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  1. RSS

    Okay well it was just a quick suggestion. If its something your interested in doing then ok and if not I will just keep checking when I get the chance.
  2. RSS

    I have a suggestion. I know the forums offer RSS feed for the Announcement section. I check my feeds several times a day and thought it would be nice if the RSS feeds would cover all threads on here as well as the tester area. I could keep up even at work and probably be more active from time to time. For some weird reason the computer at work restricts me from accessing the board so I don't get but every so many days to stop and check it at home. Not sure if anyone else would benefit from this but I do think it would be a nice addition to the board.
  3. Problem with ApexDC 0.4.0

    This has been answered a few times over Osmium. Please search the forum before posting. :)
  4. 1.2 Development Update

    Congrats on the progression of development. Glad to help with this project.
  5. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    First off this isnt relevant to the topic of this thread nor Apex...Secondly so the hub is offline. Umm what exactly do you want fixed? You need to be a bit more specific. Thanks.
  6. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    [quote name='StanleyTweedle
  7. hide on minimise

    Yesthat should solve it.
  8. 10,000 members

    Good Stats....Keep it up! :P
  9. HUBS DONT OPEN!den anoigoyn ta hubs

    Is your IP Guard set to default Deny or Allow? I know 3 people that reported this same thing and it turned out they had it set to Deny as default policy.
  10. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Some people and there logics are not cut out for P2P. :)
  11. someone screwed this client

    What? Changelogs....Users are supposed to read that? LOL Thats the problem with alot of software on the internet. They expect the best release to be the first release and don't give a damn what has been done to make the program better. But its easier that way to some. That way they don't have to own up to there own screw ups. Its easier to blame then to take blame :)
  12. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    The short pause when chatting and in the program I experienced in earlier builds that went away with later builds is back. I didn't have this pause when using the Alpha.
  13. Slow internet speeds

    I have Comcast and I have no issues. I simply in advance settings have the garbage over TCP connection settings checked and my limiter set to 114k down and 29k up. Comcast has yet to traffic shape my P2P at all. Infact the only thing they seem to shape around here is torrents, but that is no surprise as it has been all over the news. I don't use torrents myself as there is to much of a risk anyhow. I am actually quite satisfied with Comcast. When they took over the company I had my price went down and my speeds stayed the same. I rarely loose my connect and have no issues with any traffic shaping outside of torrents. I really do not understand some of the fuss over Comcast especially coming from people who don't use Comcast or never will. If your using Comcast post a message I wanna hear what others overall experience with it has been.
  14. Fastest Download Speed?

    That makes me wanna cry!!! That was before Comcast began there traffic shaping my connection. My speed now. I am hosting 2 hubs in the peak time of day. 3 computers online and 3 clients online, 1 download and 2 uploads.
  15. Dc++ 0.706 out

    Might I add 0.706 is a "BETA" so, why would you want Apex updated with such a client. Updating to a BETA source could possibly cause bugs in Apex. No one wants that because if they did Crise, Lee and the rest of us on the Apex Team would have to spend our days answering forum post to why "ApexDC was released buggy" like has happen before. I think Lee is on the right track..I will wait patiently for 1.1 and test any build for testers in between rather then have a buggy public release.