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  1. Search - Results list filtering improvements

    Wow, that field supports RegEx? That's cool, and serves the purpose just fine. Very nice indeed. Although again, I must say that when such a great feature is made totally undiscoverable, that's just bad UI. No two ways about it. Even a simple tooltip to that effect would have made things so much easier, 'cos how many people would out of the blue think of entering a RegEx there?
  2. Change name of currently downloading file

    What I'm asking for is simple. After TempTarget is done downloading, it is moved/renamed to Target. Note that both TempTarget and Target can refer to the same location, in which case the only result would be that File name.TTH.dctmp is renamed to File name. Thing is, Target can apparently only be changed when the download is not currently underway. Attempting to move/rename a file currently being downloaded does not change Target in Queue.xml at all. My question is, why this sort of restriction? A file's TempTarget won't change, but why can't its Target be changed midway through a download? Why should you need to stop the download in order to do this? In any case the actual renaming/moving will only happen at the end of the download (obviously), so what's the problem with changing the final path/file name string in the XML during the download? There, did I explain the problem properly? Hope you understood what I am trying to say...
  3. What the topic title states. For every favorite user I'd like to have a checkbox where I can specify whether his filelist will automatically be downloaded on startup (if he's online, of course). I regularly log on and check the file list of some always online hub bots for updates, so would be nice if this can be automated.
  4. Attempting to change the name of a file being currently downloaded doesn't seem to stick. However, I can change the name before the file has started downloading, or if it is not currently being downloaded. In Queue.xml I can see that there's a Download node for each file, with attributes Target="PathFile name" and TempTarget="PathFile name.TTH.dctmp". If a file has not started downloading, moving/renaming it would mean Target and TempTarget have the same path/file name string. But once a file has started downloading but is now stopped, moving renaming it makes the strings differ (as expected). In this case, once the file has been downloaded it is then moved/renamed as required. If so, then why can't the same be allowed when a file is currently being downloaded? In this case too surely Queue.xml can be modified and the file can be moved/renamed after the download has completed?
  5. Filter download queue

    Haven't found a way to do this, so would love to have a way to filter the download queue or just to search the queue for matching text/file names/wildcards/RegEx.
  6. Sort order retention

    1) The Transfers section (Ctrl+3 - bottom of the Download Queue tab) doesn't seem to retain sort order across sessions. Would love to see this fixed. 2) Similarly, the search tab doesn't retain sort order as well, and always seems to have "sort by descending number of hits" selected by default. While that does make sense somewhat, I often keep clicking the File name column to view results in alphabetical/numeric order, and would like the sort order to stick.
  7. 1) Currently if the search results are not expanded, searching in results only seems to take into account the top-most result of each TTH group. For example, if a group has the top-most displayed result as "ABC 01.txt" but there's an alternate name "ABC 001.txt" hidden in the non-expanded group, searching for "001" displays nothing, even though the "01" group contains the "001" result hidden. Why can't it search through even the hidden/non-expanded names instead (automatically expanding as required)? 2) I have often found that on searching for say "ABC", I get results like "ABC 01.txt", "ABC 02.txt" and "ABC 04.txt". For some reason "ABC 03.txt" doesn't show up initially, even after waiting for a long time after the search has hit 100%. However, on browsing the file list of a user who has these files, I see "ABC 03.txt" in there, and then switching back to the results tab now shows that the missing file name has been added to the list. So why was it missing in the first place, and why do I need to double-check the user's file list to confirm its presence? Would love to see this "missing results" bug fixed. 3) The toolbar can have a quick search text field (ctrl+4), but the only way to jump to that field seems to be by using the mouse. Ctrl+S always opens a new search tab, so why can't we have say Shift+S (or some other free shortcut) to jump to the quick search field? 4) The history for the normal search tab and the quick search field seem to be connected, so searching in one adds the search terms to the other as well. Nice. But purging the normal search tab's history doesn't seem to affect quick search for some reason, and I haven't found a way to purge the quick search history at all during a session. Why not have the purge button affect both equally?
  8. Suppose a search returns the following file names as results: i) abc def ghi ii) abc def jkl iii) def mno iv) mno pqr Currently I can enter "def" in the "Search in results" text field with File selected, and it will filter and display only the first three names above. But something like "abc def" or "abc AND def" doesn't work to display only the first two names. So my top suggestion would be for full boolean operator support. However, if AND OR NOT or + - present problems (since these can be present in file names/paths as well), then an alternate suggestion would be to have two text fields - one "Include in results" and the other "Exclude from results". Each should be capable of filtering using multiple words separated by a space. So for example Include = abc def should display files i) and ii), but adding Exclude = ghi would display only file ii). Also, I know that - or minus can already be used to exclude results while searching itself, but the problem with this is that there is no way to retrieve the excluded results without searching again, which might result in a repeated/duplicate searches warning if done too quickly. Having boolean operator support or include and exclude text fields would mean that users can dynamically filter the results as required, without having to search the connected hubs again.
  9. When I started using Apex, I used to search and on getting multiple names for the same file (hidden by default unless the results are expanded automatically/manually), I used to simply click the top-most name displayed. Often I'd have to rename the file as per my preferences after the download was complete. Later I realized that of the multiple names, often some would have the naming style I preferred (great minds think alike! ) and I could click one of the expanded results and download using that name instead of the top-most one. This certainly made life easier. However, I have found that if I have already clicked and added a result with say name "ABC.txt", clicking another result (of course from the same TTH group) with say name "XYZ.txt" will not change the added file's name in the download queue. Why is this? I'd like to request that this be made possible, so that if I add a file with the same TTH as one already in the download queue, but with a different name, the file in the queue should now have the name of the file added later. If there are some who wouldn't like this to happen by default, instead of the client stating that file already exists in the queue, it can pop up a Yes/No dialog asking: "File already exists in the queue, but with the following name - ABC.txt. Do you want to rename it to - XYZ.txt?"
  10. As the subject states, when the "Expand search results" checkbox is not checked and I am moving through the results list using the up/down arrow keys, often I'd like to expand a result and find myself instinctively pressing the right arrow key (as it works in Windows Explorer). However, this only serves to scroll the results window to the right. Even the asterisk (*) key doesn't work as it does in Explorer. I see that Ctrl+left/right arrow keys already serve to scroll the window by a page, so one option could be to reassign the "normal/small scroll" function from the left/right arrow to the Shift+left/right arrow keys. Then the left/right arrow keys by themselves can be assigned the task of expanding/contracting search results. Alternately, an easier implementation with less changes required would be to simply set up the asterisk key as a toggle for expanding/contracting search results. What do the devs think?
  11. File priority options

    Yes, would love to have this on the ToDo list as well. The buttons on the toolbar would certainly help, because the context menu should contain non-essential/extra items, not important ones such as File Priority that aren't accessible from anywhere else. Recently I had a painful experience on a laptop where the right trackpad button was broken, so I had to constantly switch to the keyboard to access the context menu. Easy to use toolbar buttons or maybe even a Priority drop-down menu on the toolbar would be great to have. Thanks, looking forward to it being implemented. Ah yes, although TBH after looking at that it reminds me - is there a comprehensive help file or guide to all the settings? An app like this sure needs a help file for people not familiar with the exact implications of each setting change.
  12. Advanced power options

    Great, would love to see these in the app some day. :)
  13. Advanced power options

  14. File priority options

  15. Magnet URI bug?

    One more thing I'd like to add - whether that irritating dialog is shown, or after this is fixed the search is carried out automatically, I'd very much like an option to specify whether to switch to the new search tab immediately or not. Firefox has a similar option - "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately", which I keep unchecked. The reason for this is, in Apex when the current hub/chat tab has a whole series of magnet links, I'd like to quickly click each one and start searching. But given the behavior now, even if the bug is fixed I'd need to constantly switch back to the tab with the links, since the newly opened search tab gets focus by default.