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  1. SFV checking

    After the supposed merge with latest dc++ in Apex 1.5 this feature is still not there, even though it's present in dc++. Files with wrong SFV checksums are still shared. Please fix.
  2. SFV checking

    BigMuscle, let me clarify so you understand better. A file can get corrupt during download or after download. TTH can only check what happens during download, and at best you'll get a "TTH mismatch" if anything goes wrong. But if a file is changed afterwards, through disk corruption, or in the case of music files through tagging, the TTH will change. TTH checking can't do anyting then because the file would just be shared, albeit with a different TTH. In most cases, this is not desireable if many users want to download/share the same file. SFV checking on the other hand alerts the user that something has gone wrong with his download or shared file and dc++ WILL REFUSE to share it (if the option is active), thus preventing similar file names with different TTH. This is a user preference in dc++, and for my hub it's something we would want activated.
  3. SFV checking

    Hi, it's been in Vanilla DC++ for quite some time but doesn't seem to have been merged into Apex: SFV checking. When an SFV file is downloaded, dc++ checks the CRC32 of the referenced file and if they don't match, the file is not shared and the user is notified via System Log. I find this a very useful feature to prevent polluting hub shares of same files, and also to check for problems in one's own share after disk corruption has occurred. Please consider adding it. Thanks.
  4. DHT banned in hubs

    You forgot to mention that afterwards utorrent had DHT always disabled by default as well. I agree that DHT needs to be able to be blocked at hub level as well, preferable directly in the hub soft together with the "private hub" option. Knowing some of the hubsoft programmers I don't get my hopes up yet. This is a two-way street. DHT is good, when people know what they're doing. Since more often than not they don't, we need to work together on this, please.
  5. DHT banned in hubs

    I think this is a big boo-boo on Apex' side. New features are always welcome, but it's not up to you to decide to enable DHT and thus compromise all private hubs. Apex is used by many as an out-of-the-box solution, and those kinds of users are intimidated by the host of features that can be changed. So they follow some basic guide they find on the internet and stay well away from the rest, not being aware what DHT is doing. You're not doing yourselves any favors here with your elitist attitude of pushing new behavior, the only thing that will happen is what happened to that version of utorrent a few years back that had DHT enabled by default: It got banned on ALL private trackers. So I urge you to reconsider and push out an emergency update which either disables DHT by default or gives the user a CLEAR WARNING on what the client is about to do before they decide to update. Thanks.
  6. Curious problem with ADCH++

    No worries, my own writing style is concise and I can distinguish between short and impolite :)
  7. Curious problem with ADCH++

    Ok, I'll concentrate on that to see if I can fix it. Thanks for your time.
  8. Curious problem with ADCH++

    I am connecting via loopback to the external IP, no localhost involved in Apex. Are you reffering to the ADCH settings? I don't see a way to enter an IP, only the port. Thanks. Edit: Also, it works in dc++ where I'm using the exact same settings as far as I can see.
  9. Curious problem with ADCH++

    Hello, I've set up a test hub with ADCH++ to try out all the encryption features. I am able to log in with vanilla dc++ via secure port, a buddy of mine is also able to log in with Apex 1.3.2 but me, I can't for the life of me get connected with Apex 1.3.2. I'm using the same certs as in dc++ and have ticked all three TLS boxes... nothing. The only communication that happens is: [13:11] *** Connecting to adcs://hubaddress:44444... [13:11] *** Connected [13:11] <ADCH++> Your ip is xx.xx.xx.xx [13:11] *** SSL Error 5: Connection closed So, ADCH++ confirms my IP and then kicks me out. All my TCP, UDP and TLS ports are forwarded properly in router and firewall, I've tried disabling the AV. This looks like some kind of encryption problem. Same thing with StrongDC, btw, no login possible and same message. Any ideas? Cheers!
  10. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    I would like to request a feature expansion. The implementation of the TTH hashes is not complete, Wikipedia references another very useful feature: Group settings in Basically, that means that you should be able to format a single link to contain more than one single file, however, dc++ and its relatives choke on xt.1, xt.2 etc. This would be a great addition to the existing functionality in two ways: - Marking several files and generating a group setting TTH for them - Marking a folder and generating a group setting for the contained files (sub-folders, too, even if the folder structure cannot be retained). Thanks for considering this!
  11. ADCPortal Wikipedia

    The name "Wikipedia" is trademarked, you should change it to something else like ADC Wiki or ADCpedia asap.
  12. A practical guide to GPL compliance
  13. Convert magnetlinks into human readable links

    As far as I can see in another thread here it's Apex that's violating the GPL. Now I see from the style of your posts why you keep getting banned in other forums.
  14. Convert magnetlinks into human readable links

    The pelink client is not a leecher client, that was greylink. Who's the dumbass? And a simple message from the developers that they will try to implement it instead of giving us the finger with "YOU provide a patch" would have prevented some hostility, don't you think?
  15. Convert magnetlinks into human readable links

    Don't bother with Apex, they are obviously not willing/capable to make these changes as you can see above. Get -- instead, a legit client. Just delete the ini files and russian.xml to convert it to english.