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  1. Share Hiding

    My point is that if you still want so much to upload that file to the user, then you can invite him to another hub or let him invite you in a hub where you can share that file (if he wants)... Or simpler - just add the file to that hub's share ( duh ). No one is obliged to upload anything to anybody... I cant keep my HDD full all the time so ppl can download their sh!t(sorry, but i must use it too...) If your file is not in your hub-specific-share then add it, if it's vs hub's rules(or your wishes), the user should have started downloading it in the first place. And one more thing - no one forces your to use different shares for each hub...
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    It can be an example for common errors and solutions for such to new users so IMHO this place is good...
  3. Status update

    About my ISP - I know it sucks, but I remember I could open sites like and hotmail and not able to see the forum ("the connection to the server was reset"...) Anyway, that doesn't matter - now I have no problems (with, not the ISP )
  4. Share Hiding

    If you want to share it so much - add the file in that sharelist or invite the user to another hub where he can download it... It's your right to share whatever you want (except illegal files, it depends on the hub what these are) - if you don't want to share 'that much' then don't... (sorry if i didn't catch your point)
  5. Compiling ApexDC++

    Hi 1 - I am not an expert, but try following only the second guide, make sure you download the right STL, extract it, install it and have the right directories included in VC++. 2 - No.
  6. DC Bot

    Wish you luck :)
  7. outta here

    Bye, hope to see you back some day...
  8. Share Hiding

    Yes, and to change your FL on that hub you must have some purpose, don't you think Example: in your def.share there are installed programs,porn,lossy music, or whatever. So you enter some hub where some of this is forbidden and you change your share to obey the rules there.You don't want peaple to download forbidden files from you...
  9. Share Hiding

    I don't find it too complicated (at theory) - Apex checks from which hub the FL request comes from, gives the FL associated with that hub. How to set different shares ? Method 1 - select your filelist by browsing/*for this you should be able to create and edit filelists (f.e create new filelist, select your files,make hashindex,save it as .xml.bz2 (complicated but the most efficient way)*/ and method 2 - have 10/or whatever/ different shares and select number of share for that hub. If you change your filelist then the user will get missing error, so pretty much nothing happens for you (the same when you delete shared files from your HDD).But anyway - the user shouldn't download stuff that is not meant to be shared on that hub And yes, you do need to save different hashes for each share, but i suggested a method to solve this (it was on the same topic, if you want - make a search)
  10. Share Hiding

    It is possible and already done... And you don't have to be an OP to hide your share.
  11. Status update

    Lets hope that this one wont be as laggy as the previous one.
  12. guides
  13. Can someone explain the LIMITS settings?

    AFAIK all of this is for downloading, not uploading and "and whole file speed exceeds" is for max downloading speed so that disconnecting works. (not sure)
  14. Compiling ApexDC++

    Uploaded it here - Edit: @Obelisk - Why have you pasted the directories there ? Just include C:\Program Files\WMSDK\WMPSDK10\include or whatever in you include directories in VC++ . BTW, have you overwrited some files ?
  15. Unable to view new posts

    Yes, it's working since the ~4rd day I reported this, thank you for the quick reaction :unsure:
  16. When I want to view new posts I get: Edit: I am getting this when i try to make a search, too.
  17. Compiling ApexDC++

    I think these are the
  18. sources

    If you ask me this is a joke :D
  19. Apex Features Post 002 by Freebow

    1 - Maybe it'll be added, I don't know 2 - Apex is a mod of SDC, and SDC doesn't want to add lua, so it's up to Crise to do it.I think he said no about this (I aint sure and i don't want to talk from anyone's name...)
  20. Majoe impoments o Apexdc++

    If I write it could be used for bad purposes (like entering one hub 1000 times) or be 'fixed'. Anyway, since most modern hubs have detection I'll spit the stone - put spaces behind the IP Example: [13:59:14] *** Connecting to ... [13:59:14] *** Connected PS: If you don't want this to go public, delete my post, I don't mind... Edit: And I think it can be done by editing the source too.
  21. "Experts only" settings explained

    Reminder: Crise, you were going to edit them :D
  22. Majoe impoments o Apexdc++

    It's possible even without ports :blink:
  23. ZionDC++

    I think Zion is continued by Omega -
  24. Get TTH from FILE menu

    This is used to get the TTH of a file you have, not to get a TTH of a file some user has. The command is used this way: File >> Get TTH for a file >> browse the desired file, open it and a window will pop up showing its TTH and magnet link.
  25. Smarter filelist download

    For your VIPs, use this: *VIP*; Also for the filelists, to get the TTH of a FL, you have to connect to the user,so if you ask me the same (determining weather the FL has changed) can be achieved by checking the exact size of the filelist, you don't have to connect to anyone. I think the ideas are not stupid, they can be useful for OPs, but they are difficult.