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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Very good news P.S. Мау be you also update this string on main page: Current Versions:0.4.0 / Alpha ? ;)
  2. [Support] Can't compile

    Lordy For fixing 1-st error in Debug-mode with itunescominterface_i.c you need to disable use of precompiled headers for it. And about other errors, may be you have corrupted strmif.h? For example, you may delete/comment there "#include <ddraw.h>" (It sounds silly but it may be). Here is original strmif.h from VS2005. strmif.zip
  3. ApexDC++ Windows User Guide

    As I understand you are talking about attachment in first post (ApexDC___Windows__User_Guide.pdf). No I can't download it now but have version which I downloaded about 2 weeks ago. Here it is (I can't add it as attachment): ApexDC___Windows__User_Guide.pdf
  4. "Experts only" settings explained

    Yes, you are right. And "Max sources for match queue" is the maximum number of filelists which Apex will download for match queue if "Automatically match queue for auto search hits" is checked ("Queue" page).
  5. Ну вы дали :))

    here P.S. Может хватит писать в этой ветке на русском, а то приходиться еще переводы делать P.S. May be enough to write in Russian because you need also make translations :)
  6. what is error C2139

    I think you try to compile with non-modified STLport. You need to get this mod-version from here (also get modified WTL there) or manually comment string # define _STLP_HAS_TYPE_TRAITS_INTRINSICS in _msvc.h
  7. Sudden crash - Don't know what to do

    Yeppy Simply remove all filters from ADL Search page (or delete ADLSearch.xml), specially those that use % symbol. (It would be interesting to see buggy filter, so before send your ADLSearch.xml here)
  8. Sudden crash - Don't know what to do

    It is the bug of formatTime function. It crashes if format string has incorrect parameters. For example: "%1" or "%х" (cyrillic symbol). More info you can get here
  9. [Leak] Apex 0.2.2/0.3.0/0.4.0/sDC2.03

    Here is my variant of fixing GDI Handles leak in EmoticonsDlg for those who can't wait when new version appear. EmoticonsDlg.rar
  10. It is the bug. On some pages the order of columns remembered incorrectly. For example: Favorite users (try to move column Description at first place and than close/open this page several times. Sometimes it would be correct, sometimes not). I fix this in ApexDC++ 0.3.0 mod2 (link for sources I PM to Lee, but for unknown reasons they don't include that changes in ApexDC++ 0.4.0)
  11. The reason of this bug is exception "Invalid floting point operation" in CBarShader::Draw For fix I make such replacement: qwStart += static_cast<uint64_t>(iPixels * m_dblBytesPerPixel + 0.5); -> //fix for crash when select <File Lists> node in download queue double tmp = iPixels * m_dblBytesPerPixel + 0.5; if(tmp <= numeric_limits<int64_t>::max()) qwStart += static_cast<uint64_t>(tmp); else qwStart += qwSpan; Also add "#include <limits>".
  12. Changelog: <<links removed>>
  13. [bug][crash][0.3.0]

    This bug is very like to this
  14. As I already say in such situation I want to see real chunks (segments) sizes and not the offsets in file.
  15. This is specific ApexDC+ 0.3.0 bug. You can see many finished uploads of the one file to the one user with different sizes. As I understand now all upload chunks are logged on this page. May be it is good to show upload chunks (not only when last chunk upload) but in such situations I want to see real chunk sizes and not the offsets in file.