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  1. 1 million downloads achieved

    Just here to say congrats, and to mention my hub now has over 500 apex users. :huh:
  2. download later

    I also like this idea. A lot of programs use this now and would be very useful.. Perhaps a topic split (even though I know it won't be added till after version 1).
  3. Your browser of choice

    Firefox at least for now :wub:
  4. [Crash]Apex Beta 3

    Yup this is. Has been reported several times so far even another just today .
  5. ApexDC b3 Crash Reports

    As awesome of the crash report is do you have any other information about it (like what you were doing just before it crashed, did you click something specific that sort of thing)? Also this is a known bug and being worked on. However it's always good to know extra info on it in case there is soemthing new.
  6. Kick if in PG list

    True I'll agree with that but we have to protect our users now. Where I run my hub, it's increasingly hard even just to find OP's to help run it because everyone is afraid of legislation that is currently being made. As it is mine is a fairly private hub running inside of a campus lan on the residance network. But the PG list allows me to give not only myself and others in the lan as much protection as I can give them. Which I think will slowly become important for many hubs to do not that far into the future. So I'm voting yes to this feature for although I may not totally agree with it in some ways I think it's a more important step to protect the community.
  7. Looking for new Support members

    I would also like to apply to the position. I've op'd my campus Gaming clan's forum for just about a year, as well as run the campus Hub. I know lots about DC and Was very active in the forums up to end of May. I'm now approaching school time of year again and as such will have much more time to spend on the forums (ironic but I work a lot in the summer more then I do in the school year). I have prgramming experiance (limited in C and C++ but lots in Java) and have been using Apex since V 0.2)
  8. ApexDC++ and Windows Vista

    As far as I know UAC does not effect Apex at all, I've been using the two together since feburary and have had 0 complications. Not many folders are protected fully anyway. Also are you running a standard account or an administrator account??
  9. disc space error

    Not where the server is located.
  10. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    >.< Should of known better on a side note that install ate all my favourites ;)
  11. Can someone explain the LIMITS settings?

    Well you probally havent turned it on and I don't say that to be rude. There is a button in the main gui that turns limits on and off, and isn't perhaps intuiative to notice it. I've attached a screen shot with the button circled. As for this, this means if your downloading from several sources (so several people) and the total file speed is above that number and is below what ever other settings you have set they are disconnected. That way, if you have no sources, that person will still conenct to you and you will download from them intill you have sources with better speeds. Hope this helps ~bigcanuck
  12. apexdc++ without the segmented download?

    so... with this doesn't actually disable it...? though when your downloading from one source if it's downloading in chucks it still downloads from 1st peice to last peice... because I can stream video as I download from Apex for example (internal private lan speeds up to at least 500kb/s is why I can stream).
  13. Linux Project Development

    As far as I know there is only cvs access for apexdc linux
  14. Vista deleting settings

    /off I know but being a laptop I have to be careful with cooling issues too. But as a general rule I don't shut it off unless Im' between locations.
  15. ApexDC++ OP

    [quote name='