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  1. can seach cant download

    Maybe you can share with us what was wrong, so it might help others? And this is not the right section. :(
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    No, I won't tell you to * :huh:
  3. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    ...but unfortunately you can pls no one. :huh:
  4. apexDC++ problem

    Hello, Please wait for a developer to respond.
  5. Апекс для линукса

    Надеемся что будеть доступен скоро, у нас уже есть Линукс разработчик.
  6. Ignore PM's from users?

    The dark clients make light clients to progress. Funny, but reality. ^_^
  7. block leacher/0 share users from DL

    It is up to hub owner to set a limit for min. share. You can only choose the hubs you are in.
  8. 1.1 Beta Details

    Very soon. :blushing: ^_^
  9. Modify MAGNET funktion

    Not sure what you mean, but I am waiting ages for "Create New Folder" in "Browse".
  10. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Actually vice-versa, but will sound abusive :)
  11. Slow internet speeds

    Just use the built-in limiter, or google QoS. :)
  12. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    What is your problem with such users, if they have the patience?
  13. TTH

    Pssst... Leave him in the dark. :P
  14. how to get unbanned

    Maybe they simply hate Apex, as some of us do not like the SMT's speed mod. Any alternative communication? E-mail, messengers? Just state your problem, if they do not care, there are better hubs (f. ex. see my signature ).
  15. [bug] [1.01] Segmented downloading while disabled

    You with latest public version? Have you tried Lower values than 508KB? This may affect your download speed tho.
  16. how to get unbanned

    Well, probably you are using a client w/o TTH support. Still, if there people ARE NOT SURE, they should not ban users just like this. You can try a newer client, our Apex DC++ 1.0.1 for example. And sorry I didn't asked about your client first. P. S. Seems hub is on dynamic IP. Any DNS address?
  17. how to get unbanned

    Thanks. @Greg - Yes, but as quality service it is nothing for us to contact hub staff, using our IPs. I. e. IP . Hub is offline while I am typing these rows, but altho there is not a reliable whois, hub is probably near to you. ;)
  18. how to get unbanned

    Hello, Please let us know the hub address and your EXACT nick there, if not private. I guess Lee can provide the IP from the forum, if static. @Staff: Please move to Support.
  19. Compiling ApexDC++

    But afaik it is enormous in size compared to stlport.
  20. Cant get list

    ...but haven't been reconnected to the hub?
  21. Cant get list

    Maybe it was just the period before the no-ip was updated with your new IP.
  22. Ïðîïèñàë windows â ïîèñêå, âñå áèëî íîðìàëüíî...
  23. Connection closed

    Most likely some syntax error in command. Here is my kick RAW: $To: %[userNI] From: %[myNI] $<%[myNI]> You are being kicked because: %[userCT] %[userCS] %[userAT]|<%[myNI]> is kicking %[userNI] because: %[userCT] - %[userCS]|<%[myNI]> !kick %[userNI] %[userCT] %[userCS] %[userAT]|
  24. problem with connection

    Or look in Public hubs, it may have changed its address.