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  1. Hi, I have a question is this normal with latest version 1.6.3? On old version I see which files users downloading from me time left etc. but on latest version it show only for sec or two and then disappears :( I really like to see informations like time left etc. do I need to change something? I test it on version 1.6.1 and is same as on version 1.6.2 I see informations all the time.

    I like ApexDC++ is my favorite for years (From version 1.3.0)

    ApexDC++ Download-Upload.JPG

  2. we highly recommend you upgrade to 1.6.0 as soon as possible



    We have no choice :)  :angry2:  My comp. running 7/24 and I got messages but I had not been able to read because again close button was blocked ! When I click Download Apex has shut down :(



    I never use backup for any software I always use new install but now I need to copy PM, MC etc. to see messages :angry: I`m lucky that I always turn Logs on otherwise would lost all messages :angry: :angry:  


    I do not understand why you can not let the close button enabled! If I update now or in 1h or 5h is the same but at least I can see the message etc.


    I hate this otherwise I like Apex and I use it for about 5+ years. I install alot and again alot of softwares but every software have option to set disable or enable updates. Yes I always use last version but when I have time etc. I uninstall old version and Install new. But on Apex I hate this...

  3. Forgot saying I always using Slim version because is on other partition and I have other folders inside like BOTs, HUB, etc.


    And about my error I thing it was when Share was loaded because now work ok. First run 2mins. I never use backup. It's a bit annoying because I have to adjust every time when is new update but np :) I always like Clean fresh install... backup I never use on any softwares!



    About Themes I dont like white original theme and I never had/have :)


    This is my ApexDC++ black because I have black windows theme and LG 23" IPS black monitor :) This is old hubsoft... but Theme is always the same. This pictures are old.



  4. Hello, I think is something wrong Logs -> Plugins etc. :) or is this new? and Params and Raw doesn´t work. Other, I think works ok.










    Or maybe not :)


    OS: Windows 8 Ent. x64

    Code: e06d7363 (Unknown)
    Version: 1.5.12 (Apr 14 2014)
    Major: 6
    Minor: 2
    Build: 9200
    SP: 0
    Type: 1
    Time: 2014-04-15 18:09:45
    KERNELBASE!0x3C7264A8: RaiseException
    f:ddvctoolscrtcrtw32ehthrow.cpp(154): _CxxThrowException
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowsproppage.cpp(125): PropPage::write
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowspopups.cpp(179): Popups::write
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowspropertiesdlg.cpp(104): PropertiesDlg::write
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowspropertiesdlg.cpp(117): PropertiesDlg::onOK
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowspropertiesdlg.h(35): PropertiesDlg::ProcessWindowMessage
    c:program files (x86)microsoft visual studio 12.0vcatlmfcincludeatlwin.h(3531): ATL::CWindowImplBaseT<WTL::CListViewCtrlT<ATL::CWindow>=0x3D76171E,ATL::CWinTraits<1442840576=0x000007F9,0> >::WindowProc
    USER32!0x3D76171E: DispatchMessageW
    USER32!0x3D7A22F9: WaitForRedirectionStartComplete
    USER32!0x3D76487A: SendMessageW
    COMCTL32!0x39ECEE2A: AttachScrollBars
    COMCTL32!0x39ECEE05: AttachScrollBars
    USER32!0x3D76171E: DispatchMessageW
    USER32!0x3D7614D7: MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx
    USER32!0x3D78E067: InitializeTouchInjection
    COMCTL32!0x39F0AD1E: Ordinal18
    COMCTL32!0x39F0AC06: Ordinal18
    COMCTL32!0x39F0A94D: Ordinal18
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowsmainfrm.cpp(891): MainFrame::OnFileSettings
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowsmainfrm.h(134): MainFrame::ProcessWindowMessage
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowswtlatlframe.h(1499): WTL::CMDIFrameWindowImpl<MainFrame=0x3D76171E,WTL::CMDIWindow=0x000007F9,ATL::CWinTraits<114229248=0x00000000,262400> >::MDIFrameWindowProc
    USER32!0x3D76171E: DispatchMessageW
    USER32!0x3D76432B: CallWindowProcW
    c:program files (x86)microsoft visual studio 12.0vcatlmfcincludeatlwin.h(4572): ATL::CContainedWindowT<ATL::CWindow=0x3D76171E,ATL::CWinTraits<1442840576=0x000007F9,0> >::WindowProc
    USER32!0x3D76171E: DispatchMessageW
    USER32!0x3D7A22F9: WaitForRedirectionStartComplete
    USER32!0x3D76487A: SendMessageW
    COMCTL32!0x39F14A5E: Ordinal395
    COMCTL32!0x39F14905: Ordinal395
    COMCTL32!0x39EB6302: CCGetScrollInfo
    USER32!0x3D76171E: DispatchMessageW
    USER32!0x3D76432B: CallWindowProcW
    COMCTL32!0x39EB12ED: DefSubclassProc
    COMCTL32!0x39EB11E6: Ordinal295
    COMCTL32!0x39EB12A7: DefSubclassProc
    COMCTL32!0x39EB1375: DefSubclassProc
    COMCTL32!0x39EB11E6: Ordinal295
    COMCTL32!0x39EB10E2: Ordinal295
    USER32!0x3D76171E: DispatchMessageW
    USER32!0x3D7614D7: MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowsmain.cpp(372): Run
    d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkwindowsmain.cpp(515): wWinMain
    f:ddvctoolscrtcrtw32startupcrt0.c(251): __tmainCRTStartup
    KERNEL32!0x3D461842: BaseThreadInitThunk
    ntdll!0x3F7FD609: RtlUserThreadStart


  5. Works perfect. Now I see how long will be user downloaded my file.




    Now we need only on/off auto updates  :) Is OK to window appers but in option that you can close it and using Client forward and when user have time will update client simple :) If Client works for a month can also work for a few hours. I always create new settings... I only copy Favorites.

  6. Yeah, we don't want people to stay on outdated versions; staying up to date keeps users and the network safe. Of course you can setup what program you prefer, but not sure why you're offering them a project that is not maintained and is tailored towards Operators if they don't know how to use DC++. :)


    Yes but is nothing "new" :) For Chat... like mirc but mirc is....... :) and for me to I use DC++ but every month is "new" version but fix or changed not much... it will be OK if can close update windows but is not possible! Sometime alot :) when I need something to download I open DC++ then it show update windows I hate it when it show :) I will update when I have time.... Alot programs or... I use are not up to date but they work perfect :) and when I have time I update...


    Anyway in the settings can be this function for close updates is not hard to create it :)



    And when will be change for upload files.. are files are 10 mb but real size is 800 mb and I never know how long user will uploaded my file from computer this feature is so stu*d nobody cares about those pieces for about 1 mb it will be better to show full file size. Does anyone use this?

  7. Hi this updates are.... always when is new version or this error I can use Client even options to move all settings on new version themes... client is closed I can search, join on hubs... I mandatory to update it but this is not ok sometimes I have no time or... and I cant even use DC++ :(


    Some friends are only for idle on my hub and they not know how to use DC++ in this case I install RSX++ because you can disable search for new version... but on ApexDC++ I could not find these settings...

  8. Download Apex slim on other partition if you have in this case you have Apex and all setings safe. I have all programs on other partition like is "P2P..." nothing in "Program Files". I have like this "A:\Programi EXE\ApexDC++ 1.4.3 .EXE" :D and all install programs are in this map. This programs are on share partition. And windows have on other partition and if i re-installation OS i have all install programs and share filders on safe partition.

  9. Hi i now thet in the new apex version not work all hublist url. I addet my hub on all hublist i found but in apex not work now i have ApexDC++ S16-4 work all hublist... And what version of ApexDC++ work all hublist url? And where i found... It is hublist bad or.... i need all hublist now most have 2 ApexDC++...

    I use new version of ApexDC++ and in upload/download window if users download from me i see the file is 1 MB size but it is 600 MB how can i change this? I see 600MB not 1MB or....