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  1. Ignore hub member

  2. Ignore hub member

    I joined this great hub but ever since the moment I got there there's this asshole that keeps bugging me with PMs and checking on me saying things like "you already downloaded 4 shows from me so you better be sharing them". Like I said the hub is great, I just don't like/trust this sneaky ****er, is there a way I can avoid downloading anything from this particular hub user?
  3. Connection was clossed Forcibly by Remot Host

    Happened to me once. Fixed this by going into settings and clicked on "Get IP Address". Problem solved :)
  4. ApexDC++ Settings Backup

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    Is there any documentation for this plugin? What exactly does it do?
  6. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    Yes I have PG2 actually running, so now everything makes sense, so I'll just add the blocklist directly to PG2 Thank you.
  7. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    Now I'm really confused The thing is that the entire PeerGuardian2 section is grayed out on my client, therefore none of the buttons mentioned can be used/activated; I didn't mention this before because I assumed this was normal and that the PG2 plugin activated this section for use. Will simply adding the PG2 list you mention to the mentioned folder actually activate the grayed out PG2 section for use?
  8. Why is ApexDC++ banned from hubs?

    All good news update I was worried I'd have to stop using ApexDC++ but I discovered this gem of a function you mention while adding hubs to the favorite list, I'm currently using it in the forum with the strict DC++ client guidelines and so far not a word from anyone Also, I've been able to find a couple of hubs with "äny client supported policies" so even more good news Thanks for the reply.
  9. So today I finally take the time to setup ApexDC++, my first time I connect with ApexDC++, connect to a hub, before doing anything I take the time to go thru the hub rules, only point of caution for me: no uplimiters!!! Because my particular taste of files to dl is somewhat difficult to get (MMA fights/events) I thought "what the hey, I'll comply because Ï DON'T WANT TO CAUSE TROUBLE OR GET KICKED" So i go into settings and disable the limiter which I did have activated, then I go back, start dl and.... I WAS BANNED!!! The reason given was something like: "for not using official DC++ client"and a suggestion and a link to download an appropriate one. I must say never before had I experienced this :stuart: :sick: :) OK, so after watching a couple of screens of vain reconnection attempts by ApexDC++ I move on, I go look for another MMA hub, go thru the hub rules and guess what is the FIRST rule of the hub? See below if you guessed right: "1] Use original DC++, oDC, StrgDC or DC-Gui (DC-gui must show their tag). Other clients not mentioned above will get you banned. No warning will be given. KFF Prefered Client is DC++, Download at:" :fear: :sick: :) So I have a couple of questions: 1) Why is this the reaction to ApexDC++. 2) How can I fix this, is quit using ApexDC++ the only solution??? -T1D
  10. ApexDC++ Windows User Guide

    While I understand that a permanent fix to the missing PeerGuardian plugin issue can take some time (it was 4 months ago when it was first mentioned but hey, who's counting? ) someone even mentioned having struggled to find it as I am now, can someone please the link to the PeerGuardian plugin here in the mean time? Thanks. -T1D
  11. How to install the PeerGuardian plugin (Pre-1.0)

    PeerGuardian plugin link is dead, Peerguardian is key for safety, can someone please update the link or maybe post resources? Thanks.