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  1. Memory

    It's ADC Lee, Ynhub 1.036
  2. Memory

    I could get those figures and I am pretty sure your going to get the same reply , this is not just me , we have all talked about the increase, it ain't no big thing, it just is.....It has been my experience after 7 or 8 years of hosting a hub, that very few users even worry or look at client stats, unless something fails.
  3. Memory

    Ok , if that is extremely low for this weeks average...lol....then I can live with it..The reason I brought it up is that on a average the users on our hub using apex had been getting memory usage in the mid 30 range. this is not a sharp spike, just thought it was worth bringing up, sure not a slight on the client at all, I can understand as the client gets more beef to it, the more it's going to take to run the thing, but it's still the best client as far as I am concerned....However feedback about changes are a good thing, it's how we tune up, there's no such thing as almost in tune.
  4. Memory

    -=[ ApexDC++ 1.3.2 Compiled on: 2010-05-25 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 5 hours 11 min 37 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:02:06 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 32.01 MiB (44.83 MiB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 40.56 MiB (47.20 MiB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 73.28 KiB ][ Uploaded: 450.13 MiB ]=- -=[ Total download: 191.14 GiB ][ Total upload: 441.05 GiB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 1 day 18 hours 48 min ]=- -=[ ApexDC++ 1.3.3 Compiled on: 2010-06-14 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 11 hours 15 min 23 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:02:42 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 49.80 MiB (49.92 MiB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 45.39 MiB (45.58 MiB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 176.08 KiB ][ Uploaded: 477.16 MiB ]=- -=[ Total download: 193.58 GiB ][ Total upload: 447.09 GiB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 11 hours 17 min 31 sec ]=- Crise I know there is a bit more usage as far as up an downloads go, but it still eats a bit more than 1.3.2 and the previous build.
  5. ApexDC++ smashes 6 million downloads

    Holy cow, where the heck did these last 5 years go.....seems like it was just a couple of years ago that I ran into this cool little client called PeerWeb and just look how far we have come today....When ya have the best, why look any further !
  6. unable to download a movie or anythink else

    yeah that sounds like a port issue....depending on what OS he using they need to make sure they have a tcp and a udp port open in either the router/modem and or OS firewall, that and making sure all the user name info is in the settings.......I agree with a previous comment though, most of the answers are in the user guides, sometimes it's just a matter of back tracking every step....I sure know I have had to do it countless times with users and myself during more advanced senior moments.
  7. 100% CPU Utilisation

    Ok it looks like a restart took care of the problem on my side....so, what ever it is must be a creeper, after a restart and an hour n' half the stats look way better. -=[ Uptime: 1 hour 30 min 9 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:00:08 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 25.73 MiB (41.02 MiB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 31.47 MiB (39.81 MiB) ]=-
  8. 100% CPU Utilisation

    Sorry folks I have to add one more to this string. This morning I started getting users from the hub complaining about apex using abnormal amounts of ram, one user had it sucking down 500 mb, so I checked mine, This is with nothing going out or coming in on the downloads and only one hub open. [09:43:18] -=[ ApexDC++ 1.2.1 Compiled on: 2009-07-11 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 2 days 12 hours 38 min ][ Cpu time: 0:07:17 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 91.93 MiB (91.99 MiB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 306.29 MiB (306.36 MiB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 1.42 GiB ][ Uploaded: 568.92 MiB ]=- -=[ Total download: 158.82 GiB ][ Total upload: 354.32 GiB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 2 days 15 hours 6 min ]=- -=[ CPU Clock: 2499.730108 MHz ]=- Something ain't Kosher with that much usage I had been running about 38%, I wouldn't think to much of it, if it wasn't for the fact that were getting complaints from a lot of apex users on the hub. thanks
  9. upload pause function

    This question has been asked before I am sure but, would it be to much to add a pause feature for uploads as well as the one currently for downloading?
  10. Can't load file list

    Did you try installing another copy of Apex?.....You may want to try that is all else fails.
  11. chat scanner

    Ditto, I'll get banned from my own hub....:>)
  12. 3,000,000 downloads milestone

    =[ ApexDC++ 1.2.0B Compiled on: 2008-12-24 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 9 hours 23 min 10 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:03:12 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 27.75 MiB (38.11 MiB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 29.20 MiB (34.33 MiB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 171.76 KiB ][ Uploaded: 995.14 MiB ]=- -=[ Total download: 106.31 GiB ][ Total upload: 241.50 GiB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 1 day 19 hours 9 min ]=- -=[ CPU Clock: 2004.546525 MHz ]=- Now that is nice !
  13. upload pause function

    Ha .....was kinda afraid of that....yeah I know we can pause the downloads, there are times when i have need of pausing the uploads also.....So I guess it's the time tried method, shut the client down and restart. thanks
  14. ApexDC for external HDDs

    When I have to shut down and restart a external, it is really no big deal for me to do to my share settings and just click back on the folders, they come right back up and don't need to be hashed again.
  15. plz help

    I run ynhub with my apex.....you don't see User commands in the drop down list when your right click?........if you see that, thats where all your commands should be.
  16. Unable to connect with router

    I think that was the ticket, it was certainly a step by step process though We do get a user every now and then that no matter what we try, they still can't get fully active. but most of the time it is a matter of not having all the port numbers where they should be and or a windows firewall issue. I have found that binding the IP to the computer address helps out sometimes....funny how each set up takes a little trick that works for some and not others. This one was fun though, Dan seems to understand his system......Hope it works well for him
  17. Unable to connect with router

    Dan, just for giggles put your ip address in the window that says bind address and give that a try....If you haven't tried that yet, that is.
  18. Unable to connect with router

    Thats a great idea ..........it's either a port config or his ip keeps changing on him....As mine does oh so many times a day on occasion.
  19. Unable to connect with router

    Hey Dan if all those other things didn't work, here is my last grab at the straw...In that lynksys router, instead of clicking both on the ports for Apex, try setting one as TCP and the do another for UDP This little problem is a butt kicker sometimes, we run into it a lot on our hub and I have had a few go rounds with the problem myself, most of the time it was over looking something in the settings either in Apex, or in my windows settings, the router is fairly straight forward. Also, you may want to just keep playing with port numbers, sometimes the router just won't take certain ones. Good Luck I'll check back Sunday night.
  20. Unable to connect with router

    Man.....something is sure enough blocking your ports then, it sounds like you windows firewall....one question, do you have your IP set to static...Your ip on the router I mean. And here is one thing that I have to do with my modem to router connection. I connect to the web through PPoE protocal, so I have to bridge my modem to my router, in oreder to that I have to connect direct through the modem to the pc, there is a function in my modem that sets it to bridge mode. This may be something you would want to call your ISP about. Ask them if you are connecting through PPPoE and if so how do you bridge the modem. If this is the case no matter what you try it won't work until you do so. You can also try this, go to network connections windows...network connections/Local connections...right click on the local connections hit properties , scroll down to tcp/ip...click it and the hit properties, and if you are not setting it to static hit obtain IP automatic and the same with DNS server, check obtain automatic. If you are setting your machine to static then you will need to fill all the information.....once again good luck....I just have a hunch you may have to bridge that modem though.
  21. Problems with active mode

    ok mon, sorry it was my mistake, I thought you were talking about one connection not 2.
  22. Problems with active mode

    The ADSL/ethernet is your modem, it can act as a router.........the modem will hand a ip address to what ever is behind it computer/router....whatever, so all you should have to so is have your ports open through the linksys. One thing you may check though is, if you are connecting with your ISP via PPoE protocall, you may need to bridge your modem to your router....in most case's that means you need to connect direct to the modem, go into your settings and find the bridge modem function, or give your ISP a call and aske them about it if you don't know. good luck
  23. Unable to connect with router

    Hmmm, hope this don't sound like a dumb question, but sometimes, speaking for myself I can overlook the simplest things......is the IP address in the external/wan ip correct?.....not your IP on the router, but the IP handed out by your ISP? If you are using the new apex build, don't use the get IP link in your settings type it. Port issues can take some work sometimes so don't get to frustrated, most of the time it is a matter of going back over every step until you find the gremlin, so hang in there.
  24. Unable to connect with router

    Instead of using UPnP, try using firewalled with manual port settings