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  1. Reinstalling Windows

    Just backup your apexdc folder, the files you need are all in there.
  2. Not sharing all files?

    I feel this might be user error. How are you calculating your folders to be over 100Gb?
  3. Being Spammed?

    perhaps you just had a lot of stuff he wanted :)
  4. Being Spammed?

    You sure he is not just downloading segments over and over? If so, that is normal behavious, Apex split's the file, that is how segmented downloading works....
  5. ban

    Not that a 3d ban matters if you login and get rebanned for same thing. Ensure you use the check connection in settings>connection Also, as said, it could just be a dodgy hub, try another :)
  6. ban

    That message seems to indicate more that your upload's where disconnecting rather than your not sharing. Is your connection working ok?
  7. AndroidDC

    Does slightly more to convince me of the idea but i'm still not sure about the file transfer idea. I feel an app that works better with the webserver idea would be a good thing to start with.
  8. Active Mode

    You mustn't be properly in active mode. You also mention a college network which could make this difficult. What setting are you using to try and get active? Also, when the boot the client look in the system log window in re of port mappings.
  9. Iphone app

    Just release it on cydia if you do, apple sux, anyone who has an iphone should jailbreak it anyway.
  10. Fastest Download Speed?

    Hey All, Just wondered how fast you all download. I finally got my connection sorted and wanted to see how it compares to everyone else? I know it's not incredible compared to connections most people will have. But anyway.
  11. Been discussed many times before. It will make it into DC as ADC becomes more widespread. But it's a lot of work and I don't think it'll be in near future.
  12. vista and win 7 listview problem

    Last I heard they knew about this, perhaps it is something that there is a workaround for.
  13. Memory

    In that case, are all the other apex users sharing the same amount, downloading uploading the same, all on same version? There are so many variables that can affect this its hard to isolate.
  14. Also which brand of router do you have? Do you forward ports for anything else, are they working?
  15. Memory

    Personally I would have to agree with BM here, I feel that memory usage is extremely low.
  16. How to prevent forced upgrade ?

    Nope you don't need to do that yourself I will.
  17. Full Tree Does not Match TTH Root?

    Srsly? How could that be made any clearer or explained? All the relevant info is there. These files are in your Apex folder, delete them from there.
  18. Personally, I agree with BM, I couldn't live with such a disorganised share. But each to their own I guess.
  19. I did a match file list following a search for alternates, crashed with following log: Code: e06d7363 (Unknown) Version: 1.3.1 (Mar 9 2010) Major: 6 Minor: 1 Build: 7600 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2010-03-12 13:53:39 TTH: 7MY2J6734WE5UILR7GCTTAYHPGC37Q47JG4D27Y 0xFDA7AA7D: ? 0x068BF568: ?
  20. Minimize to tray stopped working (1.3.1)

    TBH I miss it too, I prefer the way uTorrent deals with it, giving users the choice.
  21. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    Just get with the current century and use DynDNS ;)
  22. Are you using the retail version of Windows 7 with all available updates? If not, the RC and original retail had a bug which caused this. Ensure your fully up to date.
  23. DHT/UDP

    Are you certain the ports are all forwarded correctly? Have you tried using a port checker to verify this? PFPortChecker is what I use, verifies if ports are correctly opened etc. Also, double check firewalls aren't blocking it, f.ex. Eset Smart Security on automatic mode blocks Apex without warning.
  24. unable to download a movie or anythink else

    The client seems like it is not correctly configured. First, you need to set up a share. Then you need to read the guides (again). Sorry to re-iterite myself, but you really need to make the effort to do that before we can make the effort to help you.
  25. unable to download a movie or anythink else

    Hmm, do you have Apex installed to program files? If so, try moving it to the core C:\ and try again. Just for troubleshooting purposes.