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  1. TCP p2p connection check FAILED

    Hi , i was using the "check connection" option by chance. Since i am using 2 other p2p programs, whose TCP connections work fine, and since i already tried changed the ports, I must assume, that either the test itself is has an error, or apexdc. I have to admit, it might be the "tomato" Firmware of my WRT 54g, but as I saif earlier, all the other programs seem to be fine. (the emule check yielded positive results) Am i the only one?
  2. Disable TTH hashing

    HUBs, where people with non TTH filelists can stay are worthless, since those leechers will block slots. HUBs without any kind of operator (or bots who DLs filelists) around in general are useless. So boloood decision not to use apexdc++ is no loss, since he is a leecher, who will contribute nothing to any share community. He can stay with those others leechers in their leecher HUBs, and fight for the scraps.
  3. add a close TAB button

    Wouldn't it be nice, if your apexdc++ would provide the same comfortability as firefox, and you dont have to "rightlcik - >choose close TAB" anmore? well unless i have missed an option, that would enable me to do so. And it should jump to the next TAB and not the last used TAB, afterwards.
  4. ApexDC++ OP

    we don't. the files people are looking for on this beginner HUB are small ~10MB comics. All they have to do is to respnd to PMs, and if they claim to have no share orthy files at all, they can stay and leech for a couple of hours. (havin nothing shareworthy is very unlikely whough , considering the nature of the HUB, and also because we have a DD server, that offers the HUB only as an alternative) the DC++ HUB is only an alternative. we don't have share limits. But of course we encourage "more sharing", by having the "high share" user ignoring low share user. :)
  5. ApexDC++ OP

    I am OP in a small beginner HUB, and I would like to see an "autoDL filelist from new user with a share <(X) GB". Since it is a beginner HUB, we allow people to share all kinds of stuff, but I want to watch out for fakesharer, who only want to increase their filesize because of other HUBs. And it would enable me to see, who has upload blockers / problems ... whatever, so I can adress to this person. An autokick feature (with timelimit of course) would be also nice, for OPs with no BAN rights.
  6. I want more chat features

    I could also maunally search fir sources ..... but that isn't very confortable, which is why, there haas been a feature implented to make such things redundant.
  7. Hi, I find it sad, that things like a search feature, that i could use to search the chat for certain words, like user names, save it if wanted (i know there is an auto save, but that is pretty much useless), etc. etc. isn't implemented. DC++ focus isn't the chat, nonetheless, it should be given alittle bit more attention in my opinion.
  8. Connection between two passive users?

    I beg, not to implement this feature. People will be even more less inclined to switch to "active " mode. And while I have symapthy for those, who simply can't because of various circumstances, I do not want some lazy bum using bandwith that might be put to better use.
  9. RoBots in Apex?

    how do you think, things would be like, if every user usses such a feature? HUBs would be swarmed with searches, and i dont think we should burden them with our lazyness.
  10. yes, it might be difficult to implement, and may not be your liking. Nonetheless i sugest it, since it is annoying, that i cannot share certain "exotic" files, that are not allowed in i. e. Comic Hubs.
  11. last reception from

    client nonetheless, most people are afk despite having apexdc running, and don't (and can'talways)pay attention, when and where a source pops up. I think it might be a good idea, since the number of Hubs you join may be limited due to certain hub rules, and the knowledge where to seach and who to ask for (in case he no langer shares it duer to low Disk space and burned it in DVD), is nice. And even if you find sb who shares your desired files, the person might be AFK and so will not hear your pleading and begging until it's too late and you log off.
  12. last reception from

    Hi, another categorisation (like filename, status, etc.) that says sth like last seen on [HUB] an DLed from would be nice.
  13. Linux version?

    will it have the "DL the same file from multple sources" feature?
  14. the manual search for alternates doesn't seem to function properly, as it did with DC++. The number of user I could DL the file from doesn't increase, and all i am DLing are filelists. And sorry, whats the mtach queue option for? An example would eb helpful.
  15. seach alternate malfunctioning?

    it's ok. seems like the hash file was cpruupted, or sth like that.
  16. IP country recognition

    when i took over my settings drom DC++ the APEX hub got deleted in the process. that's why i asked.
  17. Am I the only one, whose APEXDC++ fails to show them properly/ at all? and could someone give me the APEX HUB URL?
  18. IP country recognition

    thank you