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  1. I want to delete some folders or set some priority in my downloads list using the context menu and it's not working on folders, in the LEFT PANE where the tree structure is. Also, that context menu has a leading space above the first element. In the right pane, it works as it should and that space is not there, instead there's header called File on blue background. .10 used to work properly so something go broken between .10 and .11 Win 7, x64.
  2. Queue bug

    Hi, Short story, I got a big queue, lots of small files which causes problems. 1. it makes queue backup too often... like once every minute and it's noticeable through stuttering on a 3GHz dual core with 2GB of ram. 2. if I press the search button in that moment of backup, ApexDC freezes. I got frozen 3 times the last 10 minutes. void QueueManager::on(TimerManagerListener::Second, uint64_t aTick) throw() { if(dirty && ((lastSave + 10000) < aTick)) { saveQueue(); } 3. Is the above it? 4. Can the Queue.xml be defined in DCPlusPLus.xml becausecause I would like to move it to a RAM drive 3 and 4 are if no one is willing to fix this bug A simple solution to it, would be to increase the timeout to 5 minutes or make a setting for it AND to disable the search button while the backup is in progress. Edit: getQueueFile.... I can't seem to find it. Where is it defined?
  3. hangs on download queue

    Well, is it a knowing bug? Is it going to be fixed or it will be overlooked?
  4. hangs on download queue

    No... I've started with a 1.2.1 and a clean queue. The Queue.xml that started this problem is 3.37 MB. It was the same queue I used a few days ago, if not it was bigger. The thing is that a few days ago it didn't even blink when I tried to open it... well, maybe one or two seconds, but it opened. I left my PC on for a few days to catch some of the sources which are the only ones for half of my downloads and after that I don't know what happened. It started to freeze... I remember having the same problem with RevConnect last year, when I was using it. Didn't think I would see this problem again. Next, I did clear the xml file. For the single source downloads I was using separate subdirs... so I sorted them out... I cleared everything that I didn't want to download anymore and the size dropped to 2.11 MB. Then I made a single xml file for each subdir download. Each one of them loaded fine separately. I also noticed some of them don't have sources anymore so I started joining the ones with sources, one by one and restarting ApexDC to see if it would load the new queue. Well, right now I'm at a 1.47 MB queue, the rest are sourceless (I'll get to this problem later) and it hangs from 4 to 5 minutes. It didn't used to do that! I've also rebuilt HashData.dat and HashIndex.xml, cleared the FileLists and the impartial files that don't have a reference in the new queue. Regarding the missing sources... I found something, downloaded the sources file list, added whatever files I was interested in and later on I found out the files don't have a single source... did a search for alternates found the same user and re-added the files. What happened there?... and why do the sources go away? User mismatch from two different hubs? In this case, shouldn't the source be identified by an IP hash or something more unique to them than the nick?
  5. hangs on download queue

    Hi I got a problem... I remember having it on other (older) clients. When trying to view the Download Queue it would simply just hang and use about 50% of CPU cycles. I tried to filter out the Queue.xml... but still having this problem after so many version and not yet identified is weird. With an empty queue it works alright, but loosing the queue shouldn't be a necessity. Anyone can help with some idea on how to find out what is causing the hanging?