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  1. re hash files ? file not shared ?

    hi, if it's not what Mek written ( about permissions under vista ), then try to check if the files under <apex folders>\Settings folder named "Favorites.xml" and "Queue.xml" do exist after quitting apex ( no process is running at all named apexdc.exe ) or there are only "Favorites.bak" and "Queue.bak" if there are no .xml files, but the .bak files only, then Apex will create those default ( and empty ) files for you and that's why you won't see your favorite hubs' list and the download queue ----> which would mean that apex couldn't shutdown properly last time it was running and couldn't write back the .xml files to the disk ( to load at the next startup ) there was a little batch file written for it by Aztek if i recall it right ... will check and link here if i'll see it again Edit: yes, it was Aztek last November, who documented it on the forum: http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=3034 )
  2. Crash in windows xp64

    almost all programs crashedon my x64 xp before ( apex usually crashed every time i switched between tabs ), but since i've updated my video driver ( nvidia ) to the current one they share on their webpage everything is stabile .... try this if you have nvidia video card(s) just an idea, but a log would be useful to find out what's the cause
  3. Slow internet speeds

    don't limit it to a slower value, but use sg to priorize/optimize your programs using the connection ( cfos for example, but you can google the words "netshape" "priorize net" etc ... )
  4. Dynamic resource usage

    Zlobomir ... i understood what you'd like, so the explanation is good ... and lets say, i'm standing behind you as the requesting mob :)
  5. obaint 2Kb/s free in upload

    darkins: try to "shape" your traffic ( by protocol, by application ) http://www.google.hu/search?source=ig&...aping&meta= ( i use cfos speed for this like i suppose many others from this forum ... and if you try ... you'll see it's not even a huge money for this useful tool to pay ... considering the licence is for a lifetime )
  6. 1 million downloads achieved

    and that's really way over a mil, congrats guys :huh:
  7. Having to Wait 30 Seconds Between Each Search

    Hi ... it's built in ( and can be set via settings ) .... to save hubs from too many searches from the users ... and anyway ... hubs restrict searching in too short intervals ... so it's not a bug, it's a feature
  8. speed limits per user

    "funny" ... i never meet with that error are you running 32 or 64 bit version? ... as on my pc ... the 64 bit versions of stuff sometimes just simply make the whole thing run into the "will never appear" :stuart: bluescreen and restart it .. if you're using the 64 bit cfos, maybe it would worth a try to check the x86 version ... but that's already not apex :fear:
  9. speed limits per user

    i would rather suggest traffic shaping instead of "speed control per domain" .. as it would be against the dc spirit ( although i had the same problem while been on univ ) try cfos ( or cfosspeed ) to shape your connection speeds .. it really helps -_-
  10. Set auto reconnect

    are you talking agout sg like this? http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtop...amp;#entry12776 when getting a string ( not "script" s written in that topic's first note ... hehe, please forgive me, been spent too many hours-days-weeks with stupid and stupid scripts, and i'm even having them in my dreams ) like containing the part "ban" "hammer" then look for another part ( getstring() or sg, cannot remember which was it ) like "xx:yy" or "xxh" "xh" "x hours" ( where x and y are numerci characters ) and use a built in delay in the reconnect automation which adds like xx*60*60 + yy*60 time until the next reconnect trigger .... i would definetally love it, as ... i have a computer again ... but sometimes cannot even have a look at them for days ... and if anything could go wrong ... it may save longlong hours or waiting for both me, and for those who try to download from me ... excuse me .. i meant US -_-
  11. help! password incorrect?

    or if you know anyone else who's in the hub, he/she can ask it for you or if the hub has a webpage/forum/mail address ... be creative
  12. yeah, easiest is to change isp ... one day isps will realize that they loose too many customers if they fight against the thing the whole internet is invented for :(
  13. Ban for Dynamic IPs

    i used to have a lua script to enable regged users "giving ban points" to someone who's messing up things .... and if someone gets the 3 or 5 "ban points" ... gets banned ... believe me, these ppl will give up soon if they'll have to ask an op to give a regged nick again and again .... or if you set your hub to automatically give timebans to the flooders or those who use unwanted words or expressions ( ) these ppl will get soon to the point when all their nicks will gonna be banned and will look for some fun elsewhere ( hopefully outside in the nature )
  14. I'm on the search for a new antivirus

    yeah, i remember that ... should have been kaspersky anti-virus 4.5 or sg ... things have changed since .. it can be set well to work smooth with other applications as well or if you don't want to spend money on it .... try grisoft's antivirus + some firewall http://free.grisoft.com/
  15. I'm on the search for a new antivirus

    a bit annoying while teaching the firewall, but the best possible :D