, that allows apexdc automatically update IPGuard ranges from my script. Field with path to script may be in settings :)
  9. User Commands

    I think, it should be without submenu by default, and user can activate submenu, if he want.