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When I started using Apex, I used to search and on getting multiple names for the same file (hidden by default unless the results are expanded automatically/manually), I used to simply click the top-most name displayed. Often I'd have to rename the file as per my preferences after the download was complete. Later I realized that of the multiple names, often some would have the naming style I preferred (great minds think alike! :P) and I could click one of the expanded results and download using that name instead of the top-most one. This certainly made life easier.

However, I have found that if I have already clicked and added a result with say name "ABC.txt", clicking another result (of course from the same TTH group) with say name "XYZ.txt" will not change the added file's name in the download queue. Why is this? I'd like to request that this be made possible, so that if I add a file with the same TTH as one already in the download queue, but with a different name, the file in the queue should now have the name of the file added later.

If there are some who wouldn't like this to happen by default, instead of the client stating that file already exists in the queue, it can pop up a Yes/No dialog asking: "File already exists in the queue, but with the following name - ABC.txt. Do you want to rename it to - XYZ.txt?"

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