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  1. full TLS v1.2 support

  2. full TLS v1.2 support

    Which TLSv1.2 ciphers are allowed in ApexDC?
  3. full TLS v1.2 support

    Hi Lee, First of all, good job with the ApexDC, it's a compfortable and stable client, i have use it over 2 years without any problems. In the next few weeks we change the TLS protocal in Luadch from TLSv1 to TLSv1.2 and i think the reason for this should be clear. With TLSv1.2 we can use ciphers like ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 or others that only runs with TSLv1.2. In this context there are some problems we need to solve: Problem 1: The most client based on DC++ (ApexDC too) and DC++ has indeed TLSv1.2 support but these guys disable it, don't ask me why^^ And so the most DC++ based clients has a disabled TLSv1.2 too (inherited). And as if that were not enough, here the next problem: Problem 2: DC++ has a limitation to AES128 bit ciphers (they call them "reasonable TLS ciphersuites" no joke, here are the code: and yes the most DC++ based clients has this problem too (inherited). Whatever, the AirDC developers disabled this imho rediculous limitation (here are the code: and supports TLSv1.2 in the new 3.00a versions too. Here are a small list with popular clients: Windows Clients: DC++ TLSv1.2 Support: YES in Version: 0.850 or higher (but uses a AES128 cipher limitation) AirDC++ TLSv1.2 Support: YES in Version: 3.00a-29 or higher (no cipher limitation) StrongDC++ TLSv1.2 Support: NO ApexDC++ TLSv1.2 Support: NO RSX++ TLSv1.2 Support: NO SmVDC++ TLSv1.2 Support: NO DC@fe++ TLSv1.2 Support: NO Linux/Unix Clients: jucy (uc) TLSv1.2 Support: YES in Version: 0.87 or higher (no cipher limitation) EiskaltDC++ TLSv1.2 Support: NO LinuxDC++ TLSv1.2 Support: NO NCurses (ncdc) TLSv1.2 Support: YES in Version: 1.19.1 or higher (no cipher limitation) AirDC Nano TLSv1.2 Support: NO (coming soon with no cipher limitation) The question what i have to you Lee: Will ApexDC supports TLSv1.2 in the next version? and has it a cipher limitation like DC++? greets pulsar