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As the subject states, when the "Expand search results" checkbox is not checked and I am moving through the results list using the up/down arrow keys, often I'd like to expand a result and find myself instinctively pressing the right arrow key (as it works in Windows Explorer). However, this only serves to scroll the results window to the right. Even the asterisk (*) key doesn't work as it does in Explorer.

I see that Ctrl+left/right arrow keys already serve to scroll the window by a page, so one option could be to reassign the "normal/small scroll" function from the left/right arrow to the Shift+left/right arrow keys. Then the left/right arrow keys by themselves can be assigned the task of expanding/contracting search results.

Alternately, an easier implementation with less changes required would be to simply set up the asterisk key as a toggle for expanding/contracting search results.

What do the devs think?

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