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  1. release A small 1.5.1 update and FlexHub

    I checked both websites, TAN even has google bot as a registered member, Flexhub's latest version can't be downloaded, ist not in the download section.. guess Apex is doomed now, I quit
  2. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    A new router installed?? anything changed in your network? Did you read the manual or only use the PortForward programm? A new router could change the internal IP's and your pc could have some trouble getting the correct IP. Ports could be in use by another programm perhaps? The trouble started after you installed the router, so most likely the problem is the routers settings...
  3. Yes you can, all you have to figure out how to disable the IP-check in your hubsoft, for ptokax, check in profile-manager the IP-check, in your profile, enable it to stop the check on your IP, for aquila, give yourself the locallan right..etc. etc.
  4. Unable to connect to hub

    in passive mode should work if you're connected to the internet, only problem could be your schools server not allowing P2P programs.
  5. Port forwarding when hosting a hub

    You should be able to connect through your internal IP, dchub:// , all you need to do in your router is forwarding the hubport(411) to your internal IP( to let users connect.
  6. Port forwarding when hosting a hub

    If the hub is on the same pc, find out it's IP, could be internal one (LAN), use the IP as addy. Make sure the hub is up and serving. IP can be found from windows command-line by typing ipconfig or ifconfig Make sure the hub accepts internal IP's in search on your profile
  7. raw command for auto kick?

    something like this? *** User andreichivu - Sharing 4 forbidden files including Porno in familie - DC_HUB -- sonic.madnet.ro muie,viol,pizda,pthc,creampie,sloboz,deflorare,sex,xxx,regie,anal,virgin,incest,futai,pedo,r@ygold.avi, comment: <Djacky> *** andreichivu from got Kicked in the ass by Operator testing Because: Porno in familie - DC_HUB -- sonic.madnet.ro muie,viol,pizda,pthc,creampie,sloboz,deflorare,sex,xxx,regie,anal,virgin,incest,futai,pedo,r@ygold.avi thats Illegal porn, plz remove it :-( raw: <%[myNI]> !kick %[userNI] %[adlFile] thats Illegal porn, plz remove it :-(| plz don't forget the endpipe.. tested and working on ApexDC++1.3.8 Setup the action and raw part, setup the ADL with apropiate action and enable the action and raw part for your hub in favorite hubslist. testing the ADL can be done by: disable raw in fav hubslist, and enable "show cheat in main"